abhean – pier of fog

abjection ritual – barren

abandoned asylum – shadows fall of this pale world

aphex twin – aphex airlines

monolog – eyepokers anthem

ruairi obaoighill & breinskam – the courtyard of paimon

macronympha – signal bypass se;ect

manuel rocha iturbide – moin mor

sutcliffe Jugend – pigdaddy

propergol – dans les veines

This Show Totally Rocks Numero 23 28th February

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This Show Totally Rocks Numero 23 28th February

Here we go again!  Tune in for Zero Boys, Really Red, Teen Crud Combo, Brutal Knights, Carbonas, The Spits, Rush N Attack, Tokyo Electron, Melvins, Unsane, Red Fang, Slayer and Ice T, Hex Dispensers, The Dwarves, The Briefs,  The Losin Streaks,  Reigning Sound, Matt K Shrugg, The Final Solutions, The Dead Boys, The Testors and finally a stone cold classic from the Sonic’s Rendezvous Band.




‘Splainin’ 49

Here we are with some more music! I didn’t put these songs in any particular order but I think it really works.

Track list:
Wilma Archer – Curves and Wounds
US Girls – Rosebud
Beirut – Perth
The Du Rites ft Chuck Freeze & Waterbed Kev – Shorty
Diamanda Galas – Let my people go
Jean-Michel Blais – Igloo
MorMor – Heaven’s only wishful
Renata Zeiguer – Follow me down
Tennis – In the morning I’ll be better
Doja Cat – Go to town
10LEC6 – Quakerz
Beauty Sleep – The feeling back
Ryan Pollie – Blackout
Seinabo Sey – I owe you nothing
Yonaton Gag ft. Eastern medicine singers – Medicine
Milk Carton Kids – One more for the road

the sour song show 18

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the sour song show 18


1. the fall – eat yourself fitter

2. monsters – addams family

3. pet lamb – son of john doe

4. pil – death disco

5. pain – blue ska

6. the fall – touch sensitive

7. albert king – that’s all right

8. the residents – devil in disguise

9. chumbawamba – on ebay

10. crass – have a nice day

11. crass/Poison Girls – Promenade Immortelle

12. gun club – death party

13. nick cave – supernatural

14. zion train – cuttlefish

15. ruts dc – whatever we do

16. sounds from the garden – sweet dust

The HMD Radio Show 248

The HMD Radio Show 248

Solas – Brown Porter (4,5%)

Whiplash – Swoon DIPA (8%)

Onward Brewing – Imperial Toasted Coconut Porter

Earthless – Black Haven

The Sword – Sea Of Green

JK FLesh – PI04.1

Gost – The Prowler

Blown Out – Terraform

Sleep – Marijuaunat’s Theme

Sleep – Giza Butler

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Eagduru

Slomatics – Ancient Architects


Easy Snappin’ 19- Prime Time Rhyme

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Well there was so much good music to put in this week that’s there was no room for chat.. Old tunes from the vinyl vaults and brand new tunes from; Costello and G.I. (from their new album MaryJane which is launched tomorrow night Wednesday 27th Feb in the Twisted Pepper), Koncrete Roots aka. Thomas Kenney from Derby and a tune from the new Public Enemy album ‘The Evil Empire of Everything’.. I’m off on holidays for the next few weeks so catch ye then!

  • [[The Last Poets]]- E Pluribus Nimbum (’73)
  • [[Benjamin Zephaniah]]- Dis Policeman keeps kicking me to Death (’83)
  • [[Silent Poets]]- Children of the Future (Turnpike Blues Mix) (’95)
  • [[Marxman]]- Whassinit? for the cynic (new orleans voodoo remix) (’96)
  • [[Credit to the Nation]]- Call it what you Want- One Little Indian (’93)
  • Relevance feat Exile Eye- Split Semantics – All City Records (’03)
  • Costello- Mary – Workin Class Records (2013)
  • The Brotherhood- Punk Funk (’96)
  • Captain Moonlight- Trippin’ Through My Dreams -All City Records (’03)
  • Ghetto Priest feat. Rira & Junior Delgado- Show Them (’03)
  • Thomas Kenney aka Koncrete Roots- Welcome to Britain (2013)
  • [[Swamp Dogg]]- Shut Your Mouth (’89)
  • [[Public Enemy]] – Say It Like It Really Is (2013)

Easy Snappin 19- Prime Time Rhyme

Slight Return 8

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The Final Frontier…. part 2.


