Crap on the radio number 24 Thatcher Dies

crap on the radio show 24 thatcher

Iron Lady – Rust in Pieces

  • Stand down Margaret – The Beat
  • Gerry Adams – Sinn Fein
  • When Margaret Thatcher Dies – Pete Wylie
  • Thatcher made me a socialist – Billy Bragg
  • Liar Liar – Captain Ska
  • Good Vibrations Trailer
  • Shipbuilding – Elvis Costello
  • Glenda Jackson
  • Between the wars – Billy Bragg
  • Ricky Tomlinson
  • No Governments – Anti Pasti
  • Maggies Farm – The Specials
  • Thatcher fucked the kids – Frank Turner
  • From the Durham Miners – Margaret Thatcher an Obituary
  • It’s going to happen – The Undertones
  • Gotcha! – CRASS
  • One in Ten – UB40

A ststistic a reminder of a world that doesn’t care

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GrooveOnTheWireless#28 Ding Dong


Out of the box, the Doctor says sorry for not providing a show to his avid fan club.  There were no complaints from the masses but he himself knows the impact of no new show must have on people.  Friday nights just are not the same without a new GOTW show.    This week that is remedied.


Groove on the wireless # 28 – Ding Dong


Has a little to do with the death of the wicked witch, Margaret Thatcher as the theme was thoroughly and beautifully explored here.


The Doctor worked under the Thatcher regime for 4 years and did not have liking for her so was raising a class down in the bar on Monday night.   But after playing two great songs that spring from the same well of contempt – we move on and leave that Zombie to be buried in the ground.


As with GOTW, this is really a journey with some messages thrown in.  We end with a song of hope from Parliament.



When will the people start gettin’ together?


Learnin’ to live and love one another? Hey hey hey now (oh)


When will the people stop fightin’ each other?


Learning to give and help one another Hey hey hey now (aow)




Track List                                                                                           

  • Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments
  • Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding
  • Sinead O’Connor – Black Boys On Mopeds (two of my fav. anti-thatcher songs)
  • Rhythm & Sound – Free For All
  • Bassheads – Is there anybody out there
  • ShyFX Feat. Kano, Donae’o & Roses Gabor – Raver (Breakage Pattern Moschino Mix)
  • Shantel And Boban Markovich Orchestra – Disko (Friends of Boban Mix)
  • Barker & Baumecker – Schlang Bang
  • Incognito – Always There (Morales Classic Mix)
  • Barry Luis Polisar – All I Want is You
  • Parliament – Come in Out of the Rain

This Show Totally Rocks Numero 29 11th April

This Show Totally rocks Numero 29 11th April

Hey hey folks, I am back from my holidays and ready to rock.  Well almost ready.  Well so unready that by the time I got done editing this show and had it ready to upload, it was too late to fix the fact that it is 30 seconds short.  What it lacks in duration, it more than makes up for in tunes.  Tune in for loads of great stuff including Rocket from the Crypt, Gas Huffer and many many more.  Let’s Rock

The HMD Radio Show 21 Roadburn Special

The HMD Radio Show 21 – Roadburn Special

This weeks show is a Roadburn special for all the people going and those that can’t.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – I’ll Cut you Down.

High on Fire – Hung Drawn and Quartered.

Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites Of Dracula.

Wo Fat – Lost Highway.

Herder – Feet Eager to Run to Evil.

Hawkwind – Orgone Accumulator.

Primordial – Bloodied Yet Unbowed.

Elder – III.

Godflesh – Flowers.

Rebel Radio #11

Rebel Radio #11

Bus Station Loonies – Cool Britannia Uber Alles

Paranoid Visions – Outsider Artist (FEATURING TV SMITH)

The Lurkers – Aint Got A Clue

Abortion Squad – No Authority, No Rules

Fear – I Love Living In The City

ACAB – Streets Of Uptown

Jerrys Kids – Straight Jacket

The Actives – Kick It Down

The Bips – Never Understand

The Freeze – Violent Arrest

Broken Bones – Annihilation Number 3

Lunatic Fringe – Mailorder Rebels

Capo Regime – Underdog

Holy Racket – Rat In The Pack

Coitus – Real Cold Fear

Major Accident – Crazy

Crashed Out – Fat Punks Dont Pogo

Operation Ivy – Hoboken

Defcon Zero – Retaliation

The Voids – My Rules

Generation X – One Hundred Punks

Ciaran Murphy – When I Get Out


the sour song show 24


the sour song show 24

1. B52’s – planet claire

2. babes in toyland – sometimes

3. babyshambles – fuck forever

4. beachbuggy – radio add(italia)

5. beirut – payne’s bay

6. big bag of sticks – the kerry polka

7. bill bowen – don’t shoot me baby

8. blind willie johnson – i’m gona run….

