Avant Reguard Presents – Little Lord Ponzenbys Daddy Blows his Brains in. Long Live Stentoor, Goddess of the Sublime

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show 11 – avant reguard little lord ponzonbys daddy trouble bubble


Featuring the films of john smith/aldo tambellini/ken jacobs/sydney lumet/

peter tscherkassky/william klein/haskell wexler/bruce connor/helen littleboy


mixing the music of Big Black/Neu/juliana barwick/negativland/Black To Comm

Hope show – a dozen

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This is the 12th show. It seems a lot more but hope ya like

1. De kift – wee Mij
2. Against Me – Sink FLorida Sink
3. Cat on Form – Set them on fire with their own matches
4. Four Letter Word – Crimewave
5. Leatherface – Melody Lee
6. Discharge – Protest and survive
7. Anhrefn & One Style MDV – Bankrobber
8. Billy Bragg – There is Power in a union
9. Temper-Mental Misselayneous – Proletrain Restitution
10. Messiah J and The Experts – Seven Cups of coffee and a slice of Apple Strudel
11. Henry Rollins – Black Coffee
12. Go – Pay for it
13. members – sound of the suburbs
14. Screeching Weasel – Hey Suburbia
15. Kimya Dawson/Antsy Pants – Tree Hugger

The Snappy Tussle

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The Shuffle goes latin-jazzy-nior-samba-calypso-rhumba-hungarian-spanish-cape-verdean tonight to add a little spice to your rice. Venga!

The Shabby Shuffle – Snazzy Jazzy & Groovie Movies

  1. The Sounds – Shufflin’
  2. Willis “Gator” Jackson – Nuther’N Like Thunder’N
  3. Ahmad Jamal – Bogota
  4. Peter Thomas – Die Tote aus der Themse
  5. Chico Hamilton, Elmer Bernstein – Goodbye Baby Blues
  6. Gabor Szabo – El Toro
  7. Yusef Lateef –  Love Theme From “Spartacus”
  8. Ike Quebec – Loie
  9. Cal Tjader – Soul Sauce
  10. Xavier Cigat – Soul Sauce
  11. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – For What It’s Worth
  12. Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra – El Chocio
  13. Milton Banana Trio – Primitivo
  14. Stan Kenton & his Orchestra – The Peanut Vendor
  15. Harry Belafonte – Coconut Woman
  16. Willie Colón – Che Che Cole
  17. Marisa Fiordaliso And Enzo Amadori – Blue Canary
  18. Cesaria Evora – Angola


Groove on the Wireless [songs4…] #19

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Dr. Groove returns to the radio to explore the old ancient theme of singing in order to ‘get it on’.  It was not really planned this way but eventually we came to a band that I remember from years ago called Sluts of Trust, and even before that we had the raw lyrical honesty from those House of Love youths wielding their guns of loneliness,  and that got him thinking.  So the theme emerges.  Enjoy


Artist :                                             Track                                      

Vladislav Delay                                   Levite

House of Love                                     Loneliness is a gun

Louis Armstrong /                             La Vie En Rose

Sy Oliver Orchestra

Four Tet                                               Smile Around The Face

Neu                                                      Hallogallo

Sluts of Trust                                     Piece O’You

Howlin’ Wolf                                     Back Door Man

Frank Ocean                                      Songs for Women

Leonard Cohen                                 Tower of Song

Rodrigo y Gabriela                           Orion

Hang The Blessed DJ – Show #5

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Put on your red shoes and dance!

Track Listing:

  • Ahjustwannadance – Superthriller
  • Apply – Glasser
  • Flutes – Hot Chip
  • Train – Goldfrapp
  • History – Kleerup
  • Silent Shout – The Knife
  • Couleurs – M83
  • Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above – CSS
  • Sick – Sam Sparro
  • She’s A Lady – Pulp
  • Klaus I Love You – M83
  • Killer – Seal
  • Echoes – Washed Out

This Show Totally Fucking Rocks Numero 18th 25th January

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This Show Totally Fucking Rocks Numero 18 25th January


Thursdays are the new Fridays, which coincidentally are the old Wednesdays.  Anyways, what a line up of shows tonight and I don’t think this one will disappoint.  Click play for some:




The Deadly Snakes,

John Spencer Blues Explosion,


The Weirdos,

The Boomtown Rats,

Radiators from Space,

The Briefs,

The Hatepinks,

Means Jeans,


Jay Reatard,

Dean Dirg

and a hape more rockin tunes.

