Whatever You’re Havin’ #32 – die mensch-maschine zwei

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Whatever You’re Havin’ 0032 – die mensch-maschine zwei

Numbers - Kraftwerk
Krafty - New Order
Voodoo ray - A Guy Called Gerald
Radioactivity (William Orbit remix) - Kraftwerk
VCL XI - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Plug Me In - Add N to (X)
Valentina - Komputer
The Camera - Karl Bartos
Kin Youbi - Visionair
International Velvet - Karl Bartos
Expo 2000 (UR mix) - Kraftwerk
Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science) - UR
Sparkle - Decal

Easy Snappin’ 25

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Lots of lovely tunes for ye this week, if you wanna know more about any of the bands click on the links

Easy Snappin’ 25

Slight Return 10

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A slight return for slight return. Apologies for interruption to service! Long awaited Irish focussed show. A selection of lovely lovely Irish music, some recent, most from the last few years, all bloody fantastic. Such quality music.


Slight Return 10

The Radio – One of two ways

Mainline (currently known as The Brothers Movement) – The call

Fred – October

Derrick Devine – Charge

David Kitt – Song from Hope Street

The Chapters – Four Thorns

The Rags – Model Citizen

Albert Niland – Centresphere

Rhob Cunningham – Not what you want to here

Future Kings of Spain – 1981

The Shades – Explosive

James Vincent McMorrow – From the Woods

Funeral Suits – Colour Fade

Hal – Down in the valley

Kid Karate – Heart

Lisa O’Neill – I shall be released/everything is free


slight return 10

May 5th Crackleton Manor

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Apologies from Sir Ernest Crackleton for a later-than-usual selection of vintage recordings (1911-1950) celebrating Blind Willie McTell’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo amongst other things…

Blind Willie McTell

Podcast link: 1 crackleton.manor.ix


  • “M’Amour” (excerpt) by Orchestre Tzigane du Restaurant du Rat Mort from “Early Tzigane Records”
  •  “Everything Is Fresh Today” by Jack Hodges from “Silly Songs”
  • “(Reels) The Bunch of Keys – Rakish Paddy – The Bunch of Keys” by Johnny Doran from “The Master Pipers – Vol. I”
  •  “Ngwidika Sadanga Wapamagulu” by Pancras Mkwawa and Anselm P. Mkwawa from “Tanzania Instruments – Tanganyika 1950”
  • “Eres La Mas Consentida” by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán from “Mexico’s Pioneer Mariachis – Vol. 3”
  • “Scarey Day Blues” by Blind Willie McTell from “The Classic Years – 1927-1940”
  • “In A Monastery Garden” by Oscar Natzka & chorus with the Albert William Ketèlbey Concert Orchestra from “Sanctuary of the Heat – In a Persian Market – In a Fairy Realm (1917-1939)”
  • “(Drdla’s) Souvenir, (Offenbach’s) Barcarolle, (Dvořák’s) Humoresque” by Bernardo de Pace from “Italian String Virtuosi”
  • “Which Side Are You On?” by The Almanac Singers from “Talking Union”
  • “Talking Atom” by Pete Seeger from “If I Had A Hammer 1944-1950”
  • “The Song of the Dawn” by John Boles from “Movie Musicals – Vol.2 – 1930-1938″
  • “Me Johnny Mitchell Man” by Jerry Byrne from “Songs and Ballads of the Anthracite Miners”
  • “La Servante” by Madame Balduc from “L’Anthologie”
  • “Toll The Bells” by Buell Kazee from “Mountain Frolic – Rare Old Timey Classics 1924-1937”
  • “Celeste Blues” by Meade Lux Lewis from “Boogies & Blues”
  • “Doina (Pt.2)” by S. Kosch from “Klezmer Music – Early Yiddish Instrumental Music – The First Recordings: 1908-1927”
  • “Ma Tehenn Alayya” by Siddiqa El Mullaya from “Give Me Love – Songs Of The Brokenhearted – Baghdad, 1925-1929”
  • “Song of Paradise” by Reginald Foort & Alfredo Campoli from “Whistling in the Dark”
  • “El Petate” by Laurita y Ray from “El nacimiento de la canción ranchera – 1936-1937″
  • “Ahwa (The Beauty of the World)” by Asmahan from “Le cœur a ses raisons – 1935-1944”
  • “Maui Girl” by James Molkeha from “It’s Hotter in Hawaii”
  • “Oakville Twister” by Hoosier Hot Shots from “Everybody Stomp”
  • “Papa Wants a Cookie” by Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell from “Prison Bound Blues”
  • “Panayot Vonka dumashe (Panayot advises Vonka)” by Georgi Atanasov Kehaiov from “Blowers From The Balkans – classic historic recordings of wind instruments”
  • “Karajfil Te Zgjodha” by Kol Matija from “Gay Life in Dikanka – R. Crumb’s Old-Time Favourites”
  • “Strange Enchantment” by Skinnay Ennis from “Halloween Stomp – jazz and big band dance music for a haunted house party!”
  • “Adelfa” by Leonor Amaya from “Carmen Amaya – Grabaciones Discos Pizarra – Año 1948-50”
  • “Good Biscuits” by Memphis Minnie from ”Columbia Original Masters – The Best of … 1933-1937″
  • “Mood Indigo” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra from “Black, Brown and Beige – Original Recordings – Vol.9 – 1943-1945”
  • “(Rimsky-Korsakov’s) Song of India” by Gregor Piatigorsky with Ralph Berkowitz from “Concertos and Encores (1934-1950)”
  • “(Raga Janpuri) Phul Banki” by Faiyyaz Khan from “Classics of the 78rpm Era”
  • “(Thumri) Lage Tum Se Nain” by Narayanrao Vyas from “Vintage Music From India – Early 20th Century Classical And Light Classical Music”
  • “Raga Bhairavi: Matvare Tore” by Bai Sunderabai from “Vintage 78 RPM Records”



