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    This article was written on 08 Mar 2019, and is filled under Radioactive.

    My Life in Activism : Women speak ( DABF 2014)

    The 2014 Dublin anarchist bookfair hosted a panel of women activists who informed us about how they became involved in the movement, what drew them into this life of campaigning for social justice, rights and attempting to change the world in which we live. They inform us of how they remain motivated, inspired and sustained in active political life.

    The My Life in Activism panel

    Part of the panel


    Selma James: Selma who is often referred to as a Marxist-Feminist is the founder of the International Wages for Housework Campaign and the author of ‘The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community’, and ‘Sex, Race, and Class – the Perspective of Winning’. She has been a political activist since the 1930’s

    Caoimhe Butterly – Caoimhe has worked with social justice movements and grassroots community projects in Latin America and the Arab world.

    Brigid Quilligan : Brigid has worked in the Community Development and Human Rights field for almost fifteen years. Brigid is the Director of the Irish Traveller Movement and represents the organisation on a number of national and international committees. Brigid previously worked in her local Traveller project in Kerry as a community development worker and as a regional membership development worker with the Irish Traveller Movement, bringing Travellers and Traveller groups together in the Munster area, before becoming Assistant Director in 2010 and Director in 2012.

    Grainne Griffin: is the co-convenor of the Abortion Rights Campaign and hassalso been involved with Shell to Sea, Seomra Spraoi and the WSM

    Margaretta D’Arcy: . Margaretta recently completed a 3 month sentence in Mountjoy for refusing to accept a ban on her protesting at Shannon airport against its use in imperialist war and rendition. In 1961 she was part of the anti-nuclear Committee of 100, she was involved in the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, pirate radio and more recently Shell to Sea as well as the anti-war movement.

    Note on organistion of the meeting:

    We posted this to the Facebook event ahead of this meeting
    So after much contemplation and discussion we have decided that we will be asking people to prioritize this meeting for women/trans* in terms of space and most especially in terms of the discussion and Q&A.
    We know this decision is coming very close to the Bookfair and will not please everyone. All we can say is that we have heard a number of different concerns/issues/suggestions about this panel and have done our best to implement these where possible.
    As others on this thread have suggested, there are spots available at this years bookfair to hold meeting or talk about issues not already covered by the schedule and we very much encourage people self organizing to put on a discussion or meeting during those spaces allocated (or as you wish!).
    In terms of asking people to prioritize the space for women/trans*, we have said it here on the fb page, we will be putting a note in the DABF 2014 program, we will post a sign on the door to the meeting and I will reiterate it again at the start of the meeting.
    We hope that is clear, and again regret that we aren’t able to facilitate what everyone would like but think this is the best way to actionize the concerns and suggestions made for this panel. Any specific questions about the panel please feel free to be in touch with Farah who is facilitating it
    We have planned to have a follow up meeting after the bookfair to discuss issues and suggestions that have arisen, and would invite folks interested to come along to that to get a broader idea of how we organize the bookfair, to voice concerns and to learn how you might work with us in organizing panels for future bookfairs

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