That Fast Eddie and Motorhead Totally Rocked. 12th January, 2018

This week’s show is about the sad passing of Fast Eddie Clarke, the last of the classic Motorhead line-up.  So the show is about what I think of when I think of Motorhead.  Its lots of big guitars, gritty vocals, British Rock, and even a bit of punk.  There is none of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal so often associated with Motorhead simply because I always think of them as way more of a punk band and a rock band than a metal band.  So tune in for:



Pink Fairies


Annihilation Time

The Heads


Thin Lizzy

Alice Cooper

The Swimming Pool Q’s

Radiators from Space

Sham 69



Black Sabbath


That’s your lot.  RIP Eddie Clarke, RIP Motorhead, Play this one plenty loud.


And for those of you who absolutely need a bit of NWALBA with your Motorhead, there’s a little treat at the very end of the show