Adventures in Stereo #109

Adventures in Stereo #109

This week we explore the many sides of Luke Haines. Enjoy!

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

The Auteurs – Das Capital Overture

Luke Haines – Rock ‘n’ Roll Communique No.1

Baader Meinhof – Baader Meinhof

The Auteurs – Showgirl

Black Box Recorder – Rock’N’Roll Suicide (David Bowie)

Luke Haines – NY in the ’70s

The Auteurs – Lenny Valentino

Luke Haines – Discomania

Black Box Recorder – It’s Only The End Of The World

Luke Haines – Rock ‘n’ Roll Animals

The Auteurs – Unsolved Child Murder

Black Box Recorder – French Rock’N’Roll

Luke Haines – I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass (Nick Lowe)

Baader Meinhof – Back on the Farm

Luke Haines – Saturday Afternoon

The Auteurs VS µ-ziq – Underground Movie

Luke Haines – Jerusalem