Avant Reguard Show 16 – Perfectionism will get some of us everywhere if we are lucky maybe and we are fast which is said to be very rare

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Tracklisting includes:

S J Bernstein – No No Man

T Cheesecake – Hello Skinny

Kyoka – Hadue mixed with LAFMS – Suburban Magic

Sonic Subjunkies – Do you even know who you are

The Soft Pink Truth – Confession mixed with William Burroughs – extract from Junky

Alan Lomax – Extract from Dance Human History mixed with Moondog – Birds Lament

Roedelius – Digital Love

S J Bernstein – More Nose Please mixed with Trace Nico – Amtrak mixed with the conet project mixed with Burroughs – Junky extract

Sun RA – Nuclear War mixed with Burial – Forgive








Slight Return 14

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SR 14
Can we ever say anyone is truly wrong? That they are absolutely wrong? On a recent trip to France, I was confused by a vigil we passed, and while trying to work out through my pigeon french whether the vigil was either Pro gay marriage and adoption or Anti, a youngish man approached us to answer our questions. However rather than try to influence or persuade us to his POV, he emphasised that his group had a right to express their views peacefully, without being discriminated against. Are there moral absolutes or is it all one giant grey area?

Sam Harris (Ted Talk) uses the example of a (Christian) father wanting to kill his gay son before he gets a boyfriend, preventing him from sinning, and condemning himself to hell. Equal rights has been on my noodle all the time recently – what level of social injustice is acceptable??? Why should we fight for equal rights where the rights don’t concern us? Because we are part of the oppression if we don’t. That’s it.

Slight Return 14

Placebo – Nancy Boy

Macklemore – Same Love

The Cake Sale (Lisa Hannigan & Gary Lightbody) – Some Surprise

Zach Walls – Speaks about his family

Spooky Tooth – Society’s Child

Scissor Sister – Take your Mama

Jack Black & pals – Prop 8: The Musical

The Christians – Harvest for the World

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good

Datarock – Computer Camp Love

Kodaline – High Hopes

Allman Brothers – Worried down the blues

John Grant – JC Hates Faggots

The Chapel Club – Surfacing

Mama Cass – Make your own Kind of music


Freedom fry hi-fi : the edge of reality

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edge of reality

this week more genre hopping entertainment from a somewhat hungover DJ all taken from rescued vinyl pressings, we’ve got hip jazz, merengue, soul, reggae, sitar folk and Punjabi hymns.










Brazil -Shirley scott

un poquito para atras – johnny ventura

hipadelphia – cannonball adderley quintet

man being stupid – s.e rogie

somethin’ else again – Richie havens

tilang m.5 – from the lp “Sikh hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib”

edge of reality – elvis Presley

go away from my world – Marianne faithfull

green power – little Richard

a fat boy can cry – billy stewart

express yourself – Byron lee and the dragonaires

the scott  – Shirley scott

loch Lomond – fats waller

go down moses – fats waller