9. boozehounds – soak and toke

10. brian eno – deep blue sea

11. butt naked and the bare bottom boys – trouble

12. butthole surfers – barking dogs

13. cardiacs – wireless

14. boards of canada – everything you do is a balloon

15. christan death – sex dwarf

Whatever You’re Havin’ #28 – take me to your leader

Whatever You’re Havin’ 0028 – take me to your leader

Brainstorm - Hawkwind
Fun With Your New Head - Farflung
Legavaan Satellite - The Heads
Self Medication - Wild Rocket
You Dream You See - White Hills
Smokin' Woman - Nebula
The Future Rock (We Got It) - Brant Bjork
Shitkicker - The Atomic Bitchwax
Eatin' Dust - Fu Manchu
Thin The Herd - U.S. Christmas
Absence Without Leave - Beaver
Into The Void - Kyuss

The Red Shift 11 ~ Maggies Farm




The Red Shift 11 – Maggie’s Farm

I know it’s probably old news now. But I don’t think that the legacy that she left could be ignored. A lot of hurt was inflicted. But even iron eventually rusts and fades away.



linton kwesi johnson ~ it dread inna inglan

placebo ~ slave to the wage

pulp ~ last days of the miner’s strike

billy bragg ~ between the wars

elvis costello ~ shipbuilding

p.j.harvey~ letenglandshake

the the ~ heartland

radical dance faction ~ tension town

everything but the girl ~ ballad of the times

the specials ~ ghost town

the clash ~londoncalling

suede ~ crack in the union jack

billy bragg ~ a new england

the beat ~ whine and grine / stand down Margaret

pink floyd ~ the fletcher memorial home


Easy Snappin’ Episode 22

Easy Snappin 22- Mohawks in the Sun

Crap on the Radio North #5

Crap on the Radio North

A show focusing on music and radio up North

  • Suspect Device (Peel Session) – [[Stiff Little Fingers]]
  • Here come the Sunmmer (Peel Session) – [[The Undertones]]
  • One by One – [[Ruefrex]]
  • Big Time – [[Rudi]]
  • [[Teenage Kicks]] – The Undertones
  • Strange Things by Night – Victim
  • Party Talk – Stalag 17
  • H-Block – Hit Parade
  • Self Conscious Over You (Live Ulster Hall) – The Outcasts
  • Right Way Home – Xdreamysts
  • [[Buckfast Tonic Wine]] – Runnin’ Riot
  • Radio Free Derry – Wavewalkers [vid]
  • Big Decision – [[That Petrol Emotion]]

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Jody #29

Featuring the usual mix of new releases, bands on tour and old favourites

Jody #29


  • Mudhoney – I Like it Small
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Let the Day Begin
  • White Hills – Condition of Nothing
  • Bleached – Next Stop
  • Veronica Falls – Beachy Head
  • Waaves – Demon to Lean On
  • Rilo Kiley – Let me Back In
  • Ida Maria – Stella
  • Husker Du – Sorry Somehow
  • Hookworms – Form and Function
  • Telekinesis – Ghosts and Creatures
  • The View – Superstar Tradesma
  • Wire – Love Bends
  • Milk Music – I’ve Got a Wild Feeling
  • Mudhoney – The Only Son of the Widow of NainC
  • Camera Obscura – If Looks Could Kill
  • Hope Show 18

