Whatever You’re Havin’ #56 – computer love

Whatever You’re Havin’ #56 – computer love

Flex-E-Fun – Mirror System
Computer Love – Teruo Nakano
LFO (Wharehouse mix) – LFO
Sparkle – Decal
Tighter My Grip (Dan Curtin string mix) – Americhord
Jupiter Jazz – Underground Resistance
Mystery - K Hand
Die Kosmischen Kuriere - 3MB ft Juan Atkins
Dance of the Cat (Jeff Mills mix) - Underground Resistance
Expo 2000 (Underground Resistance mix) – Kraftwerk
Push Pull – Donnacha Costello
Blue Monday - Biosphere


Easy Snappin’ 47- Rockin’ with Tob

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Bit of dead air between Section 4 and Rancid.. Woops.

  • The Kipper Family- Not Sixteen Till Sunday
  • Alice Cooper- No More Mr Nice Guy
  • Hot Colossus- Kebab King
  • Mean Jeans- Anybody Out There (Dirtnap Records)
  • The Good Time Fun Boys- Sawin’ Wood
  • Annihilation Time- Splash Back
  • Derkov Bois- ?
  • The Objectorz- It’s 10 o clock
  • The Rebel Spell- Uncontrollable
  • The Misfits- Hybrid Moments
  • Section 4- Tracker Mortgage
  • Rancid- Journey to the end of the East Bay
  • Crazy Badhead- Cutback
  • The Marked Men- Fix My Brain (DN recs)
  • Marcus Hook Roll Band- Natural Man
  • Operation Ivy- Healthy Body

Easy Snappin 47- Rockin’ with Tob

The Crooked Beat #22

The Crooked Beat #22

 For the 22nd show we have Stoner rock, Experimental/Instrumental metal,
Psychedelic, Gothic,  Doom & Grindcore.

1. Vista Chino – Good Morning Wasteland
2. Vista Chino – Planets 1 & 2
3. These Arms Are Snakes – Ethric Double
4. Russian Circles – Station
5. Chelsea Wolfe – Bounce House Demons
6. Chelsea Wolfe – We Hit A Wall
7. Radio Moscow – Speed Freak
8. Deep Purple – Black Night (Unedited Mix)
9. The Mars Volta – Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt
10. Bisect – Legion
11. Dagda – Atenoux








Workers Radio #6 Shortwave Symphony #1

Shortwave Symphony 1
radio on the radio – inspired by crap on the radio circa 1993 on radioactive 101

Radio crackles – voices cackle – a kaleidoscope of crap that I listen to – a cacophony of crystal ear piece sound – listening in to the earth’s free spectrum as we infect it with electromagnetic magic – I Love Radio

all sound source record off air as broadcast/streamed live – mixed as live


Freedom fry hi fi: sufferers version

sufferers version

greeting pop fans, this weeks set is all do-over’s and there will be some treasure and tripe within, get set for top pop hits of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s mellowed out, mangled and mistreated











fever – the ventures

high school confidential – hasil adkins

in a gadda-da-vida – mongo santamaria

raindrops keep falling on my head – Klaus wunderlich

ring ring – moog and guitars play abba

son of my father – moog party time

she’s a rainbow – cub

sunshine superman – enoch light and his orchestra

catch a falling star – mrs.elva miller

sgt.peppers lonely hearts club band –  bill cosby

e inutile sedersi e domandarsi – bobby solo

she’ll have to go – roy and enid

midnight confession- Phyllis Dillon

weather report – the tennors

whats new pussycat – the wailers

Norwegian wood – marshall Williams

soul man – lee perry and the upsetters

freedom taxi – Harold butler

Shenandoah – happy smilers









Hope Show 42


Hope Show 42

1 Desmond Dekker – 007 Shanty Town
2 Stay Clean Joelene – Green
3 The Great St Louis – Redeye
4 New Model Army – March IN September
5 Steve Ignorant + Paranoid Visions – United Left Annoyance
6 Barry McCormack – Never Leave The House
7 The Shorts – Bring me the skinned and mutilated corpse of Bear Gryllis
8 Shorebirds – Gonna Get The Gist
9 Latterman – 84% Off Your Self Esteem
10 NomeansNo – Mr In Between
11 Hidden Highways – The World Began with a waltz
12 De kift – Vrienden
13 Crimes – Something_MSTR
14 The Enablers – Break Your Heart
15 Lantern – Rock’n’roll rorschach
16 Steve Ignorant + Paranoid Visions – Rock’n’Roll’n’Revolution
17 NOFX – Ronnie & Mags
18 Pelican – Vestiges