Groove On The Wireless 226

Dr. Groove has been spending some time digging around in the history of dance music and DJ-ing and that unsurprisingly has led to some reflection on his part.  Given that it’s pride this weekend, the mix that is in this weeks show is a mind experiment, as all the music played in it (on vinyl, with the exception of the last track) is music that was available and could’ve been played by Larry Levan in Paradise Garage.    Larry was or is one of the founding fathers of what Dj-ing became, and his taste and choice knew no boundaries.  Gay Discos were the place to hear dance music in the early 70’s, and Larry took it onto another level with post disco.  Enjoy and happy pride to you all,

Larry Levan @t Paradise Garage


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freedom fry hi fi plays musics of the Americas

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this week its music from brazil,argentina, chile, guatamala, colombia and the indies taken from vintage shellac and vinyl

tango lado

son de cuaresma

son de san gaspar

loreta- angel viloria y su conjunto tipico cibaeno

cana brava – juan serrano and his caribbean combo

amo tu yanei – rosita serrano

hoja seca – orquestra vincente sigler

nao me diga adeus – araci de almeida

arrabal amargo – carlos gardel

confesion – carlos gardal

como la tuna – maldonado-infante folklore orchestra

something strange  (presantania) -astor piazola and his quintet

el arranque – astor piazzolla y su quinteto

retrato de alfredo gobbi – astor piazzolla y su quinteto

introduccion al angel – astor piazzolla y su quinteto

et tango – astor piazzolla,lisu medina castro y quinteto nuevo

bandoneon arrabalero – horacio salgan/edmundo rivero


Got It! 4

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Tracklist :

  • Deadmau5 – Strobe
  • Chris Lake – Build Up (Tommy Trash Edit)
  • Digitalism – Zdarlight (Fedde Le Grand & Deniz Koyu Remix)
  • Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42
  • Bingo Players – Out Of My Mind (Dada Life Remix)
  • Chris Lake – Ohh Shhh
  • Moguai & Tommy Trash – In N’ Out (Tommy Trash Club Mix)
  • Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl – In My Mind (Axwell Mix)
  • Calvin Harris – We’ll Be Coming Back  (feat. Example) [Original Extended Mix]
  • Bassjackers & Kenneth G – Duckface
  • Funkagenda – Shinjuku (Michael Woods Remix)
  • Hardwell – Spaceman


Hope Show is 21 (wish i was)!!

