Hope show number 4

It’s been a crazy week, I’ve moved house and i’ve no doors in the new place. I had to record this with the kids and dog competing for “who can make the most noise” prize. Thankfully the mic is not working great!!! I’m on a nostalgia trip mostly tonight with songs from bands who played dublin in the 90’s or have connections to gigs hope put on


sound system – Operation Ivy
Boxed – Flies On You
South Bound 95 – Avail
Past Tense – Bluetip
Eyeballs – Dan Potthast
You’ve Got Some Neck – Giraffe Running
Tomb of the dudes – Redneck Manifesto
Poor Me – Cowboy Killers
Jamestown 2007 – Danbert NoBacon
Everything Sux – The Descendants
Every Artist needs a tragedy – No Age
Politician – Paranoid Visions
Greasegun – Drive
Who’s Punk Rock? – Lost Cherees
Lucky in London – A Witness
Timorous Me – Ted Leo