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    This article was written on 04 Jan 2018, and is filled under Radioactive.

    Billy Splinters presents: One hour of Cardiacs and friends

    Cardiacs and Friends

    First band to get special treatment here, they’ve given so much to me. Thoughts and prayers going out to Tim Smith who is still incapacitated after his massive stroke and heart -attack double-whammy in 2008.  

    [[Cardiacs]]: ‘The Alphabet Business Concern (Home of Fadeless Splendour)’ (Heaven Born and Ever Bright – 1991)

    [[Tim Smith’s Extra-Special Oceanland World]]: ‘Swimming with the Snake’ (Oceanland World – 1995)

    [[Cardiacs]]: ‘Fiery Gun Hand’ (Sing to God – 1995)

    [[Sea Nymphs]]: ‘Shaping the River’ (Sea Nymphs – 1995)

    [[Cardiacs]]: ‘RES’ (A Little Man, a House and the Whole World Window – 1988)

    [[Sea Nymphs]]: ‘Sea Snake Beware’ (BBC Radio Session)

    [[The Monsoon Bassoon]]: ‘The King of Evil’ (I Dig Your Voodoo – 1999)

    [[Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. Drake]]: ‘Camouflage’ (Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Mr. Drake – reiss. 2001)

    [[Cardiacs]]: ‘Buds and Spawn’ (On Land and in the Sea – 1989)

    [[Spratley’s Japs]]: ‘Vine’ (Pony – 1999)

    [[Cardiacs]]: ‘Will Bleed Amen’ (Guns – 1999)

    [[Lake of Puppies]]: ‘Largelife’ (Cardiacs and Affectionate Friends – 2001)

    [[Cardiacs]]: ‘Is This the Life’ (A Little Man, a House and the Whole World Window – 1988)

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