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hopeshowNumber21Tonight’s playlist is nearly all about the gigs in Dublin in May

1. Cats, Sex and NAzis – NoMeansNo – Dublin May 23 Whelans
2. Pumping Iron for Enya – Atom and his Package

Daniel Higgs Dublin wednesday May 8 Molloy and Dowling Opticians
3. Holy Compartments, Daniel Higgs –
4. Hear The Children Sing – Lungfish

Conflict, Subhumans, Lost Cherrees, Paranoid Visions – Button Factory Dublin NEXT SATURDAY!!!!! May 11

5. The Serenade Is Dead – Conflict
6. There’s no Power Without Control – Conflict
7. All the room in the world – Lost Cherrees
8. Hung Drawn and Quartered – Lost Cherrees
9. Peroxide – Subhumans
10. Never-Ending War Song – Subhumans
11. Don’t Let The Rot Set IN – Paranoid Visions
12. The Mirror Breaks – The Mob May 25, Fibber Magees with Paranoid Visions and Steve Ignorant and Protex
13. Superstar – Randy
14. The Good Times are Back – Tv Smith

Skeptics with a K: Episode #096

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Passive aggressive cats, chia seeds, seaside towns and sex. Plus camouflage netting, Ricicles and Jeremy Clarkson. Not deliberately feeding you bullshit this time, honest… it’s Skeptics with a K.

Skeptics with a K

The HMD Radio Show 25 – Jeff Hanneman Tribute

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HMDRS Jeff Hanneman Special

On May the 1st Jeff Hanneman, guitarist with Slayer died aged 49. This show is a tribute to the man for the contribution he made to my musical education and my life in general.

Hell Awaits

Die By The Sword

Chemical Warfare

Aggressive Perfector

At Dawn they Sleep

Angel Of Death

Behind the Crooked Cross

Altar of Sacrifice

War Ensemble

South of Heaven

Divine Intervention

Can’t Stand You




Raining Blood

Seasons In The Abyss

Spill The Blood

The Sinus Sniffle

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Speculation abounds as to why two possible computerised/animoid  presenters have supplanted Wally for this week’s shuffle. The official word from Radioactive Ministry of Information is that he is simply under the weather with a bout of sinusitis, but rumours of Extermination continue to surface.

Wally has not been seen in the last 24 hours, leading some to wonder, did he ever exist at all? Meanwhile stand-in presenters “Peter” & “Rachel”, protesting their humanity, have agreed to undertake the Turing test.

One other story is, that this is all just a pathetic ruse by Wally to coax unsuspecting listeners to tune his way using a text-speaking program becuase he currently sounds like a rather dim elephant seal.

  1.  The Sounds – Shufflin’
  2. Os Mutantes – A Minha Menina
  3. The Magic Fly – Thinking Toy
  4. Electrocutango – Felino
  5. King Curtis – Melancholy Serenade
  6. Steel An’ Skin – Reggae is Here Once Again
  7. Modeselector – Let Your Love Grow
  8. Theatre of Ghosts – International Jet Set
  9. Waldeck – Floater (Dubblestanart mix)
  10. El Columpio Asesino – Un Arpón De Grillos
  11. ABBA – The Day Before You Came
  12. 16 bit Lolitas feat. Jennifer Horne – Nobody Seems to Care
  13. Les Baxter – Calcutta




Whatever You’re Havin’ #27 – shellshock rock

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Whatever You’re Havin’ 0027 – shellshock rock

