Building an Aeolian Harp at Burning Man

Interview with DaJourney (Darren Fitzpatrick)

Getting art out to Burning Man is hard. Really hard.

To construct and deliver some of the project’s is mind bogglingly complex and requires dedication and funding.

A team of Irish and international Burners, led by Darren Fitzpatrick are taking it upon themselves to construct an Aeolian Harp.

A musical instrument played by nature herself.

Come along to the fundraiser and help deliver the piece. It’s in the newly refurbished Wiley Fox (formally The Pint)

August 1st…

Burner attire. Dress to compress.

With music from
Darren Fitzpatrick
Rob Le Nan
Vinnie Rafter
Digital Animals
Bren Moloney
Paul Daly

It promises that Burner vibe.

€7 on the door….


Aeolian Harp - Burrning Man 2015