Groove On The Wireless 213

Mark E Smith – the walking epitome of truculent has died, and with his passing the rock and roll landscape has changed forever.

In the psychic city of rock and roll, the old red brick victorian building which was always collapsing,  has finally returned in a cloud of dust to the earth.  We all know it cannot be replaced, and we all are aware of the hole it leaves in the landscape.   Many a house was built in its image.

So this program is a selection from The Fall output.  How lucky we were that this young mr. smith walked out after the Sex Pistols gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall with the idea that he would start a band.



  1. The Fall – Crap Rap 2 / Like To know
  2. The Fall – Industrial Estate
  3. The Fall – How I wrote Elastic Man
  4. The Fall – Container  Drivers
  5. The Fall – An Older Lover (from Slates / A part of America Therein
  6. The Fall – The nwra
  7. The Fall – Totally Wired
  8. The Fall – Lost in Music
  9. The Fall – Hex Definitive / Strife Knot
  10. The Fall – Dr. Buck’s Letter
  11. The Fall – Hit The North
  12. The Fall – Big New Prinz
  13. The Fall – For de Rol
  14. The Fall – Hip Priest (edit)


The Fall – all of it and the tracklist will


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