Groove On The Wireless 207

The Dr. started this show in such a  rant that he had to go for a take 2.  This island has dark days and flash flooding, and yet we do nothing about climate change here.  Marvin Gaye had a song about it on this on his 1971 album and here we are nearly half a century later continuing down the path of destruction.


  1. The Andrews Sisters – Rum & Coca Cola
  2. Bicep – Drift
  3. Donald Byrd – Lasanna’s priestess
  4. Don Cherry- Utopia and Visions
  5. Geto boys – Still – from Office Space 
  6. Gas – Nah und Fern
  7. Roy of the Ravers – En Trance 10
  8. Susanna and the magical orchestra – It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock & Roll
  9. AC/DC – Back in Black

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