Groove on the Wireless # 240 – downbeat best of ’18

Hi folks,

hello and welcome to the downbeat best of 2018, and there are surprises in here for all.  These are the laid back tunes which were new to the Dr. ears this year, even though they may have existed for nearly 30 years in some cases.   We start with Public Service Broadcasting, and Every Valley, and we end with a personal friend and his own version of public broadcasting which we would subscribe too.


Next week the upbeat – tunes to make your ass move onto a dancefloor from 2018, new to the Dr’s ears.


  1. Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley
  2. Leon  Vynehall – From the sea / It Looms (chapters I & II)
  3. Nina Simoin – Baltimore
  4. Avanti – Nonfare
  5. Awkwafina – My Vag
  6. Daniel Avery – First Light
  7. Do Make Say Think – Horripulation
  8. DJ Koze – Music on my teeth (feat. Jose Gonzalez)
  9. Marie Davidson – Your Biggest Fan
  10. Micheal Bundt – Neon
  11. an galar dub – too many wrongs make a riot

SoundMole : Blast of Silence, a tribute to the Velvet Underground

this show is dedicated to the Velvet underground, it features live recordings, early work, cover versions,musicians that inspired the group and others that were inspired by the VU

blast of silence

at a solemn musick – Delmore Schwartz

hey Bo Diddley (live 1965) – Bo Diddley

run run run (live) – velvet underground

this is really real – the earthquakes

why don’t you smile now – the all night workers

Lou reed talks about the VU

some kinda love (live) – spacemen 3

breakin in my heart (live 1975) –  television

no one is there – Nico (peel session )

pre-tortoise dream music (excerpt) – la monte young

here she comes now – Cabaret Voltaire

here she come now – Galaxie 500

own up time –  small faces

instrumental -velvet underground

your love – lou reed

tell mamma not to cry – robertha Williams

never understand – jesus and mary chain (peel session)

vexations – erik satie

i’m set free -yo la tengo

four speed trance – angus maclise

i’m not a young man anymore – velvet underground

coney island baby – the excellents





the sour song show 52 halloween

the sour song show 52

It’s Death again – He’s always there – Watching,

waiting – e’er the stare!

Every time I look behind Or reach to pull the window blind,

I catch a glimpse of grubby hood – A little clue to where he stood;

The glint of light that caught the scythe. Perhaps if I could pay a tithe…

But O! no use, he’ll never go.

The adamant phantom; don’t you know He will but wait until it’s time

For me to hear His fateful chime? – The toll that claims my destiny,

To Hail: ‘You’re next, it has to be…’

Whatever You’re Havin’ #55 – wonderful witches

Whatever You’re Havin’ #55 – wonderful witches

witch hunt – zomby
witchcult today – electric wizard
burn witch burn – hookers
naked witch – danzig
white witch – blazin' 38s
swamp witch – earthride
webfoot witch hat – fu manchu
witchcraft – wolfmother
witch's promise – jethro tull
wonderful witches – thurston moore
can't help doin' wrong – witch
witchy potion – tight bros from way back when
the witch - mono men
highschool witch – the's
cut-out witch – guided by voices
wanna make it witchu – mark lanegan, josh homme, pj harvey
witch hunt - twinkranes

Easy Snappin’ 46

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