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    This article was written on 02 Aug 2014, and is filled under Alternative, Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Irish Punk, Metal, Oi, Radioactive, Sludge, Stoner Rock, Stoner Rock.

    Cultural Diabetes – Festivals

    Some festivals that are on this month in Ireland. We’ve chosen a few bands from each Fest to give a taste of what’ll be goin on. Support your Local scenes!!!

    Fesant Festhttps://www.facebook.com/events/873322232684603/?fref=ts

    9th of august in Ballina, 10 bands for free!! should be a good one!!!!

    Section 4 – fuck you

    Hounds – Twinkie

    The Jollars – Ryanair to Babylon

    Subordinate – Rust

    Vagrants – Semi Frontal


    AnimalFest – https://www.facebook.com/AnimalFestDublin?fref=ts

    8th and 9th of August in Fibbers, Dublin tenner each night, all proceeds going to the ash animal santuary, great gig and great cause!!

    Strongboys – Cant take it back

    The number ones – Sharon

    Chewing on Tinfoil – Uprooted and Booted

    Wolf Down – Faithless


    Monsters of Rot – http://monstersofrot.com/ 

    Death, Doom and Heavy Metal Fest in the Halfway Inn, Letterbreen, Co. Fermanagh

    In its 4th incarnation and is shaping up to be great craic!!! 18 quid incl camping so you can really go wrong!!

    Coldwar – Underscum

    Eternal Helcaraxe – Shadow of the Wolf

    Overoth – Kingdom of Shadows

    Dead Aoen – Rise to Power

    Fuckhammer – Born of the Ass

    Weed Priest – Erictho


    So even though theres been alot of festivals\gigs cancelled we still have plenty to go to!!! All the people involved in putting these things on have put in a shit ton of work into them so try get your arses out to support them!!!!

    – Head and Ba

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