‘Splainin’ 47

Hello hello hello!

Eight months later…. here we are! Back with another show. It was a hard road with the passing of my father-in-law and a crazy work schedule but things have calmed down a bit now and hopefully ‘Splainin’ will be back on track for a good while.

Track list:
The Buttress – Behind every great man
Karol Conka – Farofei
La femme – Exorciseur
Leikeli47 – Girl Gang
Michael Rault – Sleep with me
Ocho – Young Hungting
Screaming females – Glass house
Seamus Fogarty – Carlow town
Wild Nothing – To know you
Hikes – Onset
The James Hunter 6 – I should’ve spoke up
6 organs of admittance – Things as they are
Girli – Mr 10pm bedtime
Sunflower beam – I was a fool
Of Montreal – Paranoic intervals_Body dysmorphia

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Easy Snappin’ Episode 17

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Easy Snappin 17

This weeks show is pretty much all reggae and ska,  no waffle just tunes.. Including a tune from the recently reformed Scum of Toytown who are recording and playing gigs again.

I’ve now exhausted all known versions of the Easy Snappin’ tune..

Sound Quality on the Hollie Cook and Niney tracks  (9 mins 31 secs – 15 mins) is bad so either weather the storm or skip!

[[Rico Rodriguez]]- Easy Snappin’

[[Jean Binta Breeze]]- Ska For Laurel

[[Laurel Aitken]]- Boogie in my Bones

[[Hollie Cook]]- Walking in the Sand

[[Niney the Observer]]- Hi Diddle

Scum of Toytown- Oblivious

[[The Valkyrians]]- Conqueror

[[Amos Milburn]]- House Party

[[Prince Buster]]- Red Dress

[[Toots and the Maytals]]- Life Could be a Dream

Rulers of the Deep- Copasetic

[[Eric “Monty” Morris]]- Tommy Tucker

Mari Elliot ([[Poly Styrene]])- Silly Billy

[[Dub Pistols]]- Six Months (ft. Gregory Isaacs and Rodney P)

[[Eek-A-Mouse]]-  Rude Bwoy Jamaican

[[Prince Fatty]]- Still I Wanna Love You ft. [[Little Roy]] & [[Dennis Alcapone]]

[[Macka B]]- Invasion

Honny & the Bees Band – [[Psychedelic Woman]]

[[Rosco Gordon]] – The Hucklebuck

Feb 9 2013 ICTU march against Debt & Austerity

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Feb 9 2013 ICTU march against Debt & Austerity (video)

Depending on whose figures you believe, somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 people took to the streets Sat 9th February to register their opposition to the foisting of private bank debt onto the shoulders of ordinary workers, the refusal to tax the wealthy and the accompanying austerity agenda which has led to wage cuts, job losses, cuts in services and a plethora of increased taxation measures all of which have disproportionately affected those on low and middle incomes.


Avant Reguard presents – Almost Happy

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show five final





some of the artists featured on this show include Can/Faust/Neu/Muslimgauze/Aavikko/Swans/The Residents/Funki Porcini/Avant Reguard/This Heat/Television/Analog DIY cut ups collage and a rare mix of dialogical film samples from avant garde television and film sources please god. This show is dedicated to the memory of the radical open source programmer-activist Aaron Swartz and also all the great family-friends in my life. Thanks for hearing.

Suburban Superheroes #17

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In this podcast our space aliens are joined by the guest, Gonzo Ní Hula-hoop, plus roles by Flossbot, and the Ambassador who briefly plays with Doctor Seuss’s trumpet. Amidst all this chaos we look at the Muppets return, International Relations with the Holy Z, conceive of a new idea for reality TV programs, and play some music including new music which is nearly 30 years old.

Gonzo Gaga Muppettry exclusively hip on five and quarter floppy

Join Krossie & Groove on the Suburban Superheroes cast their bizarre transmission back to their home planet.

Groove On The Wireless 218

Doctor Groove returns with the 218th show of GOTW and we find ourselves going into the wild world of Miles Davis, the funk of social music and we never return as we and also introduce you to the delights of a fantastic man from Nigeria.



