Easy Snappin’ episode 8

[[Little Richard]]-  Jenny Jenny

[[Striknien DC]]- Entertainment

[[Macka B]]- Get Rid Of Maggie

[[YT]]- World News (feat mungos hifi)

[[Las Cuatro Monedas]] – Buena Suerte

[[Jamaica All Stars]]- All Rudies in Jail

[[Jamaica All Stars]]-  Shake Sinora

[[Dillinger]]- Answer me Question

[[The Kingstonians]]- Sufferer

[[Benjamin Zephaniah]]- Money

Droppin’ Bombs- The Rat Race

[[Operation Ivy]] – Sound System

The Rudeboys-  Ska Fever

[[The Wailers]] – What’s new pussycat

[[Rodney P]]- The nice up

[[Don Drummond]]- Don de lion

[[Doreen Schaffer]] – Sugar Sugar

[[Prince Buster]]- Bye Bye Baby

[[Damien Dempsey]]- Teachers

Easy Snappin’ 8