This Show Totally Rocks 48 22nd August

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This Show Totally Rocks 48 22nd August

I was getting a severe pain in the face with how this week was going, but miraculously this show pulled me clean out of my funk.  No better way to start off the show than with a bit of Melt Banana, a smidgeon of Men Without Pants and a classic from the Butthole Surfers.  The show is pretty heavy on the auld distorted vocals so next up its Snake Flower 2, The High Tension Wires, The Marked Men, Bass Drum of Death and a lo-fi belter from Matt K Shrugg.  Ohio’s finest garage rockers Gaunt are up next before Dwarves and The Supersuckers bash out a couple you’ve probably heard before.  Ex-Local boy Darragh from the Restarts (which is his official name) is next with his new band Trashcat and then it’s a brand new one from Diarrhea PlanetInfinity Cat Label bosses Jeff the Brotherhood bring the grooves before Starfish bring the guitar.  Another new one off the latest Night Birds album is up next.  Dublin legend Damo Weber gets a shout out with his band Stomach and then his contribution to one of the Rock Jihad Xmas compilations- Naked Raygun gets a bit of airtime.  I found a rockin cover of this Husker Du classic by Robert Palmer of all people this week and then it’s two more classics from The Descendents and Dag Nasty to round things off.  This week all links on this page take you to interviews.  Click, watch, laugh, rock.

The HMD Radio Show 41

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The HMD Radio Show 41

NIN – Happiness in Slavery

Photek – Ni ten ichi ru

Ozric Tentacles – Sploosh

PWEI – Me No Fear The Reaper (The Concrete No Fee No Fear Mix)

Pelican – Deny the Absolute Truth

Ship of Fools – Guidance is internal

Future Sound Of London – We Have a Explosive

Stonewall Noise Orchestra – Black Cat Bone

Egypt – Blood Temple Hymn

Death in Vegas – hands around my throat

Epstein & Kraman – Turkish Delight

Radio Cure #13 – Going Solo

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Radio Cure 13

This week’s offering is an hour of artists who either left or took time away from their respective groups to concentrate on solo material. Many of these artists made themselves known through their solo work, many of them failed due to it, some of them had no other options and a few of them just do it for the fun, see if you can tell which ones do which.

Enjoy the noise!


Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) – Pigeons

Iggy Pop (The Stooges) – Sixteen

Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes) – Everyone Gets A Star

Bjork (The Sugar Cubes) – Army Of Me

Thom York (Radiohead) – And It Rained All Night

Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Pedestal Of Infamy

Michael Jackson (The Jackson 5) – (I Like) The Way You Love

Lee Ronaldo (Sonic Youth) – Off The Wall

John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Wishing

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) – Far Behind

John Lennon (The Beatles) – Instant Karma

George Harrison (The beatles) – The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)

Paul McCartney (The Beatles) – That Would Be Something

Ringo Starr (The Beatles) – Bye Bye Blackbird

Jakob Dylan (The Wallflowers) – Evil Is Alive And Well

Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) – Suzanne

Graham Coxon (Blur) – Who The Fuck?

Neil Young (Buffalo Springfield) – Pressure

Jack White (The White Stripes) – Hypocritical Kiss

80’s Party Mix – No2 (Show 9)

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Irish 80’s Party-Mix With an Edge!

Here is 80’s Party Mix No 2 featuring Irish bands with a bit of an edge – Enjoy

  1. Sally Macleannane – The  Pogues
  2. U2 – Stories for Boys
  3. Birthday Girl  – MicroDisney
  4. Good Heart – Feargal Sharkey
  5. Mama weer all crazee now – Mamas Boys
  6. ChinaTown – Thin Lizzy
  7. All I remember -Movin Hearts
  8. Same old Storey – Paul Brady
  9. My Friend John – Those Nervous Animals
  10. This Is – Aslan
  11. Mandinka – Sinead O Connor
  12. Celebrate – Emotional Fish
  13. Romeos on Fire – Stunning
  14. Gone Forever – Cry Before Dawn
  15. My Perfect Cousin – The Undertones
  16. Love don’t Work this way – Hothouse Flowers