Groove On The Wireless #22 [Sad Song for bad times]

GrooveOnTheWireless22 Doctor is disgruntled from his most recent futile march, and the pusillanimous Trade Union leaders who do little except cheerlead Labour as they drag us into debt oblivion.

Not for the first time he escapes into music and ends up playing the saddest song in the world.  It’s not all blues – but there is some in here.  As someone says you swim back up the music river long enough and you get to this scene; one black man sitting on a stool playing a one stringed instrument and he’s the guy who started everything, rock & roll started right there with one string Sam, I pity the fool who thinks otherwise.

Track List

  • Donald Byrd – Flight Time
  • Eighties Ladies – Turn On To You [[Rare Groove]]
  • Fionn Regan –  Put a Penny In The Slot
  • The XX – Missing
  • Phon.O SCNTST – Black Boulder [ SCNTST Remix]
  • The Jam – Start
  • Gil Scott Heron – Me and The Devil
  • One String Sam – I Need A Hundred Dollars
  • Gang Starr – Robin Hood Theory
  • Four Tet – Text022
  • Delroy Wilson – Dancing Mood
  • Rodriguez – Cause [[Searching for Sugar Man]]