The Sound of Ska (ish) 2

Sound of Ska (Ish) 2

The Beat – Big Shot (Live)

Blue Bird Parade – Dawning Of A New Era

The Specials II – Pressure Drop

Bob Andy – Too Experienced

Desmond Dekker – It Mek

One Night Band – Walk In Line

Boomtown Rats – House On Fire

NTNON – I Like Bouncing

Bad Manners – Echo 4-2

Special AKA – Rascist Friend

The Beat – All Out To Get You

Lewis & The Sound of The Suburbs – Maggies Farm

Jaya The Cat – Transistor

The Aggrolites – What a Complex

Subb – No Need To Say

The Specials – Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Live)

Billy Splinters presents: One hour of Cardiacs and friends

Cardiacs and Friends

First band to get special treatment here, they’ve given so much to me. Thoughts and prayers going out to Tim Smith who is still incapacitated after his massive stroke and heart -attack double-whammy in 2008.  

[[Cardiacs]]: ‘The Alphabet Business Concern (Home of Fadeless Splendour)’ (Heaven Born and Ever Bright – 1991)

[[Tim Smith’s Extra-Special Oceanland World]]: ‘Swimming with the Snake’ (Oceanland World – 1995)

[[Cardiacs]]: ‘Fiery Gun Hand’ (Sing to God – 1995)

[[Sea Nymphs]]: ‘Shaping the River’ (Sea Nymphs – 1995)

[[Cardiacs]]: ‘RES’ (A Little Man, a House and the Whole World Window – 1988)

[[Sea Nymphs]]: ‘Sea Snake Beware’ (BBC Radio Session)

[[The Monsoon Bassoon]]: ‘The King of Evil’ (I Dig Your Voodoo – 1999)

[[Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. Drake]]: ‘Camouflage’ (Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Mr. Drake – reiss. 2001)

[[Cardiacs]]: ‘Buds and Spawn’ (On Land and in the Sea – 1989)

[[Spratley’s Japs]]: ‘Vine’ (Pony – 1999)

[[Cardiacs]]: ‘Will Bleed Amen’ (Guns – 1999)

[[Lake of Puppies]]: ‘Largelife’ (Cardiacs and Affectionate Friends – 2001)

[[Cardiacs]]: ‘Is This the Life’ (A Little Man, a House and the Whole World Window – 1988)

Freedom Fry Hi-Fi: From Philadelphia with love, Episode 6

freedom fry no.6

The Slow fizz- The motivations

People from another world -the jive five

the raid- max romeo

Back lash – George kerr orch.

when my mind is not live – the status quo

Scarborough fair- ken charles and the stereo tones

suki suki – denzil laing & larry mcdonald

my block – four pennies

save me -nina simone

unknown title – richard weisbrot

rhythm-a-ning- Johnny griffin and eddie ‘lockjaw” davis Quintet

there was a time – James brown and the famous flames

panch rang- arvind mayekar

tabla and khol solo -pundit sudarshan adhikari

they’re begging you to stay – audrey williams

colinda – moon mullican

lulu at willow grove – mac hankin

philadelphia with love – sergio franchi


this weeks selection all comes from 45’s in my collection, we got some soul, exotica, hindustani records from trinidad,reggae, country and a home recorded disc of unaccompianed singing in hebrew.


Billy Splinters’ Euroquest: Italy No.1

Billy Splinters’ Euroquest: Italy No1

[[Ennio Morricone]]: Sinfonia D’Una Citte (Cop Killer OST) 00:00 – 04.28

[[Larsen]]: Akin (Rever) 04:28 – 12:02

[[Area]]: La Mela di Odessa (Crac!) 12:02 – 18:40

[[Pierrot Lunaire]]: Gudrun (Gudrun) 18:40 – 30.01

[[Zu]]: Chthonian (Carboniferous) 30:01 – 36:47

[[Franco Battiato]]: Sequenza e Frequenze (Sulle Corde di Aries) 36:47 – 53:06

Crystals: Time Out 53:06 – 56:22

[[Stormy Six]]: Dante di Nanni (Un Biglietto del Tram) 56:22 – 60:35


Hope Show the fifth

1. favor – arcwelder
2. steppin out – randy
3. Reacted to you – ted leo
5. A New England – Billy Bragg
6. What’s the matter with parent’s today – NOFX
7. Do they care – Political Asylum
8. Maybe I was the pilot – THE EX                                                                                          9. Save Your Generation – Jawbreaker
10. R.O.D.A.D – This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
11. White lightning – Southport
12. Who Crosses State Lines Without A Shirt – None More Black
13. So you like it vague, huh? – Soccer Team
14. Viva Internationalist – No Choice