The HMD Radio Show 10

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The HMD Radio Show episode 10

This week ive an old Pincher Martin fanning session plus loads of other stuff.

Red Fang – Dirt Wizard
Gideon Smith – Season of the Witch
Rest – Descent with modification
Operation Ivy – Jaded
Orange Goblin – Cities of frost
Cathedral – Ride
My Dying Bride – Sear Me MCMXCIII
Witch – Seer
Pincher Martin – Amaze
Hawkwind – Spirit of the Age
Herder – Come now fire
Motorhead – Please don’t touch
Slayer – Altar of Sacrifice

the sour song show 13

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the sour song show 13

1. theatre of hate – do you beleve in the west world

2. archive – men like you

3. sydney city trash – whiskey in the sun

4. tindersticks – raindrops

5. alien sex fiend – smells like….

6. new model army – bittersweet

7. the mummies – you must fight to live on the planet of the apes

8. johnny cash – rusty cage

9. jujus – do you understand me

10. karen dalton – katie cruel

11. pilotlight – bringing flowers to the black banks

12. pilotlight – all purpose underneath

13. kid congo & the pink monkey birds- hill of pills

14. christian death – pillars of osiris

15. those poor bastards – nightmare world

16. al hirt – green hornet

17. aphex twin – nannou

Whatever You’re Havin’ #17 – pearls from Pearl

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Whatever You’re Havin’ 0017 – pearls from Pearl

Avalanche - Leonard Cohen
The Saddest Song - Adrian Crowley
Golden Dawn - The Lost Brothers
Mellow Doubt - Teenage Fanclub
Sand - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
Witchita Lineman - Glen Campbell
After The Rain - Shirley Bassey
The Sun Refused to Shine - Richard Hawley
Caramel - John Grant
Joan Jett of Arc - Clem Snide
Pendleton - Buffalo Tom
Seymour Stein - Belle and Sebastian
Girl's Song in Winter - Vashti Bunyan
Maty Groves - Alela and Alina
St. Swithin's Day - Billy Bragg
Honeymoon is Great, I Wish You Were Her - Josh T. Pearson

The Red Shift 3 ~ Clowns

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Red Shift 3


No talking this week. Technical difficulties.  Anyway, hope you enjoy!!!




Alison Goldfrapp ~ Clowns

Siouxsie ~ Hall of Mirrors

Polly Jean Harvey ~ The Glorious Land

Radiohead ~ Weird Fishes / Arpeggi

Einstürzende Neubauten ~ Blume

Si Schroeder ~ C4

Belle & Sebastian ~ Seeing Other People

Belle & Sebastian ~ The Boy with the Arab Strap

Wilco ~ (The Song)

Violent Femmes ~ Freak Magnet

Nick Cave ~ Nature Boy

Supergrass ~ St. Petersburg

Ladytron ~ Ghosts

The Cure ~ Another Journey by Train

Nick Cave/Warren Ellis ~ The Road


Easy Snappin’ 15 – Cold Shnappin’

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[[Derrick Morgan]]- Easy Snapping
[[Seosamh O Héanaí]] – Cunla
The Harrin’s Heids- Isla Cameron, Bob Davenport, Jack Armstrong, The Rakes
[[Shirley Ellis]] – The Clapping song
Potentz feat. Solo Banton- Mission (mic check)
Rappa Robert and Jim Brown – Pirates Anthem
[[Macka B]] – Old Fashioned
[[Rudimentary Peni]]- Zenophobia
[[Post Regiment]]- Znów
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars – Big Fat Dog
[[London Posse]]- How’s Life in London
[[Kid Congo]] and The Pink Monkey Birds- Our Other World
Captain Moonlight – Shake Your Fist
Derv and the Gang- Parish Priest
Doctor Ring Ding- Dancin’ with the Fat Man’s Lady
Easy Snappin Fifteen