    Brought to you in the aftermath of Dublin Anarchist Bookfair in Liberty hall

    Where Have All the rudeboys gone – ted leo
    there is power in a union – billy bragg
    Dear Lefty – B Dolan
    The Beat That My Heart Skipped – Dan LE SAc vs Scroobius Pip
    Proletarian Revolution – Tempermental Miss Elayneous
    Spain – Flies On You
    Middle Aged Punk – The Stupids
    Firewall – Unity
    THe Marxist Brothers – NOFX
    Rise Above – Chuck D / Henry Rollins
    Karl Marx and History – Randy
    Working on the inside – Citizen Fish
    Twin Cities – The Soviettes
    Rocky 3 – Former Cell Mates
    The Murder of a good man – Who SHot Who
    Tatty Seaside Town – The Membranes
    I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both – Jawbreaker
    Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault – Jawbreaker

    Crackleton Manor – 7th April

    Sir Ernest Crackleton presents another heroic mix of pre-1951 sound productions, including several by Billie Holiday – born on this day 98 years ago.

    Crackleton Manor V



    • “Nadine (excerpt)” by Dajos Béla from “German Tango Orchestras – 1926-1942”
    • “Der Wasserfall” by Hans Blädel from “München-Bayern – Szenen & Vorträge Rare Schellacks 1902-1939”
    • “Sunday” by Cliff Edwards and His Hot Combination from “With My Little Ukulele In My Hand”
    • “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” by Billy Costello from “EMG Colonel’s EMG & Expert Gramophone Channel
    • “Sugar” by André Ekyan from “Djangology”
    • “Shave ‘Em Dry (Sir Ernest Crackleton Radio Edit)” by Lucille Bogan from “Shave “Em Dry – The Best of Lucille Bogan”
    • “Pennies From Heaven” by Bing Crosby, Frances Langford, Louis Armstrong and Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra from “The Chronological Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra 1936-1937”
    • “Why Was I Born?” by Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra from “Columbia Original Masters – The best of Billie Holiday – The master takes and singles”
    • “Night and Day” by Billie Holiday and her Orchestra from “Columbia Original Masters – The best of Billie Holiday – The master takes and singles”
    • “Jitterbug Blues” by Muddy Waters from “I Can’t Be Satisfied”
    • “I Cover The Waterfront” by Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra from “Columbia Original Masters – The best of Billie Holiday – The master takes and singles”
    • “Night and Day” by Coleman Hawkins Quartet from “Body And Soul – 1933-1949”
    • “Mi Sol (O Sole Mio)” by Quinteto La Plata from “Davilita – 1932-1939”
    • “Till The Cows Come Home (Sir Ernest Crackleton Radio Edit)” by Lucille Bogan from “Shave “Em Dry – The Best of Lucille Bogan”
    • “Down South Blues” by Muddy Waters from “I Can’t Be Satisfied”
    • “On The Sentimental Side” by Billie Holiday and her Orchestra from “Columbia Original Masters – The best of Billie Holiday – The master takes and singles”
    • “Plaing Si’am Gai Nyo” by Don Tre Pa-Yam “Rabbit” from “The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. 5 – Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48”
    • “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain” by Vernon Dalhart & Company from ”Puttin’ On The Style – The Edison Collection”
    • “These Foolish Things” by Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra from “Columbia Original Masters – The best of Billie Holiday – The master takes and singles”
    • “Sentimental Journey” by Doris Day with Les Brown & His Orchestra from “It’s Magic”
    • “To Koutsavaki” by Zach. Kasimatis from “Rembetika 2 – More of the Secret History of Greece’s Underground Music”
    • “Dig It!” by Doris Day with Les Brown & His Orchestra from “It’s Magic”
    • “The Kitten With The Big Green Eyes” by Hoosier Hot Shots from “Everybody Stomp”
    • “Rockin’ Chair” by Hoagy Carmichael And His Orchestra from “Bix Beiderbecke – Krazy Kat”
    • “This Year’s Kisses” by Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra from “Columbia Original Masters – The best of Billie Holiday – The master takes and singles”
    • “Easy Living” by Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra from “Columbia Original Masters – The best of Billie Holiday – The master takes and singles”
    • “Black Beauty” by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra from “The Duke Steps Out – Duke Ellington in the Twenties”
    • “Creole Love Call” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra from “The Duke Steps Out – Duke Ellington in the Twenties”
    • “Creole Love Call” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra from “Black Brown and Beige – Original Recordings 1943-1945”
    • “Good Lookin’ Woman” by Muddy Waters from “I Can’t Be Satisfied”
    • “Slack Key Hula” by George Keoki Davis from “It’s Hotter In Hawaii”
    • “A Lopez Contrarez – Calypso Waltz” by Codallo’s Top Hatters Orchestra from “Trinidad – 1912-1941”
    • “I Feel Like Goin’ Home” by Muddy Waters from “I Can’t Be Satisfied”
    • “Mississippi Shivers” by the Zez Confrey Orchestra from “Keyboard Wizards of the Gershwin Era – Volume IV”
    • “The Wreck of the Shenandoah” by Vernon Dalhart from ”Puttin’ On The Style – The Edison Collection”



