Groove On the Wireless [14] Hard with the smooth


14 HardWithTheSmooth – Dr. Groove on said wireless starts with two songs about Hard times, in fact they’re both of that name.  Human League are first up and that song comes from 1983 and they also had a song called Austerity.  Then we go back to the legendary Curtis Mayfield recording in 1975 of Hard Times from [[There’s is no place like America Today]] which is one of the albums you need to hear before you die.  But what gets us through such times. Love.  The love of a good [wo]man will see you through and it is great when you see people find that in each other so the Doctor is all romanticized after coming back from a wedding which explains the smooth ending and last song.


  • Human League – Hard Times
  • Curtis Mayfield – Hard Times
  • Prince – I wanna Be Your Lover
  • House of Funk – Afrique
  • Hot Chip Feat. Robert Wyatt – We’re Looking for a lot of love
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor – Mladic
  • Salem – Trapdoor
  • Robots Don’t Sleep – So Bad [Synkro Dub Mix]
  • Curtis Mayfield – So in Love