One eight of a show – Hope SHow *8

hopeshowNumber8Playlist for tonight

fawn spots spanish glass

A death in the family is no more but check out their album This Microscopic War scrape is from that album

Bis played Dublin on Saturday afternoon April 20 1996 with Bikini Kill + Huggy Bear. It doesn’t stand for Bank for International Settlements but a punk rock band. Tell It To the kids

Badgewearer Two Minutes In the very dubious company of Alan Clarke
Dauntless Elite God Doesn’t Believe I Exist

Bedfod Falls St Swithins Day from their new album Elegant Balloons out NOW on Boss Tuneage

Black Eyes Someone Has His Fingers Broken

Soccer Team So You Like It Vague

The Evens All These Governors. new album The Odds out NOW

Dagda The Wheel

Vanilla Pod Saturday Night

Geoffrey Oicott War Of The Roses

Giveamanakick – Say No To Sports from Is it OK To BE Loud Jesus lp

descendents Silly Girl

Fifteen Punk Song

Joe Strummer and the mescaleros – Redemption Song RIP JOE