GOTW Plague Tapes #40

Like Jesus we have been out here for 40 editions, in the lockdown, since Paddy’s day eve.   We have a special field recording to celebrate the 40th edition of the show, along with music from Mali, Ehtiopia, possibly Japan or South Africa, we are not sure, the UK, and the increasingly dis United states.

We also have some interesting news about C19 from our resident correspondent, Andrew.


1.  Ali Farka Toure —>

2. Staff Benda Bilillí —>Margueritte

3. Manu Chao —>  Bongo Bongo

4. Mulato Astatké —> Yermano Séw

5. Gattachew Merkuria –> Shélléla

6. Zun Zun Egui —> Sun God

7. Four Tet / Fridge  —> Yttrium

8 Richard Hell & The Voidoids  —> Blank Generation

9. Hong Kong Phooey – theme – the mild mannered janitor, clyde?

News with Andrew

10. Bill Callaghan  —> Small Plane


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