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    This article was written on 14 Feb 2014, and is filled under Radioactive.

    Groove On The Wireless #63 – Funny Valentine

    Love, there isn’t enough of it, but there are those who we met who just exude it.  Gentle souls they are, who bring no harm to any and who appear to live life unburdened with ambitions, stresses, who just glide on through whilst we huff and puff.

    So this show is not about the love, not the corporations plastic Valentine ’s Day designed for profits, this show is about the love we have for friends, those who a different to us, who march to a different drum.  Because of them we get out of ourselves, escape our demons and realise that we can learn from their natural approach to what life brings.

    On Monday I buried a friend who was like that.  He was put in the ground with his electric guitar.  He was different to me and I knew that, but he had a zen-like peace about him.  I saw him pick up that guitar and play it like he was a star, and to my younger eyes he was just that, a super cool star.  Now his light shine’s someplace else.


    This show is dedicated to Pa B.

    Track List

    • Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose
    • Bongwater – What If?
    • Moderat – Let in the Light
    • Kölsch – All that matters feat. Troels Abrahamsen
    • Janel Monae – Givin Em What They Love
    • Angie Stone – Stone Love
    • LL Cool J – I Need Love
    • Graze – Ripley
    • Spiritualized – I Think I’m In Love
    • Charles Mingus – Love Chant

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