Groove On The Wireless 184

As this show falls on the ‘good’ Friday – we have a specific GF mix- starting off with a different viewpoint on Judas and ending with Slugging for Jesus.

After that – it’s just really about good music and one legendary track and an amazing video to go with it, by The Blaze that Emma put me onto.


  1. Dick Gaughan – Stand up for Judas
  2. Karl Schaffner – Caravan
  3. Cigarettes after Sex – Nothing Gonna Hurt You Baby
  4. The Blaze – Interlude
  5. The Verve – On Your Own
  6. The Knife – High School Poem
  7. Johanna Billing – This is how we walk on the moon
  8. Lower Plenty – Strange Beast
  9. Cabaret Voltaire – Slugging for Jesus
  10. Obi Onyioha – Enjoy Your Life
  11. Eagles & Butterflies – Experiment G
  12. The Blaze – Territory
  13. Michael Kiwanuka – Father’s Child