• All The Best Freaks Are Here (14 – 21/04/2014)

    I was away, it’s a bank holiday Monday, Malcolm is sick. This show was always going to happen. No talking, 14 AC/DC tunes.

    Apr, 21 · in Rock

    freedom fry hi-fi: diamonds and coal

    diamonds and coal an hour of cover versions, some diamonds, some coal, all dug from the thrift stores and trash cans of philly town

    Apr, 20 · in 1950s,1960's,Eclectic,Electronic

    Cultural Diabetes Number 12

    Cultural Diabetes 12 Easter Blasphemy
    Welcome to Cultural Diabetes number 12, where we have a bit of an Easter theme going on. This week the

    Apr, 19

    Groove On The Wireless #70 – Walk a mile


    Dr. Groove is in the house with a biographical show, about walking a mile in his shoes.  He is a tired man, happy,

    Apr, 18
    Adventures in Stereo #45

    Adventures in Stereo #45

    Adventures in Stereo #45

    The week a selection of song’s that come to mind at Easter…
    Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

    Apr, 17
    This Hardcore 81 Show Totally Rocks 17th April

    This Hardcore 81 Show Totally Rocks 17th April


    This Hardcore 81 Show Totally Rocks 17th April
    This week’s show is the 81st This Show Totally Rocks on Radioactive so its going all

    Apr, 17

    The HMD Radio Show 73

    73 HMDRS 17_04_2014_mixdown
    Slomatics – The Carpenter
    Church of Misery – All Hallow’s Eve (John Linley Fraizer)
    Early Man – Death is The Answer

    Apr, 17
    Easy Snappin’ 60

    Easy Snappin’ 60

    Easy Snappin episode 60
    This week’s show, I never got round to doing any shite talking this week, so just enjoy the tunes and check

    Apr, 17

    ‘The Sleep Concert’ by Steven Stapleton aka Nurse with Wound

    Sample Track

    Event Page Tickets available here - this concert will be live streamed via Radioactive International

    Apr, 17

    Mixtape of the Masses – Northern Soul

    MOTM.2014-04-15_Northern Soul

    Apr, 17

    Don’t buy the Sun


    Apr, 15
    The Low Life#9

    The Low Life#9


    Apr, 14

    All The Best Freaks Are Here (13 – 14/04/2014)

    All The Best Freaks Are Here for 14th April 2014. Some cool rock from ’84 – ’14 and fuck it I played half an

    Apr, 14

    freedom fry hi fi:spring sprung ping pong

    spring sprung ping pong
    spring cleaning- fats waller and his rhythm (HMV DLP 1082)
    shaker ben- walter family (morning star records 45005)
    uzbez melody on

    Apr, 13
    Hope Show 61

    Hope Show 61

    hope show Number 61
    There’s Room at this Inn

    1. Red Stars Theory – combinations and complications
    2. Trans – Thinking About A friend

    Apr, 12

    Cultural Diabetes Number 11

    CD 11
    Welcome to Cultural Diabetes Number 11 where you will be subjected to the following noises…
    Hollywood Squares – Hillside strangler
    Despise You –

    Apr, 12

    Groove On The Wireless #69 For Frankie K


    Frankie Knuckles is gone, and that is like switching off a light.  His broad beaming smile which used to light up dark

    Apr, 11