Suburban Superheroes go to the Nightmare Before Xmas

Using a zoom recorder – Krossie and Groove go to a sleepy town in Somerset and end up in a chalet with a gang of 7 who dress in the floppy mad hatter hats of the little people. Our loveable rogue aliens report back from the music & events they go to in a Butlins holiday camp, this festival known as All Tomorrow’s Parties. They see bands, strange TV, chicken out of an intellectual pissing contest, interview people after a flash mob Mixtape (CD) swap and ask ‘how was it for them’, attend a lecture on Krautrock and mumble to each other in a banjaxed state in Bristol Airport. Enjoy this Special Edition as the Suburban Superheroes wake up in the Nightmare before Xmas.

NBXmasATP(SSH Special)