The HMD Radio Show 31

The HMD Radio Show 31

One of the few good things about being back from holiday is doing a new show. Let’s rock.

Hawkwind – Orgone Accumulator

Red Fang – Good to die

Red Fang – Wires

Mastadon – Oblivion

Bison BC – Wendigo Pt 2 (Cursed to Roam)

Whirling Hall Of Knives – Wraith Donn Amok

Melvins – Warhead

Sleep Engine – Apathy Unfolds

Queens Of The Stone Age – Fairweather Friends

Nevesis – Starfish Porn

Scissorfight – Human Head

Last of the Juanitas – Devil Psi

Goblin Cock – We Got A Bleeder

Zipper – Rollin’ and Tumblin’

Rebel Radio #5

Rebel Radio

The Feckin Eejits – The Picket Song

Assert – United Colours

Blue Babies – Drunken Church

Combat Shock – Is There A Future? (Omega Tribe)

Tower Blocks – General Boredom

Suicide Bid – The Rot Stops Here

Stress – Stand Clear

Defiance – Hands Of The Few

Dirty Revolution – Empty Houses

Dogshit Sandwich – Royal Sponger

The Wernt – Pig Dog Killer

Sick 56 – Violence

Evil Conduct – All For One

Down To Kill – Rise Up

Ex Cathedra – Truth In Flight

The Fits – Tears Of A Nation

Corrosive Machine – Black And Blue

Fleas And Lice – Insane

Anti Pasti – No Government

Body Count – Cop Killer

Radio Cure #3 – Eight Days A Week

Radio Cure 3


This week’s show is titled ‘Eight Days A Week’ and all the songs are about days of the week starting with Sunday and ending on Sunday. Thankfully there isn’t eight days in the week because it’s tough enough to find songs for the seven there is. Enjoy the noise!


The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

Two Gallants – Sunday Souvenirs

Beck – Sunday Sun

Ladyhawk – Better Than Sunday

Wilco – Monday

The Mamas and Papas – Monday Monday

The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday

John Frusciante – Wednesday’s Song

Emiliana Torrini – Wednesday’s Child

Donovan – Jersey Thursday

The Cure – Friday, I’m In Love

Josh Rouse – Saturday

Sparklehorse – Saturday

The Monkees – Saturday’s Child

Tuatara – Saturday Night Church

Wilco – One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)



Allo allo. Show 2 time for ENEMYRADIO. Tonight I’m on the front lines recording from the pub (Thomas House) as I deal with a leak and electrical problems. Pulling an all nighter to keep my eye on any issues that might arise.


I was asked during the week to record a show about the pub so a lot of this one is dedicated to that. I talk a little about Edward Snowden and the CIA scandal that the whole world is talking about and how it will probably wind up like a Bourne Identity movie.

I also play some music, all of which comes from bands beginning with “D” for some reason.

The Decemberists – We both go down together

Danzig – Her black wings

Dog Eat Dog – Who’s the king?

The Dropkick Murphys – Firestarter Karaoke

Hopefully the sound quality is a little better than last shows as I sunk a shit ton of money into a good microphone.

As always, comments are welcome and I’d love to hear of your ideas for future shows, so comment on here or hit me up at

Thanks a million!


the sour song show 33

the sour song show 33


1. chad and jermy – a summer song
2. the baboons – drinkin’ gasoline
3. boards of canada – uritual
4. the monocles – spider and fly
5. kim fowley – underground lady
6. the kings of nothing – fight song for fuck up’s
7. terje isungset – deep
8. terje isungset – the gorge
9. terje isungset – green
10. boards of canada – reach for the dead
11. boards of canada – telepath
12. boards of canada – sick times
13. boards of canada – cold earth
14. terje isungset – live london jass fest
15. terje isungset – whale wisdom
16. terje isungset – live tyrol italy


Whatever You’re Havin’ #37 – that little ol’ band from Texas

No mic again this week. Just a little ol’ straight up mix from the kings of the boogie to celebrate their upcoming gig in Cork next week.

Whatever You’re Havin’ 0037 – that little ol’ band from Texas

I Gotsta Get Paid - ZZ Top
Got Me Under Pressure - ZZ Top
Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers - ZZ Top
Just Got Paid - ZZ Top
I Got The Six - ZZ Top
AM/FM Shoes - Drunk Horse
(Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree - ZZ Top
She Loves My Automobile - Wille Nelson
La Grange - ZZ Top
I Thank You - The Casanovas
Undertaker - Honky
Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell - ZZ Top
Rough Boy - ZZ Top
She's Killing Me - ZZ Top
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide - ZZ Top
Tush - ZZ Top
Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top

Everything Eighties Show 3




Everything Eighties_Show 3


Eighties with a “Smooth Edge” tonight featuring (amongst other things)

jazz versions of Clash and U2 songs..…You won’t hear it anywhere else!!


