The HMD Radio Show 48

The HMD Radio Show 48

Loads more new music this week from Red Fang, Doomriders and The Bronx plus Badmotherfinger turned 22 yesterday, do you feel old?

Magical Power Mako – Jump To you

Speed Glue & Shinki – Bad Woman

Red Fang – Crows in Swine

Red Fang – Dawn Rising

Doomriders – New Pyramids

Oathbreaker – Upheaval

Gilla Bruja – Whipped

The Bronx – Style over everthing

Black Tusk – Resistor

Deadbird – Rule Discordia

Rotor – Costa Verde

Soundgarden – Searching with my Good Eye Closed

Sgt Sunshine – Zoetrope


the sour song show 49

the sour song show 49

1. the breeders – happiness is a warm gun
2. black rebel motorcycle club – rifles(accoustic)
3. the fall – fiery jack
4. pj harvey – yuri-g
5. vince taylor – brand new cadillac
6. sonic youth – bull in the heather
7. gun club – carry home
8. the white stripes – china girl
9. nine inch nails – dead souls
10. happy mondays – donovan
11. nick cave – mack the knife
12. nusrat fateh ali khan – night song
13. sigur ros – olsen olsen
14. talking heads- psycho killer

15. guana bats – zombie walk

Easy Snappin’ #43

Easy Snappin October 8th

Illustration of Phil Chevron under Clearys Clock by Mice Hell

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The Crooked Beat #19

The Crooked Beat #19

Got a lend of a mic for this one thanks to the Sour Song Show, cheers for that.
Lots of heavy stuff this week.

1. ADF- Crash
4. NOMEANSNO – Metronome
5. GOUT – Wastin’ time
6. GOUT – Confuse Yourself
7. GOUT – The Cement Tent
8. KONG – Musclebound Elf
9. INHALE – Fuck It All
10. OKUS – Bodies
11. NAPALM CHRIST –  Despoilment Of Will
12. PELICAN – Dead Between The Walls
13. BLACK SABBATH – Live Forever

Crap on the Radio Culture Shock part two

Culture Shock part 2

  • Pressure
  • Catching Flies
  • Civilisation Street
  • United
  • Northern Ireland
  • Punks on Postcards
  • You are not Alone
  • Mothers on the Phone
  • If you don’t like it
  • I.S.D
  • Go Wild – My Son
  • Onwards
  • Fast Forward
  • Countdowns
  • Circles
  • Joyless
  • The time it takes
  • No Chance in a Million



it’s been a while…but the renewed interest in the band following the ‘Everything’ box set prompted us to rethink the old adage that ‘it’s not going to happen’, wondering instead whether it COULD happen- ‘us’ at that point was Dick and Jasper talking in the back of the van after a Citizen Fish gig. The main thing was finding someone who could adequately fill the enormous gap left when Nige passed on- we asked Alex, who plays trumpet for CF [and played guitar and sang for Bender], as he had the ability, and the urge… Bill was only too keen to unpack his kit, and in January we had the first of several practices. And it’s working! We’ll be doing a UK tour in October in as much free time as we currently have, and trying to reach as many areas as possible. See you somewhere on the way!


TH 3 TORRINGTON the Plough

FR 4 FALMOUTH Rugby Club

SA 5 BRISTOL Trinity Hall

SU 6 SOUTHAMPTON Talking Heads

MO 7 off


WD 9 MANCHESTER The Big Western

TH 10 DUBLIN Fibber Magees

FR 11 BELFAST Warzone


SU 13 EDINBURGH Citrus Club

MO 14 GATESHEAD Black Bull

TU 15 PRESTON Continental

WD 16 BIRMINGHAM Wagon and Horses

TH 17 SHEFFIELD – Academy 2, Arundel Gate

FR 18 BRIGHTON The Haunt

SA 19 LONDON T-Chances

freedom fry hi fi: he’s so modern

he’s so modern

a quick mix of discs this week, some solid senders and some mindbenders, R&B, Ethnic, Latin, private press oddness and ever some punk rock,  so you know, the usual












the big beat – fats domino

crossties – dale Hawkins

the biggest players – the ikettes

by rocket to the moon – Raymond scott quintet w/gene Lowell chorus

kajari – hira lal and party of Varanasi

rabam traloak – Cambodian ensemble

rosaura – angel viloria y su conjunto tipico cibaeno

compay felo – fellove

lama – maria bethania

moonshadow – unknown kids camp akiba 1978

don’t make me over  – unknown singer camp akiba

proud mary – gail day

teenage – the weirdos

shake and bake –  the dickies

cosmetic couple – the zeros

silver drum – entourage

dance of the blessed spirits – Leland. w. sprinkle at the great stalacpipe organ