Mixed up Outsider Sounds for Mixed up Outsiders Unexpurgated

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mixed up outsider sounds for mixed up outsiders



Berlin archive mixed up cutup shutup mix down recorded in Berlin live set 2006 and slightly re-framed for radio narrow casting sender-benders


What the critics have to say –


a five star show for a billions stars galaxy –   news of the world


a weirdo with a heart of gold – M Smyth Cynicism Weekly


the singing is shite – de vice of ire land


The HMD Radio Show 247

The HMD Radio Show 247

The Five Point Brewing Co – Brick Field Brown (5.4%)

Third Barrel – IPA (6.8%)

Lervig – PAssion Tang – Sour Ale (7%)

Fu Manchu – Intelligent Worship

Wild Rocket – Caught in Triangle Again

Earthless – Electric Flame

Corrosion of Conformity – Wolf Named Crow

The Sword – The Wild Sky

Anthroprophh – Oakmoll

Anthroprophh – Human Beast

Suicidal Tendencies – Nothing to Lose

Zeke – Two Lane Backdrop

Electric Wizard – Hear The Sirens Scream

Throneless – Born In Vain

Slight Return 7

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The Final Frontier…. part 1. The Meteor that was an asteroid got me thinking about space the universe and everything. I do believe that spending (by other nations!!) on space programmes is somewhat perverse, but you can’t deny that some of the resultant imagery, and music, is beautiful

Slight Return 7

Ennio Morricone – A heart beats in space

Kanye West – Spaceship

Spiritualized – Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

REM – Man on the moon

David Bowie – Space Oddity

The National – Looking for astronauts

The Frames – Star star

Monty Python – Galaxy song

Elton John – Rocket Man

Florence and the Machine – Galaxy of the Lost (Lightspeed Champion cover)

John Grant – Outer space

Kode 9 & the Spaceape – Portal

Modest Mouse – Space travel is boring

The Drums – Me and the moon

Sesame Street – I don’t want to live on the moon



Slight Return 8

freedom fry hi fi, Episode 22: rag pickings

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freedom fry 22

evening raga – ustad ali akbar khan, pandit chatur lal

bintang mas – oleh momo,dengan “HMV” orchestra

toraji – sugawara tsuzuko ?

? – zhou xuan ?

rag pickings – fred van eps

arkansas traveller -don richardson

red wing;my little girl;turkey in the straw -walter c.peterson

oberek strazacki -henry schuckert,henry schepp

st.louis cyclone blues – lonnie johnson

oh gee! say gee!you ought to see my gee gee from the fiji isle- joseph samuels jazz band

unknown child sings in russian – audiodisc home recording



Hope Show 15

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hope show Number 1 5
This weeks show comes amongst much thinking about the validity of the trade union movement in Ireland. There was a march last week in Dublin that had 60,000 people out on the street but little has happenend since except slipping back into the norm for the country. It seemed when there was over 100,000 people on the streets in ireland rallying against austerity that there could be a different dialect. That hasn’t happened. We have slipped back but what is the reason? I’m not sure. I do know that many people don’t want paycuts or austerity in the country but are prepared to do little about it. Does that mean acceptance? I don’t know. i do know that trade unions have a lot to offer society but in their current guise? There are plenty of positives but it’s up to members to change the organisations, can this happen though?

Playlist for your thoughts
1. Boredom – The Buzzcocks
2. Babysitter – Patrik Fitzgerald
3. Suicide Surprise – Wugazi
4. 80’s Life – The Good The Bad and The Queen
5. (Lord, It’s Hard to be Happy When you’re not) Using the metric system – Atom and his package
6. Don’t Want to know If you are lonely – Husker Du
7. World War 4 – Leftover Crack
8. Jogging Song (He’s Your Mister Right) – Mika Miko
9. Walk of Shame – Vanilla Pod
10. How can we make an empty bottle without killing anyone – One Excuse
11. Too Busy (Looking Good) – Donkey
12 + 13. Martin + Not Listening – Snuff
14. The Hook and the wire – Dog Faced Hermans
15. Split Personality – Paranoid Visions
16. Parkas and Flags – J Church
17. Lets Get Well – The Evens
18. Free Drug Zone – Seaweed
19. Fading – NRA
20. Long Live Palestine – Lowkey

