Easy Snappin’ Episode 10

Ananda Shankar and State of Bengal- Tori

Maga Bo vs. Jahdan Blakkamoore-  Earthshaking

Risto Benjie- Gimme the money

Ernest Ranglin- 05 54-46 (was my number)

Tiken JahFakoly-Political War

Subhumans- This Years War

Lee Harveys- Oh x 5

Froggy Shytle –  Froggy Shtyle

Sonics- Don’t Believe In Christmas

Almalafa – Seres

Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7- Hillyard Street

Dr. Ring Ding SkaVaganza- Trafficker

Roy Paci and Aretuska-Fela Kuti Aye!

Jimmy Cliff- Guns of Brixton

Wynonie Harris- I want my Fanny Brown

Owen Gray – Jenny lee


easy snappin episode 10