All My Friends – Show #6

Originally posted 2012-10-26 20:00:30.

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All My Friends – Show No.6


01 – Lindstrom – Ra-ako-st (Slick Shoota House Remix)

It might be cold in Norway, but Lindstrom knows how to get your pulse racing and warm you up for any party. Right from the get go you are transported to a secret rave, somewhere in the back streets of Oslo where the club is pumping and vibrating warm positive vibes out into the dark cold chill of the Norwegian winter. For more on Lindstrom see and

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02 – Sambassadeur – Memories

Hailing from Sweden Sambassadeur are producers of lush pop melodies that have a lot in common with [[Belle & Sebastian]] and [[Lykke Li]]. Sometimes we don’t need to remember and that’s what music is for, to take us to another place. There is no way you can resist the fully wrapped charms of Sambassadeur. For more on Sambassadeur see

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03 – Divine Fits – Would That Not Be Nice (RJD2 Remix)

Britt Daniel has a uniquely distinctive voice; yes the voice of seminal Texas rock band Spoon and is now on a hiatus from his day job with Spoon in the guise of Divine Fits. “A Thing Called Divine Fits” could well be the best surprise album of the year. Daniel is joined by Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Atlas Strategic and Handsome Furs) and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks).For more on Divine Fits see

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04 – Jason Lytle – Dept of Disappearance

Former Grandaddy frontman, Jason Lytle, delivers use “Dept of Disappearance” the title track from his current long player released on 16th October 2012. Warm and infectious as Grandaddy ever were; you can hear why he has been making melody driven music for 20 years now. Open the door and step into the “Dept of Disappearance”; you’re sure to go somewhere blissful. For more on Jason Lytle see

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05 – Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On

Who would have known but, yes Father John Misty is in fact Joshua Tillman from the fantastic [[Fleet Foxes]]. “Nancy From Now On” is a great intro to his music and into the winter months ahead for us folk in Northern Hemisphere. For more on Father John Misty see

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06 – Kuhrye-oo – Give in (For the Fame) [Boody & Le1f Remix]

This is brilliant! Tripped out 23rd Century Soul from Montreal native Calvin McElroy aka Kuhrye-oo. “Give in (For The Fame)” sounds nothing like anything ever before. A blissful clash of [[Saul Williams]] and [[Outkast]] taken place 100 years from now. My word! For more on see and

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07 – Kid Smpl – But I Don’t

I love this Kid! No, really I do. “But I Don’t” is simple emotive, effective and emotional dance music for the new decade and Kid Smpl is one of the finest pioneers out there! Give the Kid your support and take a trip on a sonic wave. For more on Kid Smpl see

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08 – The Helio Sequence – October

The Helio Sequence is an American alternative rock duo from Beaverton, Oregon, signed to Sub Pop. The band was formed in 1999 and consists of Brandon Summers on vocals and guitars and Benjamin Weikel on drums and keyboards. “October” comes from the bands fifth album “Negotiations” which was released on 11th September 2012. For more on The Helio Sequence see

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09 – Sinkane – Runnin’

DFA have just released the new long player (which you can stream here ) by Sinkane. But who else could release such a compulsive genre busting disco flavoured album; well no one but DFA. I can say no more, just listen! Magic! For more on Sinkane see

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10 – Freddy Fresh – Years Back

I am delight and over the moon to have some #NewMusic from the legend that is Freddy Fresh. What more can I say, the man is a living legend having produced some of the most amazing breaks music of the last 20 years and it is no different here on “Years Back” taken from his new EP “Midwest Whippersnappers EP”. Electro never tasted so FRESH! For more on Freddy Fresh see

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11 – Gillepsy – The Scientist

This is every form, genre and sub-genre of dance music from the last 15 years squeezed, blended and re-imagined into something solid, fresh and new. How? Or even Why? Gillepsy was able to produce such a rich, moving and uplifting piece of music is really beyond me. All I can do is tip my hat and shuffle my feet on the dance floor to “The Scientist”. For more on Gillepsy see and

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12 – OVERWERK – Daybreak (GoPro HERO3 Edit)

Sport and music are a marriage made in heaven when the right partners are drawn together. This is a classical driving, head thumping, foot pounding beast of a track by OVERWERK, the electro/house producer. “Daybreak” features as the music for the new promo for action sports camera company GoPro and their Hero cameras. Sport and Music have the capacity to elevate us and make us feel super. If you want to feel super, then turn the volume to the maximum and blast “Daybreak” by OVERWERK. To find out more about OVERWERK see and

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