A Scenic Tour through the Velvet Undergrowth

Velvet Undergarments 1


[[The Velvet Underground]]: Venus in Furs (demo) ([[Peel Slowly and See]])


[[Terry Riley]]: Music for The Gift, Part 2 (Music For The Gift, Bird of Paradise, Mescalin Mix)


[[Theater of Eternal Music]]: Pre-Tortoise Dream Music (Theatre of Eternal Music Bootleg)


[[John Cale]]/ [[Terry Riley]]: Church of Anthrax (Church of Anthrax)


The Velvet Underground: Hey Mr. Rain (version 1) (Peel Slowly and See)


[[Nico]]: Innocent and Vain (The End)


John Cale: Summer Heat (Sun Blindness Music)


The Velvet Underground: Melody Laughter (live) (Peel Slowly and See)