    freedom fry hi-fi brings the crazy rhythm

    This weeks set is an all instrumental trip taken from 78 rpm discs 1937-1953

    crazy rhythm

    hoppin’ – griffin brothers orch    DOT 1060A

    boot em’ up -red saunders and his orchestra  OKEH 6862

    dee jay special- tab smith,his velvet tenor and orchestra   UNITED U-104

    aces wild -johnny ace band    DUKE 112

    shipyard social function – lucky millinder and his orchestra    DECCA 18674- B

    627 stomp – pete johnson band   DECCA 18121- A

    beulahs boogie – lionel hampton and his orchestra     DECCA 18719 -A

    crazy rhythm – coleman hawkins and his all-star jam band     VICTOR 26219-B

    rhapsody in rhumba – cab calloway and his orchestra    OKEH 5644

    real gone mambo – bill doggett trio        KING 4617

    el baion- joe loco and his quintet         TICO TR866

    blue mambo  – leon washington’s ork      THERON T-5006

    the ball in karlstad – herb kern and lloyd sloop     TEMPO UR 61937

    pine tops boogie woogie – sylvia marlowe  GENERAL G 13-4

    lady of spain – arthur ( guitar boogie) smith and his cracker jacks   MGM 10380-B

    jammin’ on the steel guitar – the bar-x cowboys     BLUEBIRD 33-0506-B

    dude ranch – international rhythm boys    OKEH 16007

    down in honky tonk town – louis armstrong and his orchestra    DECCA 18091B

    mambolino – earl bostic and his orchestra      KING 4723


    Banana for scale

    K0pp 2nd


    • Overwerk – Daybreak
    • Funkagenda-Budgie (Original Club Mix)
    • Gramophonedzie-Why Don’t You (Original Mix)
    • Stimming ft. Paulo Olarte-Una Pena (Original mix)
    • Calvin Harris-Im Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)
    • Deadmau5 Itunes 2012
    • Deadmau5 the veldt Radio edit

    All My Friends Show No.25.

    Welcome to “All My Friends” on live and streaming all over the world!

    “All My Friends” is dedicated to bringing you the best #NewMusic every week with me your host Dave Murphy.

    Shut the front door! Hold onto your pants mo’fo’s, ‘cos this is a beast. This week on “All My Friends” I have yet another epic show for you; I always bring you the best #NewMusic here on “All My Friends”. So, this week for your aural listening pleasure we have the [[Yeah Yeah Yeahs]], British Sea Power, [[Rakim]], Yuna, World’s Fair, Tyler The Creator, DJ Koze, The Black Angels, Breton, Toro Y Moi, Poni Hoax, Friendzone, Waxahatchee, Dutch Uncles  and a firm favourite of this show for a long-time now, the emcee with the most; Joey Bada$$ from Pro Era.

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    Easy Snappin’- Episode 21

    Easy Snappin 21






    This Show Totally Rocks Numero 28 4th April



    This Show Totally Rocks Numero 28 4th April

    Hey Hey!!! Let’s do the time warp again!!!!  This week’s show was dedicated to all the bands and punters that took part the #1 ‘s 7″ Launch and the objectorZ tape launch back in December 2012. This week’s show features

    Big Business,

    Pulled Apart,

    Red Fang,


    Earthmen and Strangers,


    Mean Jeans,

    Fuck Mountain,



    VON LMO,


    The Selecter,


    Hex Dispensers,

    #1 ‘s,

    Big Eyes,

    the objectorZ,

    The Saints,

    The Boys

    and finally the Soft Boys. Let’s Go!!!!!