Radio Cure #9 – You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

Radio Cure 9


The theme of the show this week is names. Which was suprising easy to compile. No talking this week due to lack of time.



Foo Fighters – Oh, George

Ben Kweller – Ann Disaster

Blind Melon – Vernie

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Charlie

Pearl Jam – Lukin

Crystal Castles – Alice Practice

Foster The People – Helena Beat

Grimes – Vanessa

Iron And Wine – Jezabel

Nirvana – Polly

The Beatles – Anna (Go With Him)

Tom Waits – Martha

Cassie Franklin – Lady Margaret

Bob Dylan – Corina, Corina

Jodie Holland – Mad Tom Of Bedlam

Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue

Sonic Youth – Tom Violence

The Sonics – Louie Louie