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Crap on the Radio

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Commercial online radio services think their shit is the bomb – this is why they are always talking about Our Poo.

I recently came across the industry term ARPU Average Revenue Per User a common term in the mobile and social space, at Radioactive we see our potential audience as listeners, and not ARPUs or profits. We bring music curated by passionate lovers of their genres to you – to enjoy for free. And that word free is not just a monetary term, in Free Radio the free also means free from commercial and government control, where decisions on what gets played is free of bias and control that is usually used to channel more profits from the listeners.

Soundcloud has recently announced a 70 million loss, it’s ARPU is 11 cent per user as opposed to 11 dollars for Pandora and 27 dollars for Spotify and that for their Freemium products, Radioactive has a zero ARPU for the last 24 years, that because we don’t see music as a business or a way to make money, if fact all DJs on Radioactive pay a sub of 50 euros a year to help collectively pay for the cost of servers to keep the music streaming.

We may be small, niche and irrelevant in the eyes of others in the “Industry” but we don’t have to worry about the whether the share holders are happy with or profit margins and balance sheets.

PS. please donate to help keep this going it won’t affect ARPU but it will help keep this shit going for a few more years. keep Fighting For Free Radio