freedom fry hi-fi 14: an all vinyl radio show

freedom fry 14

swing dilla street-fats waller

st.croix country dance (road march)- wesley thomas combo

billys blues part 1 & 2- billy stewart

brainwasher part 1- jr.walker and the all-stars

let a woman be a woman,let a man be a man- dyke and the blazers

o-wow – panic buttons

snap out- the interpretations

tristeza de un doble- astor piazzolla y su conjunto 9

matat barbet – doyra solo

chittlins and rice- champion jack dupree

the walk -jimmy mccracklin

wiggle toes- oscar mclollie and the honey jumpers

teasin’ -jon thomas and orchestra

sheba- johnny and the hurricanes

where have all the good times gone- the kinks

journey within- charles lloyd quartet


warning: do not listen on headphones, DJ coughing constantly, also this weeks episode is extra crackly.