All The Best Freaks Are Here (60 – 12/09/2015)

Nice show this week. The Kreative Kontrol podcast just released an excellent 2hr doco on the history of Drive Like Juhu, so I’ve got a few songs from DLJ and DLJ related bands. Then I catch up with They Might Be Giants and their Dial-a-Song Direct songs and then more good stuff, look, here’s the playlist.

Ode To A Black Man : Phil Lynott : Solo In Soho

There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin’ : AC/DC : Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Golden Brown : Drive Like Jehu : Yank Crime

No Hands : Hot Snakes : Automatic Midnight

Pine On : Obits : I Blame You

You Got Nerve : The Night Marchers : See You In Magic

I Know : Rocket From The Crypt : RFTC

Moles, Hounds, Bears, Bees and Hares : They Might Be Giants : Dial-a-song Direct

Blacks Ops (alt versions) : : They Might Be Giants : Dial-a-song Direct

The Rattling Hell : The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock : The Brutal here And Now

The Taut And Tame : Tortoise : Millions Now Living Will Never Die

Today Is The Day : Yo La Tengo : Summer Sun

Sulpher Assassins : Wild Rocket : Geomagnetic Hallucinations

Taken : Badself : The Three Daughters Of Mara

Absolution : Ghost : Meliora

Freaks 60