Groove on the Wireless (5) Bringing the good ju ju


You get lost sometimes, Dr. Groove get’s lost frequently in the two counties in particular, Longford and Galway.  Last week it was between the ditches & stonewalls from Tuam to Ballinsloe that the Doctor  found himself lost again, in Galway.  When you are lost or when you are sick, you start looking towards greater powers.  So on this trip we start there and we end up in the Crescent City, of New Orleans thanks to a re-issue of Dr, John’s great Night Tripper albums.  Now that’s a kind  ju ju of that city[[ who dat? ]] say alchemey can’t happen on the the wireless.


  • Intro, Dizzie Gillespie Quintet – Town Hall Concert 1945, NY – A Night in Tunisia
  • The Dirty Three & Low – Lordy
  • Mogwai – Ratts of the Capital
  • Alex Coulton – Brooklyn
  • Holy Other – Inpouring
  • The XX – Chained
  • Brick – Dazz
  • Dr. John – Gris Gris Gumbo
  • Professor Longhair – Big Chief
  • Olympia Brass Band – It’s Ain’t My fault