All My Friends – Show # 5

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All My Friends – Show No.5


01 – Angel Haze – Werkin’ Girls

Wow! Smack, Bang, Wallop! Dirty street hip-hop aimed for the strip club, “Wrekin’ Girls” by Angel Haze is floor filling club banger with a booming base and hyper rap that assault’s your body and head in a fantastic way! “Give me some more!” See for more on Angel Haze see and

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02 – Danny! – Myintrotoletuknow

Crisp beats, snappy lyrical flow and neat samples; what else do want from Hip-Hop? Danny! is a hip-hop nomad that has finally found a new home with Ahmir [[Questlove]]’s Okayplayer label this year and “Myintrotoletuknow” is a shining example of the style of his exquisite long player “Payback”. Go get it the album. For more on Danny! see

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03 – Sweet Valley – Eternal Champ

I love this! Straight up, this is the kind of track DJ Shadow should still be producing. A pumping, sample driven hip-hop instrumental, that goes equally well on the club floor or on headphones. Sweet Valley are Nathan (from the band Wavves) and Kyan Williams . For more on Sweet Valley and to Download their long player see and

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04 – Brother Octopus – Old Computer

An ode to an old computer; really! Why not? Considering our modern love affair with our computer’s it was only about time that some wrote a love song to deceased computer. Canadian duo Brother Octopus song “Old Computer” could have easily come across as a jokey throw-away track, when in fact Brother Octopus turn this silicon lose into a sincere tune that you can’t help but identify with. The question remains, though; what have we become that we lament the loss of our computer friends? For more on Brother Octopus see

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05 – Moon Duo – Sleepwalker

From the get go I hear Liverpool’s wonderful [[Clinic_(band)]] all over this track and that is a great thing. “Sleepwalker” by Moon Duo is simply a super piece of progressive rock that drowns you is sweet guitar’s and pulsing beats that you would be happy to let wrap you up for hours and hours. For more on these American oddballs, Moon Duo see

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06 – Metz – Headache

More music from our Canadian friends this time in guise of hardcore noise merchants METZ and their wonderfully addictive song “Headache” taken from their justifiably hyped self-titled debut long player.

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07 – The Orwells – In My Bed

Loose garage rock with open simple lyrics about trust, love and hate. The Orwells “In My Bed” has the energy and vigour of [[the Libertines]] “Up the Bracket” if Pete Doherty and Carl Barát had grown up in Chicago and not London. For more on The Orwells see

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08 – Cat Power – Ruin

Complex, stunning, addictive and angst ridden behind a piano is not an easy thing to carry-off, yet Cat Power does it with ease. She might have had a few public ups and downs in the last few years, nee months but the one constant about [[Cat Power]] is that for nearly a decade now she has produced always engaging new music. “Ruin” is taken from her new long player “Sun” which is available now. For more on Cat Power see

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09 – Steffaloo – Can’t You See

Beautiful, sparse and wonderfully heartfelt “Can’t You See” by Steffaloo is an open letter calling on her lover to leave her. Stick your headphones on and go to somewhere quite to listen to this extremely touching track. For more on Steffaloo see

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10 – Kids These Days – Who Do U-Luv

Maybe Steffaloo in her song above “Can’t You See” was aiming her song at Kids These Days whose lead singer goes out of his way to get his lover to hate him. “Who Do U-Luv” is the kind of song that could only be imagined by the divorce of [[Jack White_(musician)]] and Buck 65 following a long-term argument over which [[Beatles]] album was the best.  For more on Kids These Days see

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11 – Rush Midnight – The Night Was Young Enough

Rush Midnight sounds like the name of a 1980’s superhero. The 1980’s comparisons do not end there, as Rush Midnight are purveyors of 80’s synth pop without the clichés. Indulge yourself and dig in. For more on Rush Midnight see

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12 – Mitten – All That I’ve Got

A bouncing kaleidoscope of sounds pulls you from start to finish on “All That I’ve Got” by Mitten. You can’t help but love this song. To find out more about Mitten see

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13 – Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones

Hands down, the winner of this week’s best named band goes to Labyrinth Ear. A smooth drifting piece of electro “Humble Bones” is underpinned by the angelic vocals that give this song that something ever so special in the crowded world of electro house. For more on the magically named Labyrinth Ear see

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15 – Mason – Get It Together

“Get It Together” is that rare kind of tune that could easily fit into any set or any timeframe from the last 20 years. Tech-House, Rave, Electro, nu-rave, call it what you want but Mason obviously know there dance music otherwise the smart folks at Fools Gold Records would not have released this catchy tune. So, “C’mon People, C’mon. Get It Together” For more on Mason see

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