Spot the continuity error 🙂

The Sound of Music From Around The Globe 1

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world show 1 complete

The Sound Of Music from Africa, USA, Australia, Europe, South America and New Zealand…

1. Carebears on Fire – Everybody Wants To Rule The World

2. Hugh Masekela – Motlalepula

3. Jools Holland & Ruby Turner – The Informer

4. The Postmarks – No One Said This Would Be Easy

5. The Postmarks – Balloons

6. Gilbert Gil – Dono Do Pedaco

7. Dexys – Now

8. Joe Jackson – What’s The Use Of Getting Sobre (When you’re gonna get drunk again)

9. Jimmy Barnes & Roachford – Attention

10. Bob Flemings Folkin’ Country Favourites

11. Walter Wanderley – Os Grilos

12. Earl Grant – House of Bamboo

13.  Th’ Dudes – On Sunday

14. Jo Lemaire & Flouze – Calendars

15. Yothu Yindi – Djapana

hope 11 show

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mueran humanos – give a party
nomeansno – he learned how to bleed
arcwelder – touchdown
a death in the family – sink we swim
marine research – parallel horizontal
kodiak – tone arm
jinx lennon – everyones got a mental home
the evens – King of kings
Barry mcCormack – The Road to tyrrellspass
John Langford – Hard times
the membranes – tuff veggie agro
hard skin – still fighting thatcher
Fugazi – steady night
nofx – franco Un-American
ted leo – timorous me

SSH 15: Don’t Look Back In Ongar.

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The Superheroes find themselves even more Suburban when they are teleported to Planet Ongar, far far away from Groovetown studios where they normally transmit their broadcasts home. Here they meet up with their host Nora Bam who brings them on a chronological journey back to 80′s Dublin and tells us about being on Craggy Island. They conduct an interview with Bruce Lightyear, a Space Ranger who attempts to determine if they are friend or foe, Krossie rails against the army of I clones that he thinks an earthling has created, and they introduce another superheroe to the show in the form of Chicken Man. Bizarre Adventures abound in Prog. 15 where the Suburban superheroes Look Back in Ongar

SSH15 Look Back in Ongar

Freedom fry hi fi 17: dollar bin roulette

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freedom fry 17

well I did  big shop at my local record store, they were having a clear out the basement so the dollar bins were packed, I took a chance and tonights show principally comes from some of this weeks bargains or are they, tune in and hear

isle of sirens- jerry butler

stop the war now – the temptations

d.m.z.- the family vibes

the pusher- steppenwolf

ain’t nobody straight in L.A – the miracles

theme from “the munster” – jimmy smith

begin the beguine – bull ruther

the peeper – howard roberts

bang bang bang bang – john lee hooker

Crap on the Radio Number 8

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Crap on the Radio Number 8

Here’s a re-run of show 8

thanks to Jonny’s Skateshop for the photo

  1. Stand down Margret – The Beat
  2. Stiff little fingers – The Vibrators
  3. living in the real world – Blondie
  4. On Ebay – Chumbawamba
  5. Sink that ship – Kaiser Chiefs
  6. Christine – The house Of Love
  7. Pretty Green – Mark Ronson
  8. All out to Get You – The Beat
  9. Babylons Burnin
  10. Wat About Di Working Claas? – Linton Kwesi Johnson
  11. Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry
  12. Clandestion – Manu Chau
  13. Hurling and Imperialism – Dick Lucas
  14. You me and the bourgeoisie – submarines
  15. Magazine – We start Fires
  16. Mannequin – Wire
  17. It’s Getting Boring By The Sea – Blood Red Shoes
  18. I heard Wonders – David Holmes
  19. Here we are Nowhere – SLF (what else could you play with one minute left on a friday night)