freedom fry hi-fi: brimful

this week a big rockin’ mix of  R&B, Soul and Sleaze all taken from a big stack of 45rpm discs

brimful of 45’s

the beat – rockin’ R’S

save a little monkey – the corsairs

hard times – noble “thin man” watts and his rhythm sparks

ritual blues – reg owen and his orchestra

slow down – larry Williams

jungle hop – don and dewey

twitchy – rene hall orchestra with willie joe and his unitar

suki yaki rocki – the quarter notes

do the clam – elvis Presley

smokie joes la-la -googie rene

Geronimo stomp -barry darvell

jet tone boogie – jet tones

bloopers morse code – the bloopers

mr.lee – the bobettes

purple stew – Thurston harris

the pigmy, part 1 – the delegates

the rut – the innocents

tall cool one – the wailers

sorry last track had a locked  groove so I binned it.




Got It! 16



Got It! 16 Tracklist

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Hope Show 34

Hope Show 34 – for absent friends

1. Rocket Juice and the moon – Hey Shooter
2. Grant Hart – The Argument
3. Mike Watt – Against The 70’s
4. Goldblade – Riot Riot
5, Panthro U.K. United 13 – Sound of a gun
6. The Evens – Wonder Why
7. Matana Roberts – Secret Covens
8. Barry McCormack – The Road to Tyrellspass
9. Glimmermen – Peace at Last
10. David Grubbs – A Dream to help me sleep
11. Midday Veil – Sun Stone
12. Hunx and His Punx – Mud In Your Eyes
13. Blast – Winding Down
14. Funeral Oration – Still IN A Punk Band
15. The Pukes – GLC
16. Zounds – Deportee
17. The Lives Of Millionaires – Act One Scene One
18. Southport – Fade Away

Groove On The Wireless # 44 Chelsea – say my name



Wanting people to see the truth is now officially a crime punishable by 35 years.  Orwell said it well.   A momentous bold brave move by a young soldier which caused a chain reaction throughout the world ends up with her (Chelsea Manning) going to prison for 35 years.  What does that say about society? It says that those who run this world and send young poor people off to kill other poor people only really care about maintaining their power and wealth.  Lies, deception and bias are their basic tools of communication in this empire of lies  and truth teller  is seen as the enemy.

Music wise – Dr. Groove’s choices were influenced by the picnic of electric which is coming up.  We’ve got some John Grant and Warpaint making an appearance.  There is some hip hop – another source of truth – and Jasiri X tells us who really is the king of New York – Michael Bloomberg – one of those who no doubt vilified the actions of Chelsea.


Track List

  • Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)
  • A Sol Mechanic – wha-chu-wanna-say  – (Album for download here)
  • Gui Boratto – Chromophobia
  • John Grant – Marz
  • Owiny Sigoma Band – Doyoi Nyajo Nam (Quantic Remix)
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow – Untitled Roadside Demo
  • Django Django – Skies Over Cairo
  • Jasiri X – Who’s Really In Control
  • Arthur Russell – You Have Did The Right Thing When You Put That Skylight In
  • Warpaint –  Billie Holiday
  • Kendrick Lamar –  Rigamortus
  • Lorn -Brick Lorn (edit) – from Self Confidence 3 – Free download mix-tape

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Justice for the Priory Hall residents


From: Stephanie Meehan
To: “”
Subject: Priory hall

Dear Enda,

I have emailed you on many occasions, regarding my situation in Priory hall. You have replied once.

On July 15th mine and my children’s lives changed forever, my beautiful, kind, caring Partner and father to my children took his own life. His name is Fiachra Daly. We miss him terribly.
My life will never be the same. My children’s lives will never be the same.

Fiachra was the happiest man on earth, he lived for myself, Oisin (7) and Cerys (2), he never suffered from any form of mental illness or depression, we had been together for 17 years and I never once witnessed any signs.
That is up until the week prior to his death, when we received demands from banks, looking for payment of arrears on a property that we can’t live in, asking us to fill out, yet again, forms to request an extension of our moratorium, all for a property we can’t live in through no fault of our own. The stress, the worry of not being able to provide a safe home for us, his young children, eventually took its toll, as it has on every resident.
He was obviously a silent sufferer, he never complained, he supported me, when I was feeling low, he hated the idea that he couldn’t provide a safe home for us, that I do know, but I thought we’d battle through this together. How wrong was I?

I now have no home, my children have no permanent home, but most importantly, I have no partner and my children have lost their wonderful dad.
Our future, security and certainty changed the minute we were evacuated and not one thing has changed in two years, every email, phone call, letter seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

So I ask you, what will it take now for someone to listen and act on something that should’ve been dealt with two years ago and saved a lot of tax payers money and most of all saved a life?
Tom Mc Feely walks around scot free, he’ll never suffer how we are suffering, he’ll never lose what I’ve lost. He’ll start again, I am left with a lifetime of heartache and my children will inherit that too.

Is there any justice in this country?

I’ve lost Fiachra, but I’ve not lost my voice.

Stephanie Meehan

April 18th 2012 Enda Kenny came to Baldoyle. This is how Fine Gael reported what happened.

No mention of the 50+ person protest supporting the priory hall residents. Hear what Enda Kenny said to the priory hall residents as he passed.

This was 17 months ago.

Adventures in Stereo #12

Adventures in Stereo #12

A field in Laois….

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

Savages – She Will

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Whatever Happened To My Rock & Roll

Parquet Courts – Stoned and Starving

David Byrne & St. Vincent – Who

Eels – Fresh Feeling

John Grant – Sensitive New Age Guy

The Knife – Full of Fire

Björk – Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)

Halves – Drumhunter (Guy Andrews Remix)

Night Beds – Was I For You?

Warpaint – Majesty

My Bloody Valentine – Wonder 2



The Crowbar in Groningen Totally Rocks 29th August


The Crowbar Groningen Totally Rocks 49 29th August

This week’s show is dedicated to The Crowbar in Groningen because it is the best god damn pub in the world.  FACT.  One of the proprietors, either Nathalie or Esther, put up a couple of cracking tunes on FB just before I did the show so I just had to play those 2 plus a few from bands that have played The Crowbar and a few more that I know the punters in said top class drinking establishment would like.  So first up it’s the Hex Dispensers, who are regulars on This Show Rocks and are playing this Sunday in The Crowbar.  Then it’s the two songs that got me thinking of Groningen in the first place- Jay Reatard and The Moonhearts.  Next it’s the Red Dons, The Estranged, PIL and a relatively new one from The BuzzcocksFuck Mountain are actually playing two gigs in Dublin this Saturday night.  First as part of the Retro Revival in Sweeny’s and then at midnight with Lurch in Whelans. They are followed by Zulu as Kono, Drive Like Jehu, Big Business, Fear, Turbonegro and Henry Rollins.  Things finish up with a smattering of garage from Dan Sartain, The Oblivians and Low Culture.  If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Holland, do whatever it takes to get to the Crowbar.  You can thank me later.