Groove On The Wireless 232

Dr. Groove returns with a show of good music, one hour and some rambling rants, in case you were missing that type a thing.  He bemoans the fact that some people see it fit to allow dragons to run for president.  This broken republic is in a mess, but the only way we collectively get out of it is by coming together and fight to repair it into the republic we want it to be.



  1. Nirvana – Come as you are
  2. Decal – Zerostar
  3. Drexciya – Bubble metropolis
  4. Philip Sherburne – The Claim
  5. Nthng – Unknown track
  6. The Raincoats – Lola
  7. Patti Smith – Because The Night
  8. Neu! – Neuschnee
  9. Sufjan Stevens – Blue Bucket of Gold

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