Crap on the radio #20 Folk Off

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Anti Folky edge to this one, which makes me think that there’s a trad folk show and a workers songs show in there for the futue, enjoy comrades!!

crap on the radio number 20

  • Crap on the Radio – Paper Ceilings
  • Union City Blue Ted Leo
  • Oh Susquehanna – Defiance Ohio
  • As Free As The Rent We Don’t Pay – Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains
  • Do they owe us a living – Jeffery Lewis
  • The history of punk on the Lower East Side – Jeffery Lewis
  • Vampire – Antsy Pants
  • Tree Hugger – Antsy Pants
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll points – Filthy Pedro
  • The Diggers Song – Chumbawamba
  • William Francis – Chumbawamba
  • Old dogs – Midtown Dickens
  • Ace of Spades – The Great Western Squares
  • I Was Born – Natalie Merchant (Wilco/Bragg)
  • Nostrovia – Scum of Toytown
  • Alternative Ulster (Acoustic) – Stiff Little Fingers
  • A Slow Drag With Josephine – Elvis Costello
  • US – Regina Spektor

All My Friends Show No.20

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Welcome to “All My Friends” on www.radioactiveinternational.org live and streaming all over the world!

“All My Friends” is dedicated to bringing you the best #NewMusic every week with me your host Dave Murphy.

Following on from a sneaky little break from “All My Friends” is back again this week with a show jam packed with super-fly sublime sizzling Hip-Hop. Featuring only the best of the best #NewMusic as ever, I am sure this is just the right shot of Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop is going under a seismic renaissance lead by the revival of the mixtape and some amazing crews of youngsters born in the 1990’s who have been influenced by that era’s beat professors and lyrical language slayers. So, hold on cos’ this is a going to be a solid one!



01 – Flatbush Zombies – Intro

Download this Track from Dropbox

02 – Captial STEEZ – Dead Prez

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03 – Joey Bada$$ – Waves

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04 – Statik Selektah – The Lottery

Download this Track from Dropbox

05 – Iamsu – Dont Stop

Download this Track from Dropbox

06 – Le1f – Spa Day

Download this Track from Dropbox

07 – Super Helpful – Drug Tested

Download this Track from Dropbox

08 – Rockie Fresh – Barrell Of A Gun

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09 – Pro ERA – (CJ Fly ft Tnah) – Slow Down Time

Download this Track from Dropbox

10 – Dyme-A-Duzin – Wake Up Free

Download this Track from Dropbox

11 – Brandun Deshay – An Ocean of Stars

Download this Track from Dropbox

12 – Future Presents FBG The Movie – Chosen One featuring Rocko

Download this Track from Dropbox

13 – The Underachievers – New New York

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14 – Flatbush Zombies – YBA feat Erick Arc Elliott

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15 – Pro ERA – (Capital STEEZ Joey Bada$$ Cj Fly) – Like Water

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16 – INTL – Swagger

Download this Track from Dropbox

If you like what you hear or want to hear your music on the show you can drop me a message on twitter @davemurphydj or by email davemurphydj@radioactiveinternational.org or davemurphydj@gmail.com

Groove On The Wireless #22 [Sad Song for bad times]

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GrooveOnTheWireless22 Doctor is disgruntled from his most recent futile march, and the pusillanimous Trade Union leaders who do little except cheerlead Labour as they drag us into debt oblivion.

