Lost in Music, the roots of Kate Bush

lost in music a mix dedicated to the music that influenced Kate Bush in celebration of her upcoming return to the live stage

Moon child – King crimson

the green groves of erin – Felix Doran

Handsome cabin Boy- Ewan MacColl

Low yo yo stuff- Captain beefheart

Babys on fire – Eno

Citadel (instrumental) – Rolling Stones

The Blacksmith – Sandra Kerr

The Fools Jig – Joan Sharp

All things  are quite silent- Shirley Collins

the sea – renaissance

lord of the reedy river – Donovan

three preludes- Frederick delius

beads of sweat – Laura nyro

right – David bowie

Some questions about hats- Henry Cow/Slap Happy

the secret- Slap happy

stone circle – third ear band

tsintskaro – hamlet gonashvili

john barleycorn – A.L lloyd

here comes the flood (demo) – Peter Gabriel

starting in the middle of the day we drink our politics away -Matching mole