‘Splainin’ 14


Talk about all over the place! But that’s just sort of how it goes sometimes. Some new finds for me this week and a couple of current obsessions.

Track list:
Cram It by Gland
If Not For You by Olivia Newton John
How Come You Never Go There by Fiest

Shoes Off (Boots On) by LUV’
Famalam Jam by Gnucci
Glendale Junkyard by Goggs
Longer Now by Pink Wash

Waitress by Wet Brain
Look a Ghost by Unwound
July Flame by Laura Veirs
A la Plage by Juniore

Hoj Volymen by Lilla Namo
Oh My Goodness by Gnucci
Satanic Rites of Drugula by Electric Wizard

background music and outro: Her Highness by Bongripper