picture yourself in a funhouse mirror

sgt.pepper re-do

a eclectic re-do of the Fab’s magnum opus with Jazz, 8bit, comedy, psych, funk covers and more, sublime, ridiculous and sacrilegious

Sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band – jimi hendrix

with a little help from my friends – steve cropper

lucy in the sky with diamonds – gabor szabo

getting better –  dung beatles

fixing a hole –  8bit beatles

she’s leaving home – kate bush

being for the benefit of mister kite – frank sidebottom

within you and without you – soulful strings

when I’m 64 – Frankie howerd

lovely rita- fats domino

good morning, good morning –  John Lennon (Acetate demo)

Sgt. pepper (reprise) – Salsoul orchestra

A day in the life – Les DeMerle