Groove On The Wireless 239 – Songs for Alan

Yesterday I buried a friend, an inspirational man who I was lucky enough to call a friend.  Crucially he was not only a class warrior, but he was an organiser and and a proud anarchist, so his dream for a new world lives on.  Like Joe Hill he will never die, because  that vision cannot be killed, we will carry on in the struggle to make that world anew, because neither us nor the planet deserve anything less.

Alan Mac Simóin May he Riot in Peace

Photo by Donal Higgins


  1. Utah Phillips – IWW preamble
  2. Theater company for The Borstal boy – The Laughing Boy –
  3. The Dubliners  – Free the People
  4. Little Richard – Rip it up
  5.  The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man
  6. Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat
  7. Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
  8. Pete Seeger – Casey Jones
  9. Howard Zinn – Are you an Anarchist (The Case of Sacco & Vanzetti- excerpt)
  10. Woody Guthrie – This Land is Your Land
  11. Curtis Mayfield – Power to the People
  12. Kris Krisoffersson – Me and Bobby McGhee
  13. Hawkwind – Silver Machine
  14. Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
  15. The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice
  16. Motorhead – Ace of Spades
  17. Luke Kelly – for what died the sons of Roisín
  18. T.Rex – Children of the Revolution
  19. Thin Lizzy – Rocker
  20. Pink Floyd – Wish you were here
  21. The Dubliners – Joe Hill
  22. Yves Montand – Bella Ciao

1913 Lockout Podcast – Episode 1 – Introduction

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Episode 1 – Introduction

The introductory podcast of the 1913 Unfinished Business series on the centenary of the Dublin Lock-out. The team look at Ireland and Dublin in the early twentieth century and introduce two of the key protagonists of the battle, the ITGWU’s Jim Larkin and the employers’ leaders William Martin Murphy. Historian Dr. Conor Kostick speaks about the genesis of the Lock-out, its politics and how it developed. We finish by asking what relevance the 1913 Lock-out has in our society one hundred years on.

Featuring: Moira Murphy, Kevin Brannigan, Donal Fallon, Shane Fitzgerald, Rónán Burtenshaw. Recording: Thom McDermott. Artwork: Moira Murphy. With thanks to: Dr. Conor Kostick, Barra Hamilton, John Tighe, Eoin Griffin, Fiona Dunkin, Pádraig Madden and Aoife Campbell.

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Adventures in Stereo #16

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Adventures in Stereo #16

Tracks that are spoken rather than sung….

As ever comments welcome and encouraged!

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

Asa-Chang & Junray – Hana

Material (with William. S. Burroughs) – Seven Souls

Future Pilot A.K.A. Vs. Kim Fowley – Night Flight To Memphis

The Clientele – Losing Haringey

James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider

Tinderskicks – My Sister

Arab Strap – Afterwards

Deerhunter – Vox Humana

Midfield General – Midfielding

Slint – Good Morning, Captain

Half Man Half Biscuit – Breaking News


This Birthday Season Totally Rocks 53 26th September

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This Party Totally Rocks 53 26th September

What is it with birthdays in Autumn?  Did our parents have nothing better to do 9 months ago?  As I have been up to my eyeballs in birthday celebrations over the last week and will continue with my own this week, I have dedicated the show to banging tunes and the word party which I think I utter about 397 times over the course of the hour.  Things kick off with bangers from Butthole Surfers and Red Fang before a favourite from Queens of the Stone Age that I played at HMD’s recent celebrations gets a go.  Next up it’s the Hex Dispensers, The Dwarves, The Damned, The Saints, The Mean Jeans, The Hard-Ons and Agent Orange.  At the half hour mark its two party tunes I forgot to play at HMD’s do last week –first The Eagles of Death Metal and then Electric Six.  These are followed by absolutely stonking tunes from Turbonegro, Poison Idea, Ministry, Melt Banana, No Means No, Snuff and The Gits before Motorhead wrap things up with a dedication to Nathalie on her imminent move to the UK.  This week all of the links are YouTube clips so that you can do a YouTube dj party if you want.  Party Party Party!!!

The HMD Radio show 46

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The HMD Radio Show 46 – the slow one

There’s a much mellower affair being dished out tonight. Apart from two songs it’s all fairly chilled. Tribute is paid to to Vol. 4 on it being 41 years old yesterday, I play the Vista Chino song no other radio show will play and a couple off the new Jesu album.


Suicidal Tendencies – I wasn’t ment to feel this / Asleep at the wheel

The Horrors – Sea within a sea

Vista Chino – Acidize – The Gambling Moose

Black Sabbath – Laguna Sunrise

Black Sabbath – Supernaut

Black Rainbows – Lady

Bison BC – Slow Hand of Death

Jesu – Homesick

Conan – Golden Axe

Jesu – Comforter

Whatever You’re Havin’ #50 – goo goo muck

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Whatever You’re Havin’ #50 – goo goo muck

goo goo muck - Ronnie Cook & the Gaylads
garbageman - The Cramps
primitive - The Groupies
all women are bad - Dypsomaniaxe
outta reach - She
button nose - The A-bones
go girl go - Jett Powers
do you wanna touch me - Joan Jett
jesus never lived on mars - Lee Harvey Oswald Band
rock n roll whore - Toilet Boys
hot and filthy - Turbonegro
because I'm awesome - The Dollyrots
ain't nothing to do - Green River
smith & wesson blues - The Powder Monkeys
sympathy trip - Candy Snatchers
goodbye mr. policeman - Didjits
go the hack - Cosmic Psychos
can't understand - Metz
alleged - Melvins
the bloat - Unsane