Get out of your Lazy Bed – Matt Bianco

Yeh Yeh – Mat Bianco

Shout to the Pop – Style Council

Missing – ETBTG

You can’t get what you want – Joe Jackson

Breakout – Swing out Sister

Down to earth – Curiosity

Should I stay or should I go now– Jazz Version

Sunday Bloody Sunday – Jazz Version

Old Devil Called Love again – Alison Moyet

Paradise – Sade

Smooth Operator Sade

Give me the night – George Benson

Something about you – Level 42


Easy Snappin’ 30

This week’s show recorded with Virtual DJ, muchos apologies for technical problems during the show! Lots of great tunes, my usual mumblings and the people in the house here trying to distract me from the serious business of broadcasting..
Get your arses down to these events, a FREE ska festival in Lisdoonvarna at the start of July, Skadoonvarna and before that, in Dublin, Independence Day, a DIY zine and art fair with live bands and DJ..

  • Serious Mischief- Blood Sweat and Beats
  • Bionic Rats- Brand New Geansai
  • Slim Smith & The Uniques- The Freedom Song
  • Miriam Makeba- Teya Teya
  • Derek Harriot & The Jiving Juniors- Valerie
  • Agressors B.C.- Agressors
  • The Restarts- Independentzia
  • Slave Zero- Limitless Peripheral Perspective
  • Captain Moonlight- The New Nazis
  • Captain Moonlight- Piss in your Trousers
  • D.C.R.- Dead in the Eye
  • Lunitic- Friend or Foe
  • Bill Blood- Just Got Paid
  • The Dubtones- Cops are on their Way
  • The Offenders- Hooligan Reggae


The Crooked Beat #4

The Crooked Beat #4


  • The Mescaleros – Tony Adams
  • The 101’ers – Steamgauge 99
  • The Ruts – H Eyes
  • Adam And The Ants – Stand and Deliver
  • UMC’s – One To Grow On
  • Public Enemy – Run Til Its Dark
  • The Prodigy – Funky Shit
  • Dub Pistols – Running From The Thoughts
  • Mr. Scruff – Chipmunk
  • Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster
  • The Clash – Lightning Strikes
  • The Clash – Up In Heaven
  • The Clash – Charlie Don’t Surf

Jody #20

Some tunes to add a sparkle to your day

Jody #20


  • The Paddingtons – First Comes First
  • Strawberry Whiplash – Picture Perfect
  • Veronica Falls – Right Side of my Brain
  • Silversun Pickups – There’s No Secrets This Year
  • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Come Saturday
  • Nada Surf – Popular
  • Primal Scream – Silent Spring
  • Mother Mother – O My Heart
  • Allo Darlin – The Polaroid Song
  • Tilly and the Wall – Dust Me Off
  • Teenage Fanclub – Metal Baby
  • Caesars – Strawberry Weed
  • Telekinesis – Coasts of Carolina
  • Husker Du – Green Eyes
  • Hot Panda – Cold Hands Chaped Lips
  • Sambassadeur – Between the Lines
  • The Indelicates – Our Daughters Will Never Be Free
  • The Vaselines – Son of a Gun
  • Freedom fry hi-fi: just gawking in the rain

    another mish mash of styles,tunes and era’s, virtuoso pickers, a cello concerto, african electronica and Shirley Bassey

    gawking in the rain

    lamru -mammane sani et son orgue

    easy reader- songs from the TV show “the electric company”

    tiber twist -henry mancini

    light my fire -shirley bassey

    the boy was kissing the girl (and playing guitar at the same time) – Rev Gary Davis

    russian rag – dave apollon

    indiana march -roy smeck

    nasty man -ray noble and his orchestra

    whoop and holler stomp – montana taylor

    cello concerto -Witold Lutoslawski



    Crackleton Manor visits San Francisco

    In the most ambitious episode yet, Sir Ernest Crackleton journeyed to San Francisco to meet Dr. Suresh Chandvankar, Honorary Secretary of The Society of Indian Record Collectors to discuss Indian recordings from the early 20th century, and visited San Franciscan musicians Craig Ventresco  & Meredith Axelrod, who specialize in popular music from the late 18th Century to the pre-World War II years. Craig shared some 78rpm records from 30,000+ collection, and Meredith sang some lovely songs.