Not for the first time he escapes into music and ends up playing the saddest song in the world.  It’s not all blues – but there is some in here.  As someone says you swim back up the music river long enough and you get to this scene; one black man sitting on a stool playing a one stringed instrument and he’s the guy who started everything, rock & roll started right there with one string Sam, I pity the fool who thinks otherwise.

Track List

  • Donald Byrd – Flight Time
  • Eighties Ladies – Turn On To You [[Rare Groove]]
  • Fionn Regan –  Put a Penny In The Slot
  • The XX – Missing
  • Phon.O SCNTST – Black Boulder [ SCNTST Remix]
  • The Jam – Start
  • Gil Scott Heron – Me and The Devil
  • One String Sam – I Need A Hundred Dollars
  • Gang Starr – Robin Hood Theory
  • Four Tet – Text022
  • Delroy Wilson – Dancing Mood
  • Rodriguez – Cause [[Searching for Sugar Man]]

45 Love

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  • Atomic Lover
  • Everyday I Love You Less And Less
  • Persian Love Song
  • Caravan Of Love
  • ida_maria-10000_lovers
  • Donna Summer – I Feel Love
  • love in june
  • barbed wire love (live)
  • (this is not) a love song (public image limited)
  • A Lover Sings
  • Ever Fallen In Love
  • cathy_davey-overblown_love_song
  • Lovesong
  • If You Love a Woman
  • acts of love
  • the distillers – love is paranoid
  • Love Me Two Times
  • Lovely Day
  • the jam – the place i love
  • Friday I’m in Love
  • Subhumans_-_Love_Is…
  • Love-Less
  • The Love Cats
  • The Vaselines – Lovecraft
  • love comes in spurts – richard hell & the voidoids
  • Love Kills
  • love like anthrax – gang of four
  • The Love Parade
  • love will tear us apart – joy division
  • the modern lovers – pablo picas
  • Love For Tender (Incomplete Demo)
  • nirvana – love buzz
  • billy bragg- strummer tribute 2003-2-22- 10- lovers town – safe european
  • bob marley and the wailers – 02 – wages of love
  • Bob Marley and the Wailers – Could You Be Loved
  • Bob Marley and the Wailers – Is This Love
  • Bob Marley and the Wailers – One Love – People Get Ready
  • half man half biscuit – I Love You Because
  • House of Love – 01 – Christine
  • nick cave – do you love me
  • patrik fitzgerald – grubby stories – 08 – lovers’ pact
  • peace-love-and-understanding
  • punk-ska covers – tainted love
  • the cure – love will tear us apart
  • withers-lovely day


This Show Totally Fucking Rocks Numero 21 14th February

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This Show Totally Fucking Rocks Numero 21 14th February

Hey Punk fans,  Pull up a chair, grab a beverage cuz the time to rock is upon us.  Tune in for a bit of:

Sham 69,

The Ramones,

The Dickes,

The Misfits,


The Men,

The Datsuns,



Night Birds,

Big Crux,





Pet Lamb,

The Jesus Lizard,

The Stranglers,

The Buzzcocks,

UK Subs,


and a snifter of Trashcat.

Let’s get it on!!

The HMD Radio Show 13 Valentine’s Special

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The HMD Radio Show Valentine’s Special

This week is a sort of Valentines theme to get the romantics in the mood

AC/DC – Squealer (Dirty Deeds)
Big Black – The Model (songs about fucking)
Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed
Type O Negative – Cinnamon Girl
The Hellacopters – I Might come and see you tonight
the Bloodhound Gang – The Ballad of Chasey Lain
Soundgarden – She Likes Surprises
Slayer – Silent Scream
Sir Lord Baltimore – Hell Hound
Queen – March of the Black Queen
Motorhead – Orgasmatron
Goblin – Suspiria (Narration)
Gentlemans pistols – Heavy Petting
Body Count – KKK Bitch
Black Sabbath – Evil Woman
The Hard-ons – then i kissed her