  1. Aphex Twin – Portreath Harbour
  2. Eno – Deep Blue Day
  3. Big Thief – Black Diamonds
  4. Chris Joss – Tune Down
  5. Dr. John – Walk on guided splinters
  6. Herbie Hancock – Spank A Lee
  7. Miles Davis – Black Satin
  8. Millie Jackson – Hurt so good
  9. Miles Davis – Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (Single Edit)
  10. William Onyeabor – Fantastic Man
  11. William Onyeabor – Atomic Bomb – (Hot Chip and Talabot mix)

Digestive Biscuits #1

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Digestive1 mp3

A potted history of the music from Washington DC with an admittedly heavy emphasis on Dischord records. the next show will be from another region/area/place. Suggestions on the back of a box of biscuits please or email radiodjbiscuit@gmail.com

  • Marvin Gaye – What’s going on
  • Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers – Blow your whistle
  • Rare Essence – Overnight Scenario
  • Bad Brains – Banned in the DC
  • Minor Threat – Out of Step
  • Minor threat – Straight Edge
  • Dag Nasty – Circles
  • Embrace – Money
  • Scream – Gods look down
  • Wool – Little Darlin’
  • Jawbox – Motorist
  • Lungfish – Friend to friend in endtime
  • Rites of Spring – Drink deep
  • Supersystem – Born into the world
  • Thievery Corporation – Vampires
  • Aretha Franklin – Think
  • Fugazi – Waiting Room





1. araphel – invocation of black magick

2. isolated existence –  bittersweet peace

3. raven – we will start to worry the cynics start to believe

4. ten thousand miles of arteries – skeletal

5. gnawed – who shall reap?

6. avmakt -III

7. crowhurst – take this pain away

8. ceremented – putrid ridden ordinance

9. sutekh hexen – II


Hope Show *14

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60,000 voices today in Dublin. Here’s a radio show from one of them

hope show 14

1. Angelic Upstarts – Two Million Voices
2. Fawn Spots – Spanish Glass
3. Pooh Sticks – Let the good times roll
4. Flies on you – Last pop song
5. Joe Lally – Tonight at ten
6. ZUZUs Petals – Standing By The Sea
7. ICE T – Police Story
8. Sugar – Tilted
9. Minor Threat – Out of Step
10. Joe Solo – Crazy Little Thing Called Hope
11. Mike Scott – Got a way with words, got a way with murder
12. Tempermental Miss Elayneous – Cailín Rua
13. Dan Potthast – Riot
14. Killing Joke – Requiem
15. Joe Strummer and the mescaleros – Road to rock and roll
16. Poison Girls – Persons Unknown

The Shabby Shuffle – Plath on Plath

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Tonight’s Shuffle features a recording of American poet Sylvia Plath, first in interview and then reading a selection of her work.

Plath Reads Plath – 1975, Released on Credo Records.

The Shabby Shuffle – Plath on Plath

  1. An interview: Sylvia Plath talks with Peter Orr of the British Council
  2. The Rabbit Catcher
  3. Ariel
  4. Poppies in October
  5. The Applicant
  6. Lady Lazarus
  7. A Secret
  8. Cut
  9. Stopped Dead
  10. Nick and the Candlestick
  11. Medusa
  12. Purdah
  13. A Birthday Present
  14. Amnesiac
  15. Daddy
  16. Fever 103º

Crap on the Radio 19

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crap on the radio19

  • Power in a Union (Occupy Dublin) – Billy Bragg
  • Which side are you on? – The Dropkick Murphys
  • You made me realise – My Bloody Valentine
  • Poll Tax – Ruff Ruff and Ready
  • Ruff it up – Ruff Ruff and Ready
  • Surphlus People – Radical Dance Faction
  • Borderline – Radical Dance Faction
  • S’POSE A RIOT IS OUT OF THE QUESTION – Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly
  • Bankshot – Operation Ivy
  • I can’t stand up for falling down – Elvis Costello
  • Getting mighty crowded – Elvis Costello
  • Daydream – Back To The Planet
  • Plastic Passion – The Cure
  • Gangsters – The Louisville Slaggers
  • The Selector (edit) – Dojodub
  • Food for thought (Terry Kelleher) – UB40

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Groove On The Wireless #21 [but you got problems]

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GrooveOnTheWireless#21  “You’re a Wonderful wonderful person, but you got problems” – from David Bowie’s lyrics from the opening tune.  It meant a lot of me when I was younger and it still applies now.  Dr. Groove put this show together whilst our glorious leaders introduced stealth legislation into the D which marked how banjaxed we all are.  Ireland – such a wonderful country – but you got problems, like the drunks who shout at each other whilst the republic dies and our people suffer.  On with the show – look out for the story of the dog in Mr. Wright’s song, and for surfer Kai’s words of wisdom in 1 Wants 2

