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  • Hope Show 57

    hope show Number 57

    “The world Feels Lost and Broken Down Tonight”

    1. Billy Bragg – Power in A Union
    2. Avail – Tuning
    3. Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy
    4. Rvivr – The Seam
    5. Hard Skin – Another Terrace Anthem
    6. Christy Moore – Companeros
    7. Benjamin Zephaniah – Things We Say
    8. Carla Bozulich – Don’t Follow Me
    9. Joe Solo – Hang on in there brother
    10. Big Ray – Lost and Broken
    11. Bedford Falls – Slowdancing
    12. 7 Day Conspiracy – Berkshire Hunt
    13. Holiday – They Said We Could Have Everything In The Argos Catalogue
    14. Accidente – Morire Solidado
    15. The Offenders – Fight Back
    17. Winnebago Deal – Scene of the Crime
    16. Dikembe – Librarians Kill For That Kind of Quiet
    17. Phoenix Foundation – Don’t Be Fooled By My Smile
    18. Goober Patrol – Man Of The People
    19. Billy Bragg – Tomorrow’s Going to be a better Day

    It is with some sadness that I do this show. The world lost many of its people this week but two in particular stuck a chord with me. Bob crowe and Tony Benn. Two people who believed that the world could be made into a better place and that the 1% who own the wealth could be moved.

    As a 16 year old in 1984 I was hugely influenced by th miners strike in Britain and watched with horror when I saw pictures of how strikers where dealt with by police. I was brought up in a Catholic household and there was 11 commandments we were told to live by. Number 1 – Never, ever cross a picket line. Punk rock, Flux and Crass came along and I started to formulate some opinions on the world around me. I looked for a better way and throughout the hundreds of times I heard Tony Benn speak I don’t remember saying or thinking “you’re wrong there TOny”.

    So I’ve picked songs that mean something to me tonight. Enjoy

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