Gimme Indie Rock - Sebadoh
Turn Away - Bouts
Grey Lights - The Dudley Corporation
Quicksand - Chant! Chant !Chant!
Oh Bondage Up Yours - X-Ray Spex
Where's Bill Grundy Now? - TV Personalities
Television Screen - The Radiators From Space
Big Time - Rudi
You're A Disease - The Outcasts
True Confessions - The Undertones
Heart On The Line - The Tearjerkers
Barbed Wire Love - Stiff Little Fingers
Smarter Than You - The Undertones
Just Another Teenage Rebel - The Outcasts
Now You're Dead - The Fear
who You Callin' A Slut - Lazy Cowgirls
I'm Stranded - The Saints
Poor And Weird - The Briefs
He's Too Good For Everyone Else, But He's Not Good Enough For You - The #1s
Self Conscious Over You - The Outcasts
Suspect Device - Stiff Little Fingers
You've Got My Number - The Undertones

This Show Totally Internationally Rocks 32: A trip to the Continent

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This Show Totally Rocks Numero 32 2nd May

Last week I found myself in an internet conversation about French punk and garage music and it made me think about all of the great bands out there who come from countries where English is not the native language.  So this week’s show is taking a little road trip.  Stops include France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Mexico and of course Japan.  Tune in for:

The Hatepinks,


Sonic Chicken 4,

Mano de Mono,

Los Steaks,

Los Platanos,


Sonido Alfredo,

Smart Cops,


Dean Dirg,

Nobby and the Impregnators,



The Hives,



Henry Fiat’s Open Sore,

The Vicious,

Los Explosivos,

Electric Eel Shock,


The HMD Radio Show 258

The HMD Radio Show 258

Stone – Tangerine Express IPA (6.7%)

Nine Inch Nails – Shit Mirror

Hookworms – Static Resistance

Death Grips – Black Paint

JK Flesh – Mind Prison

The Body – Nothing Stirs

Zeal & Ardor – We Can’t Be Found

Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back

Parasite Inc – Back For War

Ilsa – Nasty, Brutish

Vein – Old Data In A Dead Machine

Panopticon – Sheep In Wolves Clothing

Moby Dig – Hashbomber666


The HMD Radio Show 24

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HMD Radio Show 24 – 02_05_2013

This weeks show takes it down a gear or two from previous weeks and get’s its wig on. Oh yeah.

Maserati – San Angeles

Electric Moon – Madrigal Meridian

Wooden Shjips – Crossing (Andrew Weatherall mix)

Moon Duo – Sleepwalker

Prophets of saturn – Something Stirs

Kadavar – Doomsday Machine

Mugstar – Drawing Cable / Windstock

Circle – Hautain Takaa

Ministry – Lay Lady Lay

If you like the shit i play check out Desert Rock Ireland on Facebook for gig news and stuff

Rebel Radio #14

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Rebel Radio #14

Capo Regime – Underdog

The Defects – Defective Breakdown

Agnosy – Enslaved To Darkness

Mr Nipples – Bricks Of Propaganda

Dipsomanie – Politic Business

Anti Heros – Jennifer

United Front – Vengeance

Ad Nauseam – Destructor

The Xposez – Democrazy

Airbomb – It Aint Over

Violent Subversion – Dead Soldiers

Criminal Damage – Criminal Crew

Proletariat – Options

Vagrants – White Room

Deadline – Last Night

Runnin Riot – Divided Loyalties

Vice Squad – Voice Of The People

Stage Bottles – Dead But Not Forgotten

Intensive Care – J18

Usual Suspects – They Dont Want Us To Know

The Dubliners – Button Pusher

the sour song show 27

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the sour song show 27

1. Eumir Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra

2. Esther phillips – if you love me

3. A R rahman – the canyon

4. the ex – EL tren blindado

5. nick cave – avalanche

6. house of love – marbel

7. the verve – beautiful mind

8. tom waits – chicago

9. eels – Novocaine for the Soul

10. simon and garfunkel – the sound of silence

11. the cramps – lonesome town

12. cowboy junkies – sweet jane

13. zero 7 – sunrays

14. polar bear – it snows again

15. 1/2 man 1/2 biscut – all i want..