    L-R: Dr. Suresh Chandvankar, Craig Ventresco and Meredith Axelrod

    Podcast link: 1 cmxiv


    • “Maggie Pickens/Cameron’s Wife (excerpt)” by The Four Provinces Orchestra from “Farewell To Ireland”
    • “Tarantella D’O Paese” by I Tre Antonio Della Basilicata from “The Ace & Deuce of Pipering – 1906-1947” 
    • “III. Courante – from Cello Suite No. 5 in C minor, BWV 1011” by Pablo Casals from “J.S. Bach – Cello Suites Nos. 1-6”
    • “Dreizeiler Landler” by Familie Simböck from “Oberösterreich-Salzburg – Volksmusik – Rare Schellacks 1910-1949” 
    • “Pahadi Jhinjhati” by Gauhar Jan from ”Gauhar Jan”
    • “Dadra” by Gauhar Jan from “Vintage Music from India – Early Twentieth-Century Classical & Light Classical Music”
    • “Rasile Tori Akhiyan” by Janki Bai from “Vintage Music from India – Early Twentieth-Century Classical & Light Classical Music”
    • “Pria Mansa Bisarma” by Bai Sunderabai from “Vintage 78 rpm Records”
    • “(Raga Deskar) Amila Mat Mashi Boloji” by Dr. Gangubai (Gandhari) Hangal from “Golden Milestones”
    • “Kafi Hori, Ab to khel le phag” by Kesarbai Kerkar from “78 rpm -1936”
    • “Todi: Haan Re Dainya” by Kesarbai Kerker from “LP on Canary/Mississippi Records”
    • Hindustani Comic Song” by Lucknow Zananas from ”Music of India, Vol. 2 – From Old 78 RPM Records – 1920s, ’30s, ’40s” (R. Crumb unreleased CD)
    • “Bhairavi: Jaat Kahan Ho” by Kesarbai Kerker from “LP on Canary/Mississippi Records”
    • “Catfish Blues” by Robert Petway from “Juke Joint Blues”
    • “If I Lose, I Don’t Care” by Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers from “Charlie Poole With The North Carolina Ramblers And The Highlanders”
    • “Sve Za Tvoju Ljubav” by the Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra from “Tamburitza! Hot String Band Music – from The Balkans to America: 1910-1950”
    • “Sindhu” & “Sahana” by Rajendra Nath Chatterjee from “Craig Ventresco’s 78s collection”
    • “When We Were Two Little Boys” performed by Billy Murray from “Craig Ventresco’s 78s collection”
    • “Jerry Moran (The Fearless Fireman)” by Bob Roberts from “Craig Ventresco’s 78s collection”
    • “Drinking Shine” by Elder Charles D. Beck from “Craig Ventresco’s 78s collection”
    • “Death Is Only A Dream” by The Guitar Evangelist (Edward W. Clayborn) from “Craig Ventresco’s 78s collection”
    • “Honey, Please Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” by Meredith Axelrod & Craig Ventresco from “Crackleton Manor – Live Exclusive!”
    • “Blue River” by Meredith Axelrod & Craig Ventresco from “Crackleton Manor – Live Exclusive!”
    • “I’m a Little Blackbird (Looking for a Bluebird)” by Meredith Axelrod & Craig Ventresco from “Crackleton Manor – Live Exclusive!”
    • “Call The Fire Wagon” by Memphis Minnie from ”Queen of the Delta Blues”


    Got It! 8




    • Ralvero – Fuck What U Heard
    • Bingo Players, Far East Movement – Get Up (Rattle)
    • Knife Party – LRAD
    • Donald Glaude, The Sour DJs – Crank
    • Jochen Miller, SL8 – South Point
    • John Dahlback – Nuke
    • Disco Fries – Open Your Eyes (Revelation)
    • Empire Of The Sun – Alive (Zedd Extended Remix)
    • Marcus Schossow, Sebjak – Liceu
    • Gio Di Leva – Naughty Dog
    • W&W – Thunder
    • Bingo Players – Buzzcut
    • Quentin Mosimann – Pogo Pogo
    • Orkestrated, Big Nab, Fries & Shine – Melbourne Bounce feat. Big Nab


    Hope Show 25 Hard Skin interview

    Tonights show features an interview with Fat Bob from Hard Skin, in anticipation of their trip to Dublin next week.

    1. hard skin – council estate
    2. Live First Day Angry Song
    3. ACAC
    4. Police Car (Chasing You)
    5. Thats Bollock Mate
    6. Another Terrace Anthem
    7. Same Meat – Millwall Mark
    8. We are the wankers
    9. Sausage Man
    10. The Kids Are Innocent
    11. Two Bob Cunt
    12. Wat Tyler – masters Of the Universe
    13. Omega Tribe – Profit
    14. You Still Here
    15. Crack On, Have a Booze
    16. Angelic Upstarts – I’m An Upstart (from the EMI Years album)



    Enemy Radio with Gar Cummins. This is my first ever podcast so hold on tight as I do my best to polish off the rough edges every week. This week is light on tracks and heavy on the shite talk as I intend to make it 50/50 between talk radio and good tunes. This week Ive got tracks by Ramones, Sick Of It All, Dickies, Klingonz, Shed Seven and maybe more. ENEMY RADIO