This Show Totally Rocks Numero 40 27th June

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This Show Totally Rocks Numero 40 27th June

GO TO GGI GO TO GGI GO TO GGI GO TO GGI.  I am going to spend the next few days throwing all mater of shapes and drinks into myself in a field in Ballina so I threw all sorts of stuff at this week’s show.  Ste has been clamouring for some proper Fugazi, so I not only played Fugazi, but went ahead and stuck a bit of Minor Threat in for the laugh.  Next up is a bit of CIV for Trevor (another request I was happy to grant and will continue to do so provided the bands requested aren’t total rubbish) and then on to some Really Red and some Henry Rollins.  Then it all goes fairly Killed by Death for a while with The Thermals,  The Swimming Pool Q’s,  Buzzcocks and The Boys.  Next up it’s the 2 greatest (and possibly only)  African American Punk bands to ever strap on guitars:  Death and Bad Brains.  At the half way mark it’s a Portland double header with Poison Idea and Defect Defect, before throwing out a few for the kids with Diarrhea Planet, Rozwell Kid, Jeff the Brotherhood and Magic Jake and the Powercrystals.  Then its one for the adults from The Soft Boys, before finishing with a set for  the younger (than me) generation with FIDLAR, Audacity, Neon Piss, the Lovely Bad Things and King Tuff rounding off the proceedings.  Tune in, play Loud, Go to the GGI.

Rebel Radio #7

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Rebel Radio #7

P.A.I.N. – Punx With Guns

Demob – No Room For You

The Expelled – Cider

Geoffrey Oi!Cott – 17 Pints Of Ale

Total Chaos – Riot City

Icons Of Filth – Self Styled Superiority

The Pinkerton Thugs – One Day

The Backhanders – Drinking The Profits

Guttersnipe – Join The Strike

The Insane – El Salvador

The Autonomads – Apocalypse No

The Levellers – Liberty Song

Disturbance – Empty Youth

Poison Idea – The Badge


Lower Class Brats – Beat Of A Different Drum

Five Go Down To The Sea – Jumping Foley

Muerti – Antifascist Oi!

The Pogues And Joes Strummer – Glued Up And Speeding

The Men They Couldnt Hang – Ghosts Of Cable Street

This ‘Whatever Garage You Want To Call It’ Show Totally Rocks

Most of tonight’s bands have been described as some sort of Garage at one point or another.  Garage Punk, Garage Pop, New Garage and just plain Garage.  Maybe we need a new term to describe big dirty rock and roll that has been produced in the last 10 to 15 years.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that all tunes this week rock and that you should totally hit play!  The ‘Garage’ bands played tonight are:

  1. Sedatives
  2. The Hex Dispensers
  3. High Tension Wires
  4. Snakeflower 2
  5. The Solarflares
  6. The Losin Streaks
  7. Matt K Shrugg
  8. Reigning Sound
  9. Jail
  10. Coconut Coolouts
  11. Venereans
  12. Sonido Alfredo
  13. Mano de Mono
  14. Jay Reatard
  15. The Hives
  16. The Briefs
  17. Something Fierce
  18. The Marked Men
  19. The Mean Jeans
  20. Moonhearts
  21. The Spits
  22. Sonic Chicken 4

Easy Snappin’ 32

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Easy Snappin 32

This week’s show (a day late) but has some great stuff on it, some great acapella rapping, Poetry, Reggae, Hip Hop, Calypso, Reggae and a live tune from the Number Ones (you may have to turn the volume up for this track).. If you want to find out more about any of the artists, click on the links below.. Image courtesy of Wally Cassidy Photography...

If you have any comments about the show or would like yr music or whatever played, get in touch at or on twitter @easysnappin1 …. Anyway Enjoy!

the sour song show 35

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                                      PLAY VERY LOUD!

the sour song show 35
1. mungo’s hi fi – jah come to i
2. bush chemists – long time dub
3. love grocer – waithing at the gate
4. dubclash – fire the chalice of dub
5. jah warrior – from the bottom of my heart
6. urban dub – war
7. goldmaster allstars – push hearder
8. etherealites – king david style
9. jonah dan – the awakening
10. headmix – reach out dub
11. william the conqueror – abraham
12. the disciples – african soul
13. the shantiltes – the rising of the sun

Whatever You’re Havin’ #39 – over and over…….and over

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Jetlagged out of my mind so here’s a repeat of show number 8.

Whatever You’re Havin’ 0008 – Over and Over

Can't Sit Still - the objectorZ
Quad - The Heads
Out of the Band - Cosmic Psychos
One More Nail Out of Rock 'n' Roll's Coffin - The Bonnevilles
I Gotsta Get Paid - ZZ Top
No Chance - Unsane
Play the Shot - Bambi
Rock Pusher - The Nitwitz
Gimme Luv  - Tight Bros From Way back When
Jesus Never Lived on Mars - Lee Harvey Oswald Band
Chip Away at the Stone - New Bomb Turks
Interstellar Hardrive - Man or Astroman?
Revenge - The Cynics
Best Part of Breaking Up - Devil Dogs
Bear Up Bison - Shonen Knife
Half as Mad - Fag Enablerz
24 Stella - Moutpiece
I Am Not the Crow - Windings
Troy - Large Mound
Queen of Hearts - Fucked Up
Detroit Has a Skyline - HiFi Handgrenades
Crimson and Clover - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts