freedom fry hi-fi: laser fare

laser fare

another eclectic mix, but this week as the turntable is down its all lasers and binary numbers, we have psych, ethnic classics, chants, prayer and electronics

theres nae guid luck about the house/high level hornpipe – billy pigg

synthesize me- the space lady

pulse persephone – daphne oram

dawn – salah ragaband the cairo jazz band

broadway – alexander sweet flutes

waterlogged – cornershop

deeds beyond the hints – the sudden death of stars

deeply deeply me – the bee gees

fluer de lune – francoise hardy

nakhone prayer ( laos) – sathoukhru lukhhamkeow

the snake -henry flynt

hymn to the snake goddess – women of Bihar

iske hathon se- Begum Akhtar