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All Apologies about the crap mic problems on the first half of the show this week (payday next week, so a new mic will be purchased), it’s just me babbling so it doesn’t matter that much but still all 15 of the new tracks this week sound fantastic, so jump on board for the ride!

All My Friends – Show No 8


01 Hodgy Beats – Break Ya Neck

Odd Future member Hodgy Beats delivers a one minute wonder of lyric flow over the hypnotic beats of Thelonious Martin to remind us that the future of Hip Hop is in safe hands with the Odd Future Crew’s [[Wu Tang Clan]]’s gang style view of the world we exist in. True Hip-Hop. See

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02 Iamsu! – Mobbin

Iamsu! hails from the Bay Area and focuses on progressively produced Hip-Hop that takes cues from diverse points on the map that include[[ OutKast]], People Under the Stairs, [[BIG L]] and Blacklicious. Iamsu! plays’ the pimp on this track with the lyric “Ridin’ ‘round gettin’ dough!” and pays tribute to legends of Hip-Hop including [[Big Daddy Kane]]. Iamsu! is part of the The HBK Gang which you can learn more about here

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03 Widowspeak – Ballad of the Golden Hour

“Ballad of the Golden Hour” is the first offering from Widowspeak new long player “Almanac”. A much hyped and well deserved too; this two piece, are purveyors of high quality indie music. For more on Widowspeak see

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04 Lasorda – No Intent To Return

A driving bass driving by a pounding drum drowned in reverb of wall to wall guitar with robotically phrased singing lashed with emotion makes Lasorda’s “No Intent To Return” sounds like a stunning reply to [[Arcade Fire]]’s “Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)”. This is good, really good. For more on Lasorda see

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05 Hundred Waters – Thistle

A musical mix made by Hundred Waters has a warm feel for these icy evenings despite being built a math driven foundation, “Thistle” becomes warm open and inviting as the vocals open to recall an early solo [[Bjork]] held up with pulsing bleeps of electronics a brought harmoniously together by a simple piano cord. Just lush and gorgeous; what more do you want! See for more on Hundred Waters

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06 Jamie Lidell – What A Shame

[[Jamie Lidell]] the man is a living legend. Following on from the wonderful collaboration with Berlin producer Christian Vogel, as one half of Supercollider, Jamie Lidell has pushed, kicked and swung his way through the last 12 years as the leading entity in neo electronic soul music. Crucially, Jamie Lidell is completely aware of the path he struts from [[Sam Cooke]] to [[Otis Reading]] to [[Marvin Gaye]] and [[Prince]] but he never got hung up on the past instead focusing on the future. “What A Shame” is the first track to be taken from Jamie Lidell’s new long player “Bleep” (due out on 18th February 2013) and first to be recorded in his new home of Memphis. For more go to

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07 Clinic – Miss You (Peaking Lights Remix)

My word, it cannot be, [[Clinic_(band)]] are now on the go for 15 years. It seems like only yesterday I saw them take the stage of the Olympia, Dublin as [[Cornelius_(musician)]] when it was more like 13 years ago! On LP number 7, called “Free Reign” from which the original version “Miss You” is taken, Clinic have threaded their own path without care or thought of what direction to take. Clinic are one of the few bands that sound so unique that it is nee on impossible to mistake one of their songs for someone else’s. Find out more about the curing noise of Clinic here

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08 Snowblink – Unsurfed Waves

Canadian duo Snowblink happen to be on the excellent Arts and Crafts label, not that you needed to know that but the quality of that label tells us to expect Snowblink to be good. And they are good, very good, a more alt-country/indie version of [[The_xx]] with soothing female to male harmonies. A moment of bliss for these dark evenings. For more on Snowblink see

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09 Mount Moriah – Lament

There is sweetness and pleading honest to the fragile vocals from Mount Moriah. “Lament” is just a straight up alternative song that everything and more all done so well that if you let it go you might miss all the musical magic played out so simply, yet so very well. Stick it on repeat, its well worth it. For more on Mount Moriah see

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10 Nadus – Higher

Music for the nightclub for sure, “Higher” by Nadus is a surprisingly short for a dance track clocking in at under 3 ½ minutes. Not that it should go on any longer; in fact it’s the perfect dub-step influenced track that transcends many dance and hip-hop sub genres.  In two years’ time this will still sound fresh. To hear more of Nadus go to

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11 Waka Flocka Flame – Rooster In My Rari (TNGHT RMX)

This is strip-club music from the proclamations of sexual exploits to the tongue in check sexism; it’s all good harmless fun really from Saturday night out on the club floor.  Waka Flocka Flame gets the TNGHT treatment here.

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12 So Many Wizards – Inner City

Like the hyperactive younger sibling of [[Belle and Sebastian]], So Many Wizards offer a fresh take on the world for us bop around too, unaware of the crash and fall that follows continuously spinning around in circles with your eyes closed. Close your eyes spin and get ready for take-off with So Many Wizards. For more see

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13 Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Holy Roller

Obvious comparisons in vocal and musical styles might go from Thao & The Get Down Stay Down to the earlier version of the [[Yeah Yeah Yeahs]] but hey that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact I quite like to easy indie tones of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down that are infectious and fun. “Holy Roller” is taken from the bands forthcoming long player “We The Common” out in February 2013. For more see

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14 Vinyl Williams – Higher Worlds

“Higher Worlds” feels like it could fall apart at any moment yet it manages to put not a foot wrong and in fact pulses along in mesmerising fashion. Lionel Vinyl Williams is a 21 year old one man music machine capable of pushing pristine pop with loads of twists. Jump on board the Vinyl Williams boat for a party like no other. For more on the man see

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15 The Faint – Evil Voices

I had to think for a time there to remember the Cooper Temple Clause from way back in the 2000’s, as that is the band that The Faint’s “Evil Voices” reminds me of. Proto electronic dance punk or just a dam great tune to jump around too with your mates; either way I am in! For more on The Faint see

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