This Show Totally Internationally Rocks 32: A trip to the Continent


This Show Totally Rocks Numero 32 2nd May

Last week I found myself in an internet conversation about French punk and garage music and it made me think about all of the great bands out there who come from countries where English is not the native language.  So this week’s show is taking a little road trip.  Stops include France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Mexico and of course Japan.  Tune in for:

The Hatepinks,


Sonic Chicken 4,

Mano de Mono,

Los Steaks,

Los Platanos,


Sonido Alfredo,

Smart Cops,


Dean Dirg,

Nobby and the Impregnators,



The Hives,



Henry Fiat’s Open Sore,

The Vicious,

Los Explosivos,

Electric Eel Shock,


The HMD Radio Show 24

HMD Radio Show 24 – 02_05_2013

This weeks show takes it down a gear or two from previous weeks and get’s its wig on. Oh yeah.

Maserati – San Angeles

Electric Moon – Madrigal Meridian

Wooden Shjips – Crossing (Andrew Weatherall mix)

Moon Duo – Sleepwalker

Prophets of saturn – Something Stirs

Kadavar – Doomsday Machine

Mugstar – Drawing Cable / Windstock

Circle – Hautain Takaa

Ministry – Lay Lady Lay

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Rebel Radio #14

Rebel Radio #14

Capo Regime – Underdog

The Defects – Defective Breakdown

Agnosy – Enslaved To Darkness

Mr Nipples – Bricks Of Propaganda

Dipsomanie – Politic Business

Anti Heros – Jennifer

United Front – Vengeance

Ad Nauseam – Destructor

The Xposez – Democrazy

Airbomb – It Aint Over

Violent Subversion – Dead Soldiers

Criminal Damage – Criminal Crew

Proletariat – Options

Vagrants – White Room

Deadline – Last Night

Runnin Riot – Divided Loyalties

Vice Squad – Voice Of The People

Stage Bottles – Dead But Not Forgotten

Intensive Care – J18

Usual Suspects – They Dont Want Us To Know

The Dubliners – Button Pusher

the sour song show 27

the sour song show 27

1. Eumir Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra

2. Esther phillips – if you love me

3. A R rahman – the canyon

4. the ex – EL tren blindado

5. nick cave – avalanche

6. house of love – marbel

7. the verve – beautiful mind

8. tom waits – chicago

9. eels – Novocaine for the Soul

10. simon and garfunkel – the sound of silence

11. the cramps – lonesome town

12. cowboy junkies – sweet jane

13. zero 7 – sunrays

14. polar bear – it snows again

15. 1/2 man 1/2 biscut – all i want..

The Red Shift 13 ~ The Space Between







The Red Shift 13


Happy Mayday to all the hard working folk of the world!!


radiohead ~ meeting in the aisle

mogwai ~ highway of endless dreams

john murphy ~ all to heaven / sunshine (adagio in d minor)

james lavelle ~ heaven

alison goldfrapp ~ oompa radar

polly jean harvey~ the darker days of me and him

zero seven ~ the space between

john martyn ~ solid air

happy mondays ~ god’s cop

beastie boys ~ beastie revolution

scientist ~ the corpse rises / blood on his lips

May Day – The Flickering Flame – Ken Loach

The flickering flame

When Liverpool dockworkers refused to go against their sworn beliefs and cross a picket line, all five hundred were sacked on the spot. On powerful form, Ken Loach reveals the betrayal of these men by the industry they dedicated their lives to. “They’re destroying our culture, generations of culture,” one worker on the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company’s decision to replace the Dockers with casual labour. No right to sick pay or holiday, and men on call for shifts, some twelve hours long. And if there’s no work, sent home with no pay. “There’s going to be nothing for Christmas this year,” despairs one wife as she fights back tears. This is the story of the years-long dispute in which workers were even deserted by the bureaucratic bosses of their own Trade Unions. Retired Dockers express their fears that “If they lose, everything we fought for is gone”. This is a priceless document charting a crucial episode in the history of the British working class, touching for its portrayal of the dignity with which Dockers fought their ground.

Easy Snappin’- Episode 24

Well after a lot of cursing this week’s show is finally uploaded, Happy Mayday!

Click on the links in the play list for more info on the bands

Skeptics with a K: Episode #012

Skeptics with a K: Episode #012

Mike looks back at some of the unused stories we recorded for Skeptics with a K this year. Featuring the LHC Sabotaging itself from the future, Guy the Space Clown and the film which claims homeopathy can cure autism.

The Merseyside Skeptics Society is a non-profit organisation which aims to develop and support the skeptical community on Merseyside. The society was founded in February 2009 and holds regular events in Liverpool City Centre. The society also publishes two podcasts, Skeptics with a K and InKredulous; is behind the 10:23 Campaign and, together with the Greater Manchester Skeptics, organises the QED conference.

December 2009