Slight Return 8

David Bowie – Moonage daydream

Jamiroquai – Space cowboy

Those Dancing Days – Space hero suits

Nick Drake – Pink moon

Belle & Sebastian – A space boy dream

Astronomy – Black Star

Joanna Newsom – Emily

John Grant – I wanna go to marz

Lou Reed – Satelite of love

The B52s – Song for a future generation

The Waterboys – The whole of the moon


Slight Return 7a

Groove On The Wireless 219

The Doctor found himself in the house of Dublin’s finest – Don Rossco the other day and he spotted some music by Hans-Joachim Roedelius – and so he starts the show with a few from the old man who has been producing music for 50 years.

From there we go on to Eno and maintain the groove within electronic, then jazz then back to more rhythms from DJ Koze.

One hour of music.  The Dr. is busy with Together for Yes, so enjoy this new show for it may be a while before we get to 220 coming along….



  1. Roedelius – Randweg

  2. Roedelius – Rokkokko
  3. Eno – Another Green World
  4. Eno -By This River
  5. Eno – There is nobody
  6. Aphex Twin – Quimo-Phec
  7. Moses Boyd – Axis Blue
  8. Getachew Mekurya – Yegenet Muziqua
  9. Mount Kimble – Made to Stray (DJ Koze Remix)
  10. DJ Koze – Nein König Nein
  11. Two sandwiches short of a lunch box – Too good to be strange
  12. Alexander Tucker – Sitting in a Bardo Pond

Jody #27 Great New Releases

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Wow, there’s loads of new releases out there right now, 2013 is a great year for new music
Jody show27 New Releases


  • My Bloody Valentine – New You
  • Veronica Falls – Teenage
  • Jenny O – Automechanic
  • Nick Cave – Jubilee Street
  • Eels – New Alphabet
  • Pissed Jeans – Cathouse
  • PAWS – Miss American Bookworm
  • Fidlar – Cheap Beer
  • The Hyper Actives – Rock n Roller Man
  • No TV Tonight – Murder House
  • Beat Radio – Hurricans XO
  • DRGN King – Wild Night
  • Pony Time – Because I Care
  • Guards – Silver Lining
  • The Objectorz – Say it Now
  • Billy Bragg – Handyman Blues
  • My Bloody Valentine –
  • Freedom fry h-fi: Jam up jam down

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    freedom fry 9

    Toy Piano bossa nova – gliss anders

    fill your heart- tiny tim

    drum two -paul bley quartet

    junk man – ken nordine

    frankie machine- elmer bernstein/shorty rogers

    junkie chase- curtis mayfield

    garden of the moon- dennis coffey and the detroit guitar band

    choladas 9dance of the moon festival0-yma sumac

    folk song (abu ghosh) solo and chorus with shabbabi

    dor,hayat el-alb- mary gibran

    jam up -tommy ridgley and his band

    mambo gunch-chris powell and his blue flames

    the teaser- griffin brothers

    king joe part 1- paul robeson with count basie and his orchestra

    back home again in indiana- art tatum


    This Post PDX Holiday Show Totally Rocks

    We are back!!!  I had a quick trip home to catch up with family and friends last week so now my head is full of bands that I have seen and heard in Portland, There’s lots of Portland bands, bands that sound like they could be from Portland and a couple trakcs off the new King Tuff and Ty Segall albums.    Tune in for:

    White Fang

    The Estranged

    The Vicious
    Red Dons
    Autistic Youth
    Defect Defect
    Cloak Dagger
    Psyched to Die
    Ty Segall
    King Tuff
    The Intelligence
    Tokyo Electron
    Forbidden Tigers
    The Exploding Hearts
    Mean Jeans
    No Hope for the Kids
    Gern Blanston

    3 Chord Classical – Skulk

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    (A moody classical playlist for a cold February)

    • 1. Vaughan Williams – Sea Symphony; On the beach, at night, alone.
    • 2. Ravel – Mother Goose Suite; Pavane
    • 3. Holst – Planet Suite, Neptune
    • 4. Satie – Pieces Froides
    • 5. Durufle – Requiem; movements 1,2
    • 6. Schoenberg – 5 Orchestral Pieces; 3, Farben
    • 7. Bax – On the Sea Shore
    • 8. Schubert – Allegretto, D915
    • 9. Prokofiev – Symphony 5; Adagio

    The Shabby Shuffle – novox

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    No yap. No babble. No rattle-tattle.

    So little to do and so much time… wait, strike that…

    The Shabby Shuffle – NoVox

    1. The Sounds – Shufflin’
    2. A Tribe Called Quest – Excursions
    3. LV – Murkish Delights
    4. Ben Watt – Guinea Pig
    5. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Der Erste Schnee
    6. Gregor Tresher – A Thousand Nights
    7. Leila – Young Ones
    8. Micachu – Lips
    9. Radio Bulgaria – Shortwavemusic
    10. Radiohead – Dollars and Cents
    11. Under Byen – Lenin
    12. Port St. Willow – Amawalk
    13. Vincent Gallo – So Sad
    14. Unknown – Unknown


    All My Friends Show No.21 Oscar’s Special

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    Welcome to “All My Friends” on www.radioactiveinternational.org live and streaming all over the world!

