Adventures in Stereo #166


This week with the release last year of ‘Popkiss – The Life And Afterlife of Sarah Records’ by Michael White a selection of tracks by bands who were on Sarah Records. There’s an excellent review of the book here.  As ever, Enjoy!

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

Blueboy – Popkiss

The Field Mice – White

Saint Christopher – All Of A Tremble

The Harvest Ministers – Six O’clock Is Rosary

14 Iced Bears – Sure To See

Action Painting! – These Things Happen

The Rosaries – Leaving

Aberdeen – Fran

Northern Picture Library – Paris

The Sugargliders – Unkind

The Sea Urchins – A Morning Odyssey

Brighter – Poppy Day

Another Sunny Day – Things Will Be Nice

East River Pipe – My Life Is Wrong

The Sweetest Ache – Heaven-Scented World

Boyracer – I’ve Got It And It’s Not Worth Having

Even As We Speak – Nothing Ever Happens

Heavenly – Our Love Is Heavenly