Easy Snappin Episode 12

The Departure- Stop (Ireland 198?)

The Sussed- I Wanna Conform (Dublin ’81)

The Undertones- My Perfect Cousin (Derry ’80)

Blaze X- I Useta Lover (Tuam ’81)

The Buzzcocks- You Say You Don’t Love Me- (Manchester ’79)

Denis Brown- Money In my Pocket- (Jamaica 79)

Roger Miller- King of the Road ()

Harry Belafonte- Lead Man Holler ()

Black 47- Land of Devalera ()

Paranoid Visions- Strange Girl (Dublin ’87)

The Stranglers- Strange Little Girl (’82)

Monkhouse- Antagonist? (The County Down 9?)

The Atrix- Wendys in Amsterdam (Dublin ’79)

The Radiators- Million Dollar Hero (Dublin ’78)

Cheapskate- song off 7” (Kilkenny 9?)

Albertos Y Los Trios Paranoias- Heads down no nonsense mindless boogie (London ’78)

Gout- For What it’s Worth- (Kilkenny 9?)

Stiff Little Fingers- Alternative Ulster (Belfast ‘7 )

Agent Zero- Pressure (Nottingham 9?)

Stomach- Song 1? (Dublin ’96)




Easy Snappin punk 12