Groove On The Wireless 214

The Doctor is back from Ethiopia and that has influenced the show greatly, with over of 50 minutes of music from that wonderful land.  It is just a taster and therefore we have been careful to denote all of the artists involved.  Watch out for Gétatchèw Mèkurya – and you know already about Mulatu Astatké.   One of the great memories from this trip was watching the new movie, The Black Panther in a cinema in Addis Ababa



    1. Mulatu Astatké  – Texcha
    2. Mulatu Astatké – Fikrakchin with Mebelik Wossenatchew
    3. Téféri Felieqá – Aynamagé
    4. Teddy Afro – Aste Tewordros II
    5. Mulatu Astatké – Ebo Lála
    6. Getachchew Mekurya – Shelléla
    7. Mahmoud Ahmed – Sélom Almazeqé
    8. Tadélé Beqété – Antithi Qundjo
    9. Mulatu Astatké – Yegelle Tezeta
    10. Mulatu Astatké – Shagu
    11. Getachchew Mekurya – Aha Gédawo
    12. Hirut Béqólé – Yéqondjowotch Mendér
    13. Teddy Afro – Olan Şizo
    14. Awkwafina – My Vag