Suburban Superheroes – Flinching in the Loos #6

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Spudarchy Surburban Superheroes ssh6

Grass being thrown at people by vegetarians, the dance tent of piss, ballet dancers on springs, Balkan war-lords, CERN cover story – Bugs – alien heathens get introduced to the Gospel by our guest – and the King stay to be the King – DJ block – and toilet philosophy – deeply shallow level – processed food intellectual – we predict the last show from earth – and you know that our paths will cross again someday.

Groove On The Wireless 211

Doctor Groove returns in 2018 – with the 211th kind of weekly edition of the radio show known as Groove on the Wireless.  This will continue the previously laid down format of bringing you one hour of good music (old & new) to act as a sanctum from an increasingly absurd spinning world. One year into this fire and fury, who knows was 2018 will bring.    Rock on


  1. Big Thief – Mary
  2. Slowdive – Fallen Ashes
  3. Ryuichi Sakamoto – ZURE
  4. Japan – I Second That Emotion
  5. Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Prayer
  6. Billie Holiday – Night And Day
  7. The Comet is coming – Running
  8. Aldous Harding – What if birds aren’t singing, they’re screaming
  9. James Holden & The Animal Spirits – Thunder Moon Gathering
  10. Charles Trenet – Boum


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Hope Show the sixth

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Playlist for tonight

billy bragg – there is power in a union
joe solo – little red songbook
Bluetip – LMNOP
Seein Red – Waste
Flies on You – slashing it down
We were evergreen – Summer Fling
Former Cell Mates Jumping At Shadows
Mika Miko – The Dress
Henry Rollins / Chuck D – Rise Above
Mike scott – Sweatshops and slaughterhouses
TV Smith  – True Believers
The Redneck Manifesto – Click
Los Campesinos  – There are listed buildings
The Mob – No Doves Fly Here


The Trippy Hoople

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the shabby shuffle 7

  1. DJ Krush – Meiso
  2. DJ Shadow – Dark Days
  3. U.N.K.L.E – Rabbit in Your Headlights
  4. Nobukazu Takemura – Harmonium
  5. iO – Libre (Stasis Mix)
  6. U.N.K.L.E – Sassafrass (Plaid Mix)
  7. DJ Shadow – In/flux
  8. Money Mark – Pinti’s New Car
  9. DJ Krush – Kemuri
  10. U.N.K.L.E – Garage Piano


That Fast Eddie and Motorhead Totally Rocked. 12th January, 2018

This week’s show is about the sad passing of Fast Eddie Clarke, the last of the classic Motorhead line-up.  So the show is about what I think of when I think of Motorhead.  Its lots of big guitars, gritty vocals, British Rock, and even a bit of punk.  There is none of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal so often associated with Motorhead simply because I always think of them as way more of a punk band and a rock band than a metal band.  So tune in for:



Pink Fairies


Annihilation Time

The Heads


Thin Lizzy

Alice Cooper

The Swimming Pool Q’s

Radiators from Space

Sham 69



Black Sabbath


That’s your lot.  RIP Eddie Clarke, RIP Motorhead, Play this one plenty loud.


And for those of you who absolutely need a bit of NWALBA with your Motorhead, there’s a little treat at the very end of the show



Radio Labour : Iranian labour leader released, for now / Multinational reneges on pledge to sign global agreement / US labour vows to build a mass movement of workers / The LabourStart report about union events around the world

Iranian labour leader released, for now / Multinational reneges on pledge to sign global agreement / US labour vows to build a mass movement of workers / The LabourStart report about union events around the world

Groove On The Wireless (sweet) 7

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GOTW7  Sweet no. 7 is reached and we find Dr. Groove chasing a scene, or more appropriately chasing the music in a scene.  In [[Louie ]] season 3, Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2, our hero finds himself on the roof of a tall building in New York with an unstable date, played by Parker Posey.   In that scene there is great Jazz playing in the background.  That’s our starting point and from that NY jazz blues we are off with Yuseff Leteef – Like it is.  From there we are off on our flight over the twinkling lights of the megapolis, with eclectic sounds of electronic soul until we round it off back with a blues mayor, Gil Scott Heron.  RIP.


  • Yuseff Lateef – Like it is
  • Peaking Lights – Dreambeat
  • Beth Orton – Carmella [[Four Tet]] remix
  • Cypress Hill – Interlude
  • Sly Johnson – It is because I’m Black
  • Deasey – The Summer Grind (D8) – Bassbin Sampler
  • Alexander Tucker – Sitting in a Bardo Pond
  • Robert Wyatt – At Last I’m Free
  • Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX – Ur Soul and Mine
  • Battles / Yamataka Eye – Sundrome

Beans on Toast #5- 25th October 2012

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Beans on Toast #5 25.10.12

DJ Admin presents Beans on Toast, an eclectic mix of music and Swedes. This week’s guest is performer and ex-pat smallholder Gordon Miles aka Mac Snormal.

Warning: this show was prepared over low heat, and cooked for seven days.


