Groove On The Wireless 186

This week the Doctor prepares a mix for a 90th Birthday combination next week, but first just a random selection of good music to get into your heads as you so desire.




      1. Illum Sphere – Fall into Water
      2. Kiki – Motorized
      3. Lee Bannon – Shoot Out the Stars and Win
      4. Flying Lotus – Sleep Dinosaur
      5. Mogwai – Are you a dancer?
      6. Tortoise – Swung from the Gutters
      7. Dub Specialists – Heavy dub
      8. Dr. Groove Practice mix for 90thBday party

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Tracklist to follow……

plus the prep. mix 90


One Reply to “Groove On The Wireless 186”

  1. I would go with Manny Corpas over Huston Street. Early on, it looks like he#21&87;s going to get the shot at closing games. If you have room to stash them both, you may want to, just in case, but I’d go Corpas first.

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