Cultural Diabetes Number 9


Welcome to Cultural Diabetes Number 9, where this week we will be abusing your ears with…..

Extreme Noise Terror – Pray to be saved

Arnheim – 4L

Blatant Yobs – For yourself

Droppin’ Bombs – Recede

Vivisick –  A vomit heap of depression

Bad Advice – Chemical imbalance

No Security – Masskontroll

Totalitär – Skallra för döden

Asocial – Kriget

Toxoplasma – Polizeistaat

Angry Youth – Make punk a threat

Verbal Abuse – I hate you

Man is the Bastard – Puppy Mill

The Stooges – I got a right

Lip Cream – Fight on the streets

Econochrist – Think for yourself

Hollywood Hate – Another fine mess

Deathside – No laughing matter

Disguise – Laughter

The Cigarettes – Valium world


We’d also like to mention two obituaries this week for two very different reasons, Fred Phelps, bigot and founder of the Westboro Baptist Church (fuck that guy) and Scott Asheton, drummer from The Stooges (RIP). As usual we can be contacted through the following links…

Enjoy! – B.A and Heather