The Final Distraction 24 09 20

I took my first steps into Digital Radio ten years ago.  My mate Gaz and I started an online show in 2010 in his spare room because we wanted to drink cans all night and we had the technology at hand to shout into a microphone and play tunes where people shouted back.  Gaz quickly tired of the weekly deadline of making shows and once he gave it up, I took over.  Over the course of the last ten years I have presented shows on RTE 2XM and 2FM before moving on to Radioactive International and presenting This Show Rocks, 5 Class Tunes and finally Distraction Radio.  I said that Distraction Radio would be my last project as once I had played all of my records, it would be time to move on.   

So this is my final show.  At the end of this one the records will have all been played.  I may still stick my head into digital radio to help others do shows and/or act as a guest, but as a weekly DJ this is my stop.  I’m getting off here and I’ll walk the rest of the way with my headphones on, ready to hear other people’s shows and tunes and perspective.

I have enjoyed making shows and have enjoyed the weekly deadline of putting together shows, archiving tunes and times and talking to various guests.  My weeks will be different without the call of the picking tunes, deciding on themes, uploading pictures, etc., but what I will really miss is that for the last 10 years I have taken at least an hour a week to sit down and do nothing but listen to music.  I hope that I remember to keep this part of the routine going in the future.

So, anyways.  Here’s the show.  It’s got some great tunes ( a couple of which are marred by the fact that my record player only seems to record one channel now)  As always it’s a mix of all sorts of stuff.  As much as I love the lads in ZOM, I couldn’t end ten years on a Death Metal tune, so the final song is one of my favourites of all time – particularly the final 30 second guitar reprise- from Jimi Hendrix.  So from all of me, here at Studio F(inglas), so long and thanks for the all the fish. 

Tune in for:

Sack O’ Woes

Thee Spivs
Stiff Little Fingers
Stray Cats
Striknien D.C. 
Strong Boys
Supersuckers and Burden Brothers (split)
Sweaty Nipples
Ten Days Late
The Things
The Things
Tit Wrench
Tokyo Dragons
Vice Squad
The Weaklings
Wizards of Firetop Mountain
Stevie Wonder (The Something’s Extra Bonus Record 7 Inch)
Yeah Deadlies