Artist :                                             Track                                      

David Bowie                                     Breaking Glass

Donatto Dozzo, Neel                      Circe + S.T. (Original Mix)

O.V. Wright                                      Drowning on Dry Land

Funkadelic                                         Smokey

Aly-Us                                                 Go On (Dub Mix)

Hush Hush Pony                             1 wants 2 (freat. Kai – the surfer)

Billy Bragg                                        Walk away Renee (Version)

KLF                                                     Elvis on the Radio Steel Guitar in My Soul

The Fall                                              Dr. Buck’s Letter

Waterboys                                          This is the sea


Hang The Blessed DJ – Show #7

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Greetings all!

This weeks show has a distinctly 80’s vibe. All tracks,with the exception of the show outro (which was recorded in 2003) were all recorded in the last 6 years, which means that the 80’s live on 🙂


Track Listing:

  • According To Plan – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness
  • Revolving – 2:54
  • Sick Hipster Nursed by Suicide Girl – Film School
  • Scavenger – School of Seven Bells
  • …And The Rain – John Maus
  • Here Sometimes – Blonde Redhead
  • Papillon – Editors
  • See Thru Eyes – Wild Nothing
  • No. 1 Against the Rush – Liars
  • Sinful Nature – Bear In Heaven
  • Gone – M83


The HMD Radio show 12

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The HMD Radio Show 12

Baroness – Jake Leg (Blue Album)
Zombi – Cetus – (Cosmos)
Statics – Arclight (Demo)
Wooden Shjips – Lazy Bones (West)
White Hills – Dead (White Hills)
Torche – Kicking (Harmonicraft)
Danzig – The Hunter (Danzig)
Danzig – Am I Demon (Danzig)
Misfits – Where Eagles Dare (Legacy of Brutality)
Misfits – Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight
Turbonegro – I Got Erection
Asterisk – Oger Battle – Tribute to queen
Spermbirds – Something to Prove (Something to Prove)
Early Man – Fight (Death Potion)
Black Breath – Sentenced to Life (Sentenced to Life)
Slayer – Hand of Doom (NIB 2)
Xentrix – For whose advantage (For whose advantage)

the sour song show 15

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the sour song show 15

1. white stripes – we are gona be friends

2. crass – big hands

3. half man half biscuit –

len ganley stance

4. the cramps – she said

5. white stripes – little ghost

6. bernard herrmann – twisted nerve

7. kristin kapelli – skanger style

8. nick cave – black betty

9. the pixies – nimrods son

10. nancy sinatra – bang bang

11. quincy jones – iorn side

12. the 5,6,7,8’s – woo hoo

13  jesus and mary chain – on the wall

14. gun club – jack on fire

15. 13th floor elevators – you dont know

16. yeah yeah yeahs – art star

17. breeders – cannon ball

Whatever You’re Havin’ #19 – had enough of laziness and ennui?

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Whatever You’re Havin’ 0019 – had enough of laziness and ennui

Girlfriend - Slim Dunlap
Before They Make Me Run - Steve Earle and Supersuckers
Sequestered in Memphis - The Hold Steady
Ode to a Black Man - The Dirtbombs
Intellectual Baby - Lazy Cowgirls
Chip Away at the Stone - New Bomb Turks
It's Gotta Be About Me - Jim Jones Review
Some kind of Kick - The Things
Sabbatical - Fuck Mountain
I Wish I Was Lonely - The #1s
He's Too Good for Everyone Else, But He's Not Good Enough for You - The #1s
One Way Conversation - the objectorZ
Positive Frame of Mind - Moutpiece
September's New Mound - Large Mound
If You Want Something Done - Like There's No Tomorrow
Untitled - The Kabinboy
Hym (Justin Broadrick remix) - Isis

The Red Shift 4 ~ Music Box

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Red Shift 4 – music Box



Normal service resumed.

Some old. Some new. Some mellow. Some …

 jim o rourke ~ ghost ship in a storm

kings of convenience ~ summer on the west hill

jeff buckley ~ je n’en connais pas la fin (live)

iron and wine ~ waitin for a superman

shadow ~ fixed income

chequerboard ~ toy winds

b.o.c. ~ everything you do is a balloon

augustus pablo ~ well frozen dub

r.d.f. ~ rogue trooper (live)

massive attack ~ small time shot away

midlake ~ roscoe

cinematic orchestra ~ music box