1. ugasanie – mara

2. bad sector – peaks

3. ex.order – american dawn

4. dead factory – shapes in the fog

5. sukkubus blues – dagon cavity

6. of earth and sun – unimpeded flow

7. shibalba – hymn to the climbing scarab

8. gnawed – a variance

9. theologian – blackblood

10. sutekh hexen – five faces of deacay

the sour song show 16

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the sour song show 16

1. iamus – hello world

2. iamus – colcssus for piano solo

3. iamus – alphard for solo clarinet

4. iamus – kinoth for violin d’amore and harpsichord

5. iamus – ugadi for solo violin

6. olafur arnalds – newsong no.1 live cologne 2008

7. olafur arnalds – loftia veraur skyndilega kalt

8. olafur arnalds – raein

9. olafur arnalds – eratp19 no.1

10. olafur arnalds – eratp19 no.2

11. olafur arnalds – eratp19 no.3

12. olafur arnalds – eratp19 no.4

13. olafur arnalds – eratp19 no.5

14. olafur arnalds – eratp19 no.6


Whatever You’re Havin’ #20 – happy my bloody valentine

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Whatever You’re Havin’ 0020 – happy my bloody valentine

who sees you - my bloody valentine
you made me realise - my bloody valentine
straight to your heart - loop
around my smile - hope sandoval & the warm inventions
new you - my bloody valentine
windstorm - school of seven bells
faults - seefeel
if they move, kill 'em (mbv arkestra) - primal scream
the charmer - twinkranes
stigmata errata - mexican pets
bad feeling - the beat up
back before you go - j. mascis & the fog
clair - my bloody valentine
only tomorrow - my bloody valentine

The Red Shift 5 ~ Imagined Village

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The Red Shift 5


More easy listening tonight, so sit back, cans on and enjoy. Old track found hiding from The Imagined Village, Hence the title.


pixies ~ caribou

caribou ~ melody day

sufjan stevens ~ futile devices

alt-j ~ tessellate

beth orton ~ poison tree

mic christopher ~ what a curious notion

the imagined village ~ ‘ouses ‘ouses ‘ouses

sigur ros ~ ágætis byrjun

eddie vedder ~ guaranteed

gustavo santaolalla ~ de usuahia a la quiaca

nick cave ~ sweetheart come

bert jansch ~ the old triangle

ólafur arnalds ~ 00-48,07-29

julianna barwick ~ cloudbank


Billy Splinters presents a Sun Ra special pt.1

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Billy Splinters presents a Sun Ra special Pt.1


Sun Ra: Message to Earthman (Singles)


Yo La Tengo: Nuclear War (Prisoners of Love)


Sun Ra: Discipline 27 (What Planet is This)


Sun Ra: Outer Space Employment Agency (Concert for Comet Kohoutek)


Sun Ra: Rocket No.9 (Space is the Place)


The Remote Viewers: Astro-black (Low Shapes in Dark heat)


Sun Ra: Disco 3000 (Disco 3000: The Complete Milan Concert)


Sun Ra: Love in Outer Space (Singles)


‘Splainin’ 47

Hello hello hello!

Eight months later…. here we are! Back with another show. It was a hard road with the passing of my father-in-law and a crazy work schedule but things have calmed down a bit now and hopefully ‘Splainin’ will be back on track for a good while.

Track list:
The Buttress – Behind every great man
Karol Conka – Farofei
La femme – Exorciseur
Leikeli47 – Girl Gang
Michael Rault – Sleep with me
Ocho – Young Hungting
Screaming females – Glass house
Seamus Fogarty – Carlow town
Wild Nothing – To know you
Hikes – Onset
The James Hunter 6 – I should’ve spoke up
6 organs of admittance – Things as they are
Girli – Mr 10pm bedtime
Sunflower beam – I was a fool
Of Montreal – Paranoic intervals_Body dysmorphia

Go to www.togetherforyes.ie to get involved with helping us repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution!