Groove on the Wireless 3


The turning of the seasons, getting cooler, getting darker brings some melancholia to the mood of the Doctor.  But Groove has his own ways of dealing with such things, and it is possible to medicate with music.  Take some anger, then get funky, a dash or two of rock guitar, a song from [[The Loft]], some melodies, and then a [[Stagger Lee (song)]] from Curtis Mayfield.  The Doctor says, take the cure.



IWW –                   Utah Phillips

Into the 90’s       –    Photek

Infinta Tristeza  –    Mano Chao

Melting Pot       –     Booker T & The MG’s

Rude Movements –  Sun Palace

Goodbye Babylon – The Black Keys

Avril 14th                – Aphex Twin

Nightporter (live)  – Japan

Morena                   – Annette Party Feat. Anita Coke

Billy Jack               – Curtis Mayfield