    “All My Friends” is dedicated to bringing you the best #NewMusic every week with me your host Dave Murphy.

    It’s one of my favourite times of the year, the Oscar’s. The 85th Annual Academy Awards will go out to the world live this Sunday, 24th February 2013. To celebrate my love of the motion picture arts and my love of music in film I have ravaged the weird world web to find you the best #NewMusic and old to get you in the mood for the Oscar’s. Some of the music below is nominated and most of it is not, but that doesn’t matter; all that does is that it is good and it played a significant role in the movie it is from to make us laugh, cry, our hearts race or make us think.

    By the way you go to http://oscar.go.com/nominees to make your selection of who you think might win and get your friends involved too! It’s great fun. Now to dust off the Tux and get the snacks and drinks sorted for our annual Oscar Party this Sunday. Enjoy the Show!

    All My Friends – Show No.21 – 85th Oscar’s Special


    Django Unchained – Suite of tracks taken from the Django Unchained OST

    01 – James Russo – Winged

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    02 – Luis Bacalov – Django

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    03 – Brother Dege (aka Dege Legg) – Too Old to Die Young

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    04 – Samuel L. Jackson – Six Shots Two Guns [Explicit]

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    Zero Dark Thirty – Suite of tracks taken from the Original Motion Picture Score for Zero Dark Thirty by Alexandre Desplat

    05 – Alexandre Desplat – 21 Days

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    06 – Alexandre Desplat – Preparation For Attack

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    Argo – Suite of tracks taken from the Original Motion Picture Score for Argo by Alexandre Desplat

    07 – Alexandre Desplat – Argo

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    08 – Alexandre Desplat – A Spy in Tehran

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    09 – Alexandre Desplat – Cleared Iranian Airspace

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    10 – Familion – Hace Tuto Guagua

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    Frankenweenie – Suite of tracks taken from the Original Motion Picture Score for Frankenweenie by Danny Elfman and Frankenweenie Unleashed OST

    11 – Danny Elfman – Frankenweenie Disney Logo

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    12 – Danny Elfman – Main Titles

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    13 – Karen O – Strange Love

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    14 – Grace Potter Featuring The Flaming Lips – My Mechanical Friend

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    15 – Winona Ryder – Praise Be New Holland

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    TED – Suite of tracks taken from the TED OST featuring Original Motion Picture Score for TED by Walter Murphy

    16 – Norah Jones – Everybody Needs A Best Friend

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    17 – Walter Murphy – The Power Of Wishes

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    18 – Mark Wahlberg & Seth Macfarlane – Thunder Buddies

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    Silver Linings Playbook – Suite of tracks taken from the Silver Linings Playbook OST featuring Original Motion Picture Score for Silver Linings Playbook by Danny Elfman

    19 – Danny Elfman – Silver Linings Titles

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    20 – Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amour

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    21 – The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Unsquare Dance

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    22 – Rare Earth – Hey Big Brother

    Download this Track from Dropbox

    If you like what you hear or want to hear your music on the show you can drop me a message on twitter @davemurphydj or by email davemurphydj@radioactiveinternational.org or davemurphydj@gmail.com

    sounds from the attic with Dj egg. No 19 i think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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    sounds form the attic 19

    Fossil Collective – On & on
    the National – Your ghost
    Love – A house is not a motel
    Lullabye Orkestra-All i can give you
    Richard Butler – Breathe
    Triffids – Bury me deep in love
    Simon Bonney – Good time charlie’s got the blues
    Ute Lemper – Little water song
    My Bloody Valentine – She found now
    Dustin o Halloran – She moves lighty
    Jacque Brel – Le pied
    Chelsea Wolfe – Flatlands
    Field Rotation – ??
    First aid Kit – Emmylou
    The Secret sisters – The one i love is gone

    This Show Totally Rocks Numero 22 21st February

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    This Show Totally rocks Numero 22 21st February

    Shlap yourself in the face! Harder! Shlap yourself again!  Still not feelin it on a Thursday night?  Stick this in so we can get it on.  Featuring:

    The Night Marchers

    The Pink Fairies



    Agent Orange


    Angry Samoans

    Jay Reatard

    Boston Chinks

    The Heartaches

    Clone Defects

    Southside Stranglers,

    The Fag Enablerz


    Pissed Jeans

    Melt Banana

    Total Control

    The Ruts

    The Stranglers

    The Sedatives

    The Fall