  • [[Ska Cubano]] – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
  • [[Andy Fairley – Dub Syndicate]] – Lack of Education
  • [[P.J. Harvey]] – The Words that Maketh Murder
  • [[Lee Scratch Perry – Dub Syndicate]] – The Only Alternative
  • [[Thievery Corporation]] – The Shining Path
  • [[Gordon Macrae]] – Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
  • [[Hawkwind]] – Silver Machine
  • [[The Divine Comedy]] – I Like
  • [[Bonobo]] – Eyes Down (Floating Points Remix)
  • [[Gaudi]] – Ghamgar Bare Ne (Dub Qawwali)
  • [[Gary Clail, Andy Fairley]] – Half Cut For Confidence/Jack The Biscuit
  • [[Iggy Pop]] – Mass Production
  • [[Binthily Communication Association Plus Jamais Ça]] – S.O.S.
  • See: – “En achetant ce titre, vous faites un don aux populations du nord Mali. Tous les bénéfices générés par les téléchargements de S.O.S seront versés aux victimes maliennes du nord Mali. (iTunes) Merci pour votre solidarité. Cette vidéo est actuellement censurée par la télé nationale au Mali, et je ne demande vraiment pourquoi ? Peut être que vous saurez m’en dire la raison après l’avoir visionnée… (translation of Plus Jamais Ca) NEVER EVER AGAIN !!! SOS is a premonitory track written in the Autumn announcing an explosion in Mali.ALL BENEFITS WILL GO TO THE POPULATIONS OF NORTHERN MALI. BUT this video shot a few weeks ago is now CENSORED by Malian TV. First time ever a Malian rapper is censored…. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT”

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Here’s some musicians from Mali:

This Show Totally Rocks Numero Cinco 25th Roctober

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This Show Rocks Number Cinco 25th October

Hey Punk Fans, another week another eclectic slice of kick ass tune-age.  This week’s total legends include:  OFF!, Fleshies, Annihilation Time, Minor Threat, The Angry Samoans, XTC, The Flys, Spizz Energi, Ian Drury and the Blockheads, PIL, Husker Du,  Red Fang, Karp, Melvins, Nirvana, Night Birds, Moonhearts, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Kids, The Unnatural Helpers and finally a bit of comedy from Sir Mix-A-Lot and Mudhoney.  Stick it on, rock it out!!!

Mark Thomas

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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas was born in South London. His mother was a midwife and his father a self-employed builder (and ex lay preacher).Thomas was educated at Macaulay Church of England Primary School, Victoria Rise, Clapham until 1974, where his party trick was to recite the first verses of the four gospels from memory, and then the independent Christ’s Hospital School. He went on to be awarded a degree in Theatre Arts at Bretton Hall College.

Prior to his most renowned vehicle, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Thomas was a frequent guest comic on the BBC Radio 1 show The Mary Whitehouse Experience, where he would do a routine about a specific topic of the week and involve studio audience members in the discussions. He would also occasionally play parts in sketches written by the show’s main performers. He then became the resident stand-up comic on Saturday Zoo, a Channel 4 comedy series first screened in 1993 and appeared on an episode of Have I Got News For You. He also co-presented the highly successful Radio 1 comedy talk show Loose Talk with Kevin Day, and is also a founder member of the London Comedy Store’s hard hitting Cutting Edge show

Easy Snappin’ Episode 5

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A lorra lorra good gigs comin’ up around the place..

Immortal Technique plays the village on November 3rd, tickets 22.50

Hollie Cook plays the Button Factory this Thursday 25th Oct, tickets only 12 euro..should be a great one.. She’s also playing in Tullamore and Cork..

And Owensie is releasing his second album in The Unitarian Church on Friday 26th October

Radical Dance Faction are also playing Fibbers the same night and also playing 2 gigs in Cork

[[Immortal Technique]]- Bin Laden

[[Cherry Natural]]- Be You

[[Michael Smith]]-  mi c-yaan believe it

[[Macka B]]-  Never Played A 45

[[Owensie]] – Distance of Her Love

[[Flagpolers]] –  Retentioncon

[[Hollie Cook]]-Cry feat.horseman (disco_mix)

[[Poly Styrene]]- Virtual Boyfriend

[[Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars]] – Living like a refugee

[[Chris Murray]]- we do the ska

[[Mr Symarip]] -i was busted

[[Spithead]]- Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

[[Folkes Brothers]]- Oh Carolina

[[Demon Boyz]]- law abiding citizen

[[Laurel Aitken]]- Ghana independance (they got it)

[[Jimmie Rodgers]]- Last blue yodel





1. from the bogs of aughiska  – sphagnum moss

2. visions – arun

3. woven skull – crucified on a tesseract in rotation about a plane

4. khost – ice tides

5. tunnels of ah – asses in the forest humus

6. prurient – falling in the water

7. prurient – path is short

8. coscradh – hangwoman

9. the body – ruiner

10. the body – sarin, how the gods kill

Suburban Superheroes – Back to the Eighties – Time Travel #4

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Spudarchy Surburban Superheroes ssh4
1988 a city full of unemployed artists in Bewleys – [plug in some science stuff here about time travel and the TimefluxCapicitor)
Guests -> Silent Gangster – the Soviet Sound Engineer, one Metropolitan Moran in a very full studio which got trapped in bad time known as the Eighties, 1988 to be exact, in a Coffee shop in Dublin, And Relativity makes an appearance E=MC 2 – Musically and get’s them out of a jam.