Groove On The Wireless 181

Dr. Groove returns from Africa, Zimbabwe to be exact, after being recognised at a party, and brings with him some musical medicine from the motherland.  We also have some great work from the legendary Tony Allen, drummer with Africa 70 & Fela Kuti.


  1. Gash Abera Molo – Yeserge Leta
  2. Sory Bamba Du Mali – Dis-Moi La Vérité
  3. Nomad – Zigzan
  4. Staff Benda Bilili – Marguerite
  5. Tony Allen – NEPA (Never Expect Power Always Dance Dub)
  6. Briana Marela – Follow it
  7. Kingdom – Each & Every Day
  8. Abul Mogard – The Sky Has Vanished
  9. Lor – Factories 1979 (Original)
  10. Tony